Terence Chiu aka Anonymous Hero peddling insurance

Terence Chiu aka Anonymous Hero peddling insurance

I wish the Forum administrators would purge all the links to Root Insurance. All the posts from Anonymous Hero are self serving attempts to make sales commissions.

If posting M3 sales referrals are against forum policy ,then these posts are totally out of line and unwelcome.

lilbean | 15 juin 2019


CST | 15 juin 2019

I flag as many as possible... he's a total ass-hat.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 juin 2019

Been flagging

kevin_rf | 15 juin 2019

So, is the reason we are seeing all these insurance posts because of him, or is something crazy going on with insurance in the People's Republic of California?

CST | 16 juin 2019

No, he's resurrecting them to spam his insurance link.

ODWms | 16 juin 2019

I’ve flagged also, from the jump. I’d be surprised if there’s a single post left by now.