Can't schedule service

Can't schedule service

Can't schedule service through iPhone app. Has NEVER worked.

Can't schedule service through website. The schedule service link results in a 404.


lilbean | 1 juin 2019

How about a phone call?

Teslanene | 2 juin 2019

Or chat?

EVRider | 2 juin 2019

Other people are having the same issue. See the most recent entries in this thread:

ATX_TM3 | 2 juin 2019

The phone app scheduling still works. I was able to use it and get a confirmation.

slingshot18 | 2 juin 2019

Still 404 errors when trying to schedule online. Phone app still doesn't work. Chat has been greyed out for days. Will try sitting on the phone forever tomorrow morning.

kevin_rf | 3 juin 2019

Weird, this thread reminded me I needed to schedule a front end alignment since none of the local the places are willing to throw it on the rack. Open the app, no button for scheduling (Android). Think about it, decide to wait for the car to connect. Once connected, option was available. Just finished scheduling, do they really have no weekend appointments?

RAUDIKAL | 8 septembre 2019

Add me to this list. 2016 Model X90D with no schedule option in app (version 3.9.1 on iPhone XS) or online account. And my MX90D is blue in the online account where it’s red in reality.

I canceled my Model 3 and Model Y reservations this week. I love the car but Tesla as a company has to drastically improve its maintenance service programs. This is my second Tesla and I’ve seen service and professionalism at SC decline over the years.

celotti | 10 septembre 2019

Same here; the option to schedule service has gone missing from the app and the website. Maybe I've been blacklisted! Also, my car has been turned to blue online as well when it is black. The app had worked in the past.

The Real Elon Musk | 12 septembre 2019

Same here. No option to schedule service in the app or online. Service center doesn’t answer their phone and their voice mail is full. Really fun times.....

MXDogCrate | 29 septembre 2019

Same here. The yellow suspension light went on 15 minutes after picking up the car from service. No return calls. Can't leave a message. Can't make an appointment online. Just going to drive it out there. Kinda scary.

rehutton777 | 29 septembre 2019

I would remove or delete the app and then reload the app - - current version is 3.10.0. I have no issues with scheduling service, but you have to scroll down to see that option.