Opinions: Ceramic Pro 9H or CS-II

Opinions: Ceramic Pro 9H or CS-II

Just curious if there are any Tesla owners who tried either product for ceramic coating. I read a lot about ceramic pro and all the detail shops in my area have tons of Teslas getting it done. Now, I found this other product from my brother-in-law. I've never heard of it but there are reviews out there raving about it too. So what's your experience with either product? Would you use the same product again? Are you satisfied? Thanks in advance!


coleAK | 11 juin 2019

At the high recommendation of many of the guys I off road with. Did ceramic pro on our model 3 last fall before we even brought it home. Makes car washes super easy. even in the winter washing in the garage with “no rinse wash and shine”. So happy with it I’m having my LX570 done.

M3D | 12 juin 2019

I went with IGL Quartz+ a lot of what you are paying for is the detailer's expertise and paint correction. I don't know cs-II, but I found that ceramic pro was heavily marketed and price fixed to push you up to high end packages. For me, getting a 9H hardness 2 coat application applied with the same expertise for less was the decision factor. I am very happy with the results. My detail shop had cquartz and ceramic pro applications that I could look at. I felt between those two that cquartz was glossier, and ceramic pro maybe a bit harder and durable, but guessing a bit on the ceramic pro. Fyi he was testing the IGL which is why I got a better deal.

jfaubl | 12 juin 2019

I used Armor Shield IX. I was a bit nervous before using it, but it was as easy as waxing.