No More Loaners?

No More Loaners?

I was informed today by the Agoura Service acemter that the Tesla loaner program is now defunct. Only Uber going forward.

Anyone else hear this?

June 12, 2019:

Subsequent calls to my Advisor confirms this for Agoura Service Center. They have retained one X for loan. He stated the local Enterprise Tesla fleet is no longer available. Lyft credits going forward. Note the keyword, ‘forward’.

rxlawdude | 10 juin 2019

If true, wow.

SCCRENDO | 10 juin 2019

At Costa Mesa Enterprise is doing loaners and only Tesla loaners

AERODYNE | 10 juin 2019

I sure hope I never have to go to a SC. Sounds like they are being treated like a cost center.

Have to get the coolant replaced (2015 MS). I hope the other things like airbag can be done by a ranger.

Ohmster | 10 juin 2019

@Sccrendo. I was told the Enterprise program had been terminated. | 10 juin 2019

Disappointing, but makes some sense. The costs must have been crazy high for Tesla. Last visit, they set me up (and paid for) Lift, which worked rather well. This was for several recommended 2 year maintenance items, which from start to finish was less than 5 hours (i.e. same day), and half the cost of the old 2 year maintenance program. Lift is not nearly as nice as a loaner, but worked quickly on both ends.

jimglas | 10 juin 2019

I live a couple of hours away from the closest (and only) SC in Colorado. I wonder what they will do if/when my car needs service. Seems like a long Lyft ride.

rxlawdude | 10 juin 2019

They wouldn't be happy with my Lyft ride from Costa Mesa to work 45 miles away.

Again, signs of severe cost cutting. A heads up to owners would have been helpful. | 10 juin 2019

Perhaps if it over X miles they still do a loaner? Anyone get a loaner in the last two weeks and what was the distance SC to home?

Kathy Applebaum | 10 juin 2019

I would be seriously upset if that's true. As a woman, I don't consider Lyft/Uber to be a safe alternative.

SCCRENDO | 10 juin 2019

My wife was there a few weeks ago. The Enterprise program is no charge and only loan Teslas. If it was terminated it must be pretty recent.

kerryglittle | 10 juin 2019

I can totally see that. Last time I was at the SC the manager said sometimes when they loan out a Tesla for a day or two they don't see it back for a week and the customer will take it on holidays instead of wracking up miles on his own car. I looked at the GPS previous destinations on the loaner I got and was amazed. The car had been from Canada all the way to Florida and places in between. It only takes a few inconsiderate people to wreck it for everyone. I support Tesla for taking away freebie car rentals. No other car company would put up with that crap as other customers are waiting for a car that is taking its sweet time coming back.

Tesla-David | 10 juin 2019

I have appointment to take my MS in for annual servicing on the 27th of June. I have always had a loaner, so it will be interesting to see how they handle this at the Seattle SC. I live around 27 miles from SC.

inconel | 10 juin 2019

Do other manufacturers limit the mileage of their loaners? I don't remember that they did so what's different with Tesla loaners? | 10 juin 2019

@inconel - Lexus loaners at first had minimal contracts - like Tesla. Over the years they keep reducing and making more limits, as they kept having people abuse the program. When I last used one (years ago), they no longer paid for gas either. Not sure where they are now and it may vary by dealer.

carlk | 10 juin 2019
The Porsche service used to provide free rental if service takes more than a day (and costs a lot) but will only provide a shuttle service shared with Mercedes dealer next door. Or you will just spend your time wait there. I wonder if this is what Tesla is doing now.

@Kathy Applebaum
It goes both ways. I took a Uber ride from airport home couple weeks ago. It was a woman who's a full time Uber driver. She said she does not drive after dark though for safety concerns. BTW that's one reason why robot taxi is such a great idea. Even as a man I don't always feel comfortable going into a stranger's car although almost all drivers I met were pretty nice.

@kerryglittle I agree. If it's canceled because cost was too high for whatever reasons then so be is. I'm not interested in paying for people who abuse the system either. The only thing is Tesla should make the new policy, if that's the case, known so people could make necessary arrangements beforehand.

kerryglittle | 10 juin 2019

Thanks caulk. These loaners are usually sold to customers at some point. The more miles put on them lowers the price on them also. At our Chevy dealership we only get a shuttle car to take us home no matter how long the service would take. As some of us are invested in Tesla we want them to make money. By people abusing the system they are taking profits from Tesla and us. Maybe I'm just getting grumpy in my old age but I think people should be more considerate when Tesla is nice enough to give us a car while waiting for service. We live in an entitled world these days.

Mathew98 | 10 juin 2019

If the loaner program cost was high, it would be due to the inefficient of each service center. How many time have they let your car sit in the lot for days while you drive the loaner around town. They often run late on servicing other repairs and the cascading effect is ridiculous. If every repair need to wait a week then the loaners program has been bleeding money for a few years.

PBEndo | 10 juin 2019

I had a loaner last week while car was in for service in West Palm Beach, FL.

SbMD | 10 juin 2019

Enterprise has taken over what was the loaner program. It is now an Enterprise rental where Tesla covers the cost. This was done because it was easier and less expensive for Tesla to partner with Enterprise, where they would purchase Teslas, create an EV fleet for Tesla customers, and maintain the cars. It took the hassle of this off of Tesla (i.e. dealing with car damage etc). It is seamless, and still in effect. Just had my car in for service and had a great experience with it.

dougk71 | 11 juin 2019

I live 100 plus miles from the SC. I never have gotten a Tesla as a replacement. I always get an Enterprise loaner ( gas car). A $25,000 year old Enterprise car has to save over putting miles on a Tesla. As to the gas Enterprise provides 3/4 of a tank.

shanewebb86 | 11 juin 2019

I just took my Model S in on 6/7 for the 1 year service plus a bunch of random little things and they gave me a loaner Model X. I live ~120mi away from the SC.

AIA304 | 11 juin 2019

Sunnyvale SC last week offers Uber $100 card in place of loaner. | 11 juin 2019

@Mathew - "How many time have they let your car sit in the lot for days while you drive the loaner around town."

Zero times in 6+ years. One time needed the DU replacement (for noise), wasn't in stock when I dropped the car off. They ordered it, got in in 12 hours, and had the job completed in less than 24 hours from me dropping the car off. This is a busy location too - Sunnyvale. I don't think I'm the exception, and I'm sure there have been some service centers that are overloaded and take longer - but doesn't seem to be a systemwide issue.

CST | 11 juin 2019

I had a service appt for Dublin, CA the day after Memorial Weekend - rep said they were low on cars due to the holiday, but pushed mobile service as an alternative. Of course! I was wondering why they wanted me to come in for the issues I reported. He'll be here on Thursday. It takes 7-10 days to get a mobile appt in my area.

Mathew98 | 11 juin 2019

@TeslaTap - It happen to me twice. I had no choice but to steal the loaner and took it to a DC trip. The loaner was reserved for @JT but he got and Enterprise junker since I had to keep it for a week.

rxlawdude | 11 juin 2019

@TTap "How many time have they let your car sit in the lot for days while you drive the loaner around town."

Zero times in 6+ years. "

At least three times in the past 16 months.

dougk71 | 11 juin 2019

Sure if you buy a high end ICE luxury car from a dealership you may get a luxury loaner car. This will vary by dealership and the money the dealer is making on the service. EV's are pretty much synonymous with the word Tesla. Tesla is disrupting the auto industry. Audi for example has sold e-trons that are being recalled and the buyers will get a repaired car maybe some time in August. Jaguar I pace needs a dramatic software upgrade to repair unsafe braking. Jaguar requires I pace owners to bring their cars in for service ( no remote software upgrades).
Tesla will even come to your house for many service issues.
I suspect dealerships make a profit on service and Tesla just hopes to break even.
Like with Shakespeare "thou dost protest to much" could that be what we are doing.

rxlawdude | 11 juin 2019

"Like with Shakespeare "thou dost protest to much" could that be what we are doing."

Um, no. Unless Tesla sends official notification to owners that there will be no loaners (or loaners only for specified exceptions), finding out about this new policy when you drop your car off is unacceptable.

dougk71 | 11 juin 2019

A strong argument for a Tesla car as loaner is that gas cars lack the safety of Tesla's. Carrying tens of gallons of highly flammable gasoline behind you at highway speeds leads to especially numerous fiery cashes. Nevertheless its the risk I have to take since my nearest SC is100 miles away and so far always gives me an Enterprise rental ICE car.
Service is very professional and time estimates have been realistic. Dealers rarely notify car owners of changes in their service policies. | 11 juin 2019

@Mathew98 - Best laugh of the day!

jordanrichard | 11 juin 2019

Sooo, one particular person at one particular service says something and everyone is responding as if it were true for all service centers. I have lost track of the number of times I read here about people getting charged for tire rotations when in 5 years I have never paid for a tire rotation at my service center.

jordanrichard | 11 juin 2019

Oh also AERODYNE, who told you that your coolant needed replacing. Tesla changed the policy on that. It is good for the life of the car.

rxlawdude | 11 juin 2019

"Tesla changed the policy on that. It is good for the life of the car."

The only catch is whether not replacing coolant will reduce the life of the car. :0)

ktslab | 11 juin 2019

My last visit to SC last year, the car sat on staging area for 5 days. the loaner was provided and the SC told me to take it wherever I need it to be.

MB still offers loaner but with daily mileage limit, I think it was 100 miles or 200 miles, can't remember exactly and you have to fill the gas to where is was before.

One thing, I think MB does well is selling their loaner car. Tesla kind suck at selling used Model S/X.

0ptions | 11 juin 2019

I'm currently driving an Enterprise loaner (via Tesla) while my Model 3 is being fixed at a certified body shop. Tesla stated they will also be reimbursing me for my gas. Granted I've been without my car for 3 months come June 22nd.
The reason why Tesla is paying for my rental is because it has taken them 9 weeks to deliver a rear inner quarter panel to my shop.
A friend just had his Model 3 picked up literally his afternoon for a windshield replacement and they left him with a Model S loaner. So they are still providing loaners and not just for warranty work apparently.
I personally feel like a used condom now seeing my friends SR+ (and non-reservation holder) get a Model S loaner while me, who reserved a Model 3 in 2016 and ordered a LR as soon as I could got stuck with a crappy Nissan Versa from Enterprise and having been without my car for almost 3 months. Sigh.

carlk | 11 juin 2019

***Sure if you buy a high end ICE luxury car from a dealership you may get a luxury loaner car. This will vary by dealership and the money the dealer is making on the service.***

My Porsche dealer, Fletcher Jones in Fremont, had never offered loaner cars. They only offered Enterprise, and later Hertz rental cars when the on site Enterprise was closed. And they are making a LOT more money from service than Tesla does. For same day service they only offer local shutter van shared with Mercedes next door owned by the same owner. Toyota service had never gave wife a loaner or rental for her Prius services including two recalls. And their services were not cheap either.

Tesla had been real good in this but it's starting to produce mass market cars and it has to be competitive with what others do. People who we abusing the system have a lot of responsibility of the situation too. We might have been spoiled but there is nothing to complain about.

ktslab | 11 juin 2019

Tesla needs to find a balance point in cost-cutting and customer satisfaction.

For folks like me, in urban area where SC is within 20 miles, no loaner, no problem. but for rural area customer who has to drive 1+ hour to get to a SC, no loaner is a huge headache which I think might deter sales.

All 3 times I visited SC, I got a used 85D or P85D loaner (one of them is a beat-up Model S). I think this model might work, used Tesla, cap the daily mileage, then spin those loaners off for sales within 3 month. (Tesla might not have enough used car though)

Just a thought

jordanrichard | 11 juin 2019

Ktslap, it is not MB does that does well in selling their loaners, it is the dealers. What dealers do or don’t do is not the company the represent.

carlk | 11 juin 2019

Dealers' motto: "We'll make sure it's you who will pay what you're getting one way or the other".

J.T. | 11 juin 2019

@TT @Mathew It is a true story except I wouldn’t call a BMW 7 series a junker. As for waiting for service while driving their loaner, it happened to me twice in the past two years for 8 days each time and the appointment was on the books for over a month.

supersuperten | 11 juin 2019

This is crap! I may have to cancel my Model 3 order. Its getting worst TBH!

Tesla2018 | 11 juin 2019

The local BMW and Lexus dealers all give loaner cars that say BMW Courtesy car with the dealers name on it so they get free advertising. My neighbor brought in her 328i for servcing and they gave her a similar car. A few months later she went in to look at x1s and the next time she came in they gave her one as a service loaner without asking, since they had her info stored in their computer. It worked since she bought one.

Was at a Ferrari dealer for a cars and coffee and ran into a friend who drove his neighbor in to pick up a used California. Since my friend was waiting for his neighbor to get the paperwork done, the dealer asked if we wanted to take a new one out for a test drive. Of course we said yes. We expected him to take us out one at a time, but he threw the keys to us and said, come back in half an hour and dont put more than 20 miles on the car. We drove it to my friends fathers house a few miles away and my friend told his 93 yr old dad that he just spend a couple hundred grand on a new car as a joke. His father almost had a heart attack but his 90 yr old mother said Take me for a spin!

Mathew98 | 11 juin 2019

@JT - Any ICEV is a junker when compared to the MS. Perhaps that 10 miles you put on that 7 series over the course of the week told a different story?

spuzzz123 | 12 juin 2019

Knock on wood haven’t needed a tesla loaner yet but in my couple of experiences getting loaners with ice vehicles I did not enjoy the experience at all. So much paperwork to deal with it was worse than a rental car. I probably sat there for 45 minutes while they ran around getting signatures and waiting for others in line in front of me. I just needed the car to get back to work, then home, then back to the dealership. Maybe 20 miles total. So I would have loved maybe getting an Uber gift card that had a little left over on it when I was done. I know it doesn’t work for everyone but certainly it makes sense for many.

SCCRENDO | 12 juin 2019

@Charles. As noted the loaner program continues and indeed Tesla through Enterprise is trying to provide Teslas instead of ICE to keep you climate change deniers from polluting the environment. If the worst pollution we get from guys is Foxnews no big deal. We know how to change radio stations. We would only ask that you change the car name to Make America Great Again (MAGA). That is the Dems 2020 slogan after only 2 years of Trump.

carlk | 12 juin 2019

Not need to be even great. Just be Respected Again.

rxlawdude | 12 juin 2019

:"Or maybe they are ending the loaner/ER program because too many libs have been triggered..."

Really? REALLY?

This non-sequitur is sad.

charles.a.braun | 12 juin 2019

Thanks guys for confirming that my plan works.

Mathew98 | 12 juin 2019

Dudes! Can you take your turd war elsewhere? Like the general forum where you can run buck naked and no one would care...

SCCRENDO | 12 juin 2019

@Matthew. When the turds invade the forum we have a turd war. They do drive Teslas so we have to pretend to be nice at times.