Tesla Solar/Solar City – WARNING!!! – Before you order your solar and Powerwall

Tesla Solar/Solar City – WARNING!!! – Before you order your solar and Powerwall

Tesla Solar failed to meet our Expectations by promising one thing and delivering another.

I’m a licensed General Contractor (GC) in San Diego, California who works as a Construction Manager for one of the largest real estate groups in the United States.
My only specific request was to NOT HAVE EXPOSED CONDUIT, just like the Tesla advertisements. The sales team agreed, we approved the cost, we received financing and off we went.

The Tesla installer showed up the prior evening of installation and confirmed the installation was going to be performed with no conduits; however, the next day, the same installer starting installing CONDUIT!! They put the conduit everywhere - I’m talking everywhere: a large, ugly 2” pipe running in the front of my house right over my front door!! Might as well have been a red clown nose the size of my front door.

Calling the manager, he stated lies! telling us, “Tesla’s not able to run the electrical conduit in the attic.”

As a general contractor, I knew he was lying. The Tesla’s manager, then threatened “We can stop everyone now” and delay the project. Oh and now they can run the conduit in the attic for an extra $1,700.00. My wife and I both agreed we shouldn’t have to pay, since we had already paid the $45,000 for our system.

As a GC, I wanted to invite folks to my house and promote Tesla Solar. Tesla’s sales representative really dropped the ball, despite our repeated attempts to communicate Tesla Solar did not provide enough information to help the consumer understand what we’re getting. (Your plans should be around 8 pages, don’t accept less!!!)

We’re not out to hurt Tesla Solar, we only wish others who hire Tesla Solar not experience disappointment.

Tesla, please don’t hurt your customers who believe in you. Tesla’s Resolutions team failed to make any concessions, despite the fact it was their sales representative’s screw-up. (FYI – Sales representative left Tesla prior to the completion of my system).

Please let us know your experiences with Tesla Solar and share your thoughts with us.

lilbean | 14 juin 2019

Thank you. That sounds awful.

jptrava | 18 juin 2019

So what did you end up doing?

misc | 19 juin 2019

I had a very similar issue with Tesla prior to the installation. To call the Tesla sales rep that managed my project (one of many) incompetent would be an understatement. Perhaps they should hire folks that have a construction background or at least a remote idea what a piece of conduit is... The installers on the other side were reasonable and accommodating. We ended up tearing the sheetrock off the wall behind the Powerwall, semi-recessed the gateway and run all wires hidden in the walls. The end-result was great and clean looking, but getting there was... challenging.

pks | 21 juin 2019

I went through Tesla’s resolution team, presenting all the evidence (emails, phone records and drawings) showing Tesla their sales department dropped the ball. The end result was kinda of funny. Even know they did not provide me with a set of plans, they showed me a drawing (one page) where is shows an outline of the install. In the drawing legend it shows the conduit but it’s not marked up in the drawing. The resolution team did not know how to read the drawing and claimed it’s showing on that page.

Tesla is not going to do anything to help, so i’m here trying to warn people. (I could sue, but not sure if that’s the right thing to do?) Hopefully Elon Musk will read this and recognize a change needs to happen, in order for Tesla solar to stay in business.

lilbean | 27 juin 2019

Thanks for the info @pks and @misc. I hope our install goes well also. A crappy installation is unacceptable.