New Owner: Notes on Infotainment, Sentry Suggestion, etc.

New Owner: Notes on Infotainment, Sentry Suggestion, etc.

So I tried doing the "Note" voice feature, and the first time, I got a "Thank you for your feedback" prompt when it only recorded "Notes." I guess I needed to be a little quicker on the draw. At any rate, I'll go ahead and post my more detailed suggestions here on the chance that an employee or developer might see them. Since this is an owners-only forum, I want to be clear that I love my car overall, what it and the company represents, and the driving experience. However, like any other product or company, there's room for improvement. Since so much of the Tesla experience is dynamic and software-driven, I'm hopeful some of these suggestions could be implemented in future updates.

Infotainment: This is the one area that I feel could use the most improvement. I understand the engineering justification for not having AM radio. Besides which, the AM station in my area that I listen to most is simulcast on an FM HD sub-channel. The signal is a little flaky, but that's for something for the station and network to work on. My biggest gripe is the integration (or lack thereof) of third-party streaming audio apps. In a nutshell, it's pretty abysmal. I've had SiriusXM in all my immediate past cars. I'm actually somewhat OK with the fact that it doesn't have an embedded satellite tuner, as I can listen to it through the app. However, the interface and mirroring is pretty poor, in my opinion. The only functions I can figure out on the SXM app are volume, and song advance (if the stream was paused). If I want to change channels, the only way I can figure out how to do that is by selecting them on the phone itself. This seems needlessly tedious, not to mention dangerous, as it contributes substantially to driver distraction. Better integration of that app and other audio streaming apps would be appreciated. Full disclosure: I have an SR+ model. I know some of these features vary by trim, but based on the feedback I've gotten from owners that have higher trims and even "Premium Connectivity" the experience isn't much different.

Sentry Mode: This is a neat and valuable feature, but it could be refined substantially. For whatever reason, I seem to get a lot of duplicate clips on my USB drive, and a lot of "false positives" of people just walking by. I wish there were some way to adjust the sensitivity of Sentry Mode. Also in the file hierarchy of recorded clips, I wish there were a separate categorization for what I would call "severe" incidents such as the use of brute force, or where the alarm was triggered. Thankfully, I haven't had one of those incidences yet. If these are already categorized and tagged separately, please let me know.

Aero Wheel Covers: Unfortunately, about a week into ownership, I already had my first case of "curb rash" with the wheels. Also unfortunately, the Aero Covers do not stretch all the way out to the outer edge of the wheel, and leave the outer lip exposed. I wish the Aero covers truly covered the entire face of the wheel, so that if they were to scrape the curb, it would just be a damaged hubcap, and not a damaged wheel.

Other than that, love the car and the driving experience. Delivery at the Costa Mesa delivery center was smooth, professional and efficient. Have nothing but praise for the entire experience so far from test-drive to delivery and purchase.

RedPillSucks | 11 juin 2019

Tesla doesn't look at these forums. I suggest you send an email to your closes Service Center

vmulla | 11 juin 2019

One more whiner :) Why don't you just go away?

@leadfoot_ed, Just kidding

Techy James | 11 juin 2019

On the Sentry Mode, if an event actually triggers an alarm like brute forced used on car, then there is also an notification sent to owners phone as long as you allow notifications.
As for the clips of events they have been of benefit in past to catch people that did physical damage to a vehicle like scratches to paint using a key. So don't discount those clips as not needed. If you notice damage to your vehicle, then you can review the last set of footage from sentry mode and provide that as evidence to police if an incident occurs to your car.