Losing the faith, car in garage A/C screaming.

Losing the faith, car in garage A/C screaming.

I’ve been a faithful and happy owner since Elon personally delivered my car to me in March 2013. This year though, I’m struggling to keep the faith. It’s all software based. Since about February, or the last major update, my GPS and center screen have been completely bugged out. The GPS shows me siting at home when I’m on the road, or shows me flying over the Sierra Nevada mountains. The screen keeps blanking out completely. With each new minor update, I hope it’s fixed, but nope, it’s even worse. Has Tesla forsaken backward compatibility to old models? Today, the piece de resistance, the GPS clooges out again, and I reboot, but my center screen never comes back on. The A/C is still set and running on high, because it was hot as hell when this happened. Now, I can’t reboot, or turn A/C off. Not anyway or anyhow. Roadside assistance tries to help over phone, but fails, so I have to wait for service center on Monday.

So, my car sits in my garage, A/C blasting, which actually heats the garage and makes for a vicious cycle, and it’s got to sit there doing that for the next 36 hours. What’ll happen to my A/C system? In fact, I’m afraid it’ll burn up and burn my house down, so I’m going to move the car outside, and unplugged, so what’ll happen to my battery? Either way, it’s major wear and tear on my car generated by an unwelcome software update.

I hated the last major update when they took away my ability to organize the windows on my center screen, and made the maps harder for my 53 year old eyes to read. Now my car manufacturer unilaterally reaches out and deletes the features they sold me, and breaks my car?!!! This is beyond unacceptable. I want the car I bought, you don’t get to take things away that you sold me, and make my car unusable.

Tesla must allow backward software downgrades, and the ability to lock in software versions and refuse updates! Updates have been nothing but a nightmare for me, and none of them even apply to my car.

Daisy the Road ... | 8 juin 2019

You can always disconnect the HV battery using the under hood disconnect. On the later models there appears to be a connector in addition to cutting the relay line. Maybe it is the same as yours?

Ohmster | 9 juin 2019

My GPS went wacko. Was way off. They replaced the antenna. Had to remove the back windshield.

PBEndo | 9 juin 2019

Sorry to hear about the problems you are having. I also experienced the GPS issues.
Though I have been a vocal critic of some changes the updates have brought, I don't think you can blame the current touchscreen malfunction on an update. It is more likely your MCU is malfunctioning despite firmware updates.

I also got my car in 2013, but no personal delivery from Elon :(

redacted | 10 juin 2019

I'm not sure why you explain what certainly sounds like a hardware problem as a software problem - bad GPS and a blanking screen seem a good indication of something physically wrong, and if the thing won't reboot at all, then I'd give hardware a 95% probability of being the cause.

My congratulations on knowing how to spell pièce de résistance and work it properly into a sentence. This is probably a first on the Tesla forums.

Anthony J. Parisio | 10 juin 2019

In a 2013 the fuse box is right under the plastic at the top of the fronk underneath the hood. If you remove it’s cover and look at the diagram you should be able to find the main fuse of the car. Pulling this for ten seconds should clear everything. You might find helpful videos on YouTube about the subject.

mvotb | 10 juin 2019

There may be something wrong with your MCU, but your still right about the "so called updates". It would seem that the way Tesla thanks it's early supporters is to trash our cars. I no longer trust Tesla, and won't buy another car that gets OTA downgrades. | 11 juin 2019

@NikolatheGreat - Sorry about the problems, but to me it's clear the MCU was failing and it has nothing to do with the update. Not sure why you didn't take it in when the GPS was failing (which is part of the MCU). I know we love to blame the software, but in this case, there is no way it's software. I'd also disconnect the HV, which will turn off the A/C as @Daisy suggests.

@mvotb - If you hate OTA, you don't have load them. For me, one of the best things about Tesla is getting new features every quarter or so.

mvotb | 11 juin 2019

TT I have an AP1 car, without AP, because don't trust it, and I already know how to drive a car. The wonderful feature I got out of, V7 and V8, was grey on grey on grey GPS, so I can no longer see the street names, or other things, without pulling over and putting my glasses on, worked fine before. I'm still on V8, but at least 2 people have posted that Tesla forced V9 into their cars, that they were avoiding, just like me. So 3 or 4 times everyday I have to X out of the downgrade screen, to try and keep V8. Meanwhile I have to reboot 2, 3, 4, times a day to make my music work, unless I turn wifi on for a while then back off, them it will work for a few days without rebooting. I believe this is teslas way of trying to get me to downgrade. Before I figured out the wifi trick, I took my car to the SC to see why my music needs constant rebooting. I told them DO NOT PUT V9 ON MY CAR. Guess what, they can't run any diagnostics without putting the car on V9, because thats what their equipment is all on now. So i left. So if I need the car worked, can I stay on V8??? Please explain how it's my choice. Should I have to put up with all this music BS, and Xing out to stay on V8??? And lastly, what are these fantastic features that you are getting, because I seem to be missing them. | 11 juin 2019

@mvotb - so you have software bugs but refuse to install the fixes? Ether install the current version or don't complain about bugs that were fixed long ago. You make a fair point that Tesla really expects owners to be on current software and I didn't realize v9 now required for diagnostics. Makes sense as it's likely beyond the smartest tech to deal with hundred of minor versions and know which one had which issue you're complaining about or spend hours researching it.

Agreed many slick new features are for AP cars and those with newer hardware. Still quite a few features and improvements for even the oldest cars. Here's a few of the v9 features that may be useful to you:

- Up to date internal maps
- Gets rid of annoying green traffic lines on maps for improved traffic clarity
- Better nav routing algorithms
- 3 apps on screen instead of only 2 (as long as 2 are music and maps)
- zero to single tap for music (before required 2 taps)
- Single climate screen
- Much easier Control screen, eliminating 1-2 taps
- USB music files - now track order
- Seems people's USB loading issues with Apple music is fixed (not 100% sure of this, but no complaints for a while now)
- Chrome browser much faster
- Games (entertaining but perhaps frivolous)
- App features like remote seat warmer control (maybe works on v8?)
- Many, many bugs fixed (although to be fair, a few new ones too)

I also dug up some old version 6 and version 7 map screenshots, and I don't see any difference in the font colors - always been dark grey letters on a light background (day mode). Perhaps it was different in some early v9, or I'm missing something with this complaint. A couple of others had a the same complaint a year ago or so, but I hadn't heard this complaint for a long time now. It's also possible that adjusting the brightness level may be all that is required. I keep mine on 70% during the day (and don't use auto brightness). Might be worth a try.

Now there are some that never use maps or music and only display the rear camera while driving forward and don't have AP. I 100% agree v9 is a downgrade if you're in that category.

NikolatheGreat | 11 juin 2019

Great responses everyone, and quite the sharp crowd here. After leaving it with them yesterday, they do tell me it’s the MCU. However, they then tell me they did two firmware updates that fixed it, but it’ll probably break again because hardware is bad too. So both hardware and software. This cost me $195, although I maintain they caused the problem due to the immediacy after the update.

Here’s the thing, 4 years ago, I upgraded from 3G to 4G (pointless), and had center console installed at same time. The install made my dash all wonky, and I had to take it back to get everything straightened out. Shortly after that, bubbles appeared in my touch screen. I was insanely busy at closing a deal at the time, so it took me a long time to get back in. When I did, they replaced the screen, but told me my MCU might go out due to the screen oil dripping on it. The tech said he had seen it several times with older cars.

Well, here we are, but guess what, now they say there’s no way the oil damaged the MCU, and it’s on my dime.

So yeah, I’ve officially lost the faith. I get a hardware upgrade, and they break my car. I get a software update, and they break my car. As for my wife’s Model X, it literally qualifies under the California lemon law on several counts.

No more recommendations from me, and I dumped all my stock (broke even).

tes-s | 12 juin 2019

Why not sell the cars too? And turn off your forum account?