Map showing incorrect or conflicting directions

Map showing incorrect or conflicting directions

I travel from Southern California to LAX occasionally. when getting directions using telsa's nav it will tell me to take I-605 to I-105 (which is one way to get there). however, the map is actually showing the highlighted route as taking I-405! Very confusing and dangerous as you attempt to take 605, then map shows you 405 and you have to switch lanes immediately or miss the exit. google maps using my cellphone shows the route correctly and tells you to take the 405 all along..

avesraggiana | 11 juin 2019

I had a strange experience just last night, driving south on the 405 and meaning to get to the Westminster Superchargers. I followed the directions on Tesla maps literally, I don't know why I abdicated all responsibility to to think things through in the moment, and just drive in the direction I thought I needed to go. Perhaps it was because I'm not completely familiar with the area, and there were barriers, closed off ramps and detours in the way.

At any rate, I ended up exiting the the 405 S, re-entering the 405, northbound this time, transitioning to the 22 E, exiting Valley View, and then driving through over two miles just to get to the superchargers! All I needed to do was to take a right turn at the freeway exit I took, and I'm pretty sure the superchargers would have been just two blocks away.

Very strange. Very, very strange. And a complete frustrating waste of time when you've been "on the road" for four days, and all you want to do is get home.