Please add more voice commands

Please add more voice commands

Please add more voice commands, we should minimize the need to reach over and use the touchscreen the current commands won't do basic functions like.

"What time is it"

"Turn down the temperature in the car" or " 3"
"Turn up the temperature in the car" or " 3"
"Turn down the fan" or " 3"
"Turn up the fan" or " 3"

"Turn down the volume" or " 3"
"Turn up the volume" or " 3"

"How many miles left on charge"
"What percentage is my battery at"

"What time will I reach my destination"

And any more that minimizes my need to reach over and use the touchscreen

Andy_W | 23 juin 2019

"Five day forecast" - This can display or spoken. One feature I miss from my old car.
"Weather" - Current weather
"Weather map" - show a map of how close the T-Storms or cloud cover

"Stream xxxxx playlist [random]"

"I'm Hungry" - show the restaurants in the area
"Repeat Instruction" - repeats the last verbal instruction

"Record a memo" - Record a MP3 voice memo that is emailed to the account on file for the car

"I don't feel safe" - Records the next xx seconds of all cameras to the USB drive
"Wipers on"

"Stock price of TSLA"

jebinc | 23 juin 2019

We need a voice assistant, or integration with Alexa.

bpatter123 | 23 juin 2019

I'd like the voice command to turn on the Left Thumbwheel to adjust something for the next ten seconds- like:Temp, side mirrors, following distance, music source, auto wiper sensitivity,...

kjpkjp28 | 23 juin 2019

Current voice recognition is horrible, integration with Alexa or Siri can help

TickTock | 24 juin 2019
dsvick | 24 juin 2019

@OP - I'd like some more voice commands as well but some of the ones above don't save you any time and may actually take longer.
Why would you need to be able to ask the time? It is displayed right there on the screen.
A voice command would change the audio volume means you need to press the scroll wheel, wait a couple of seconds, then tell it what to do. When you could simply have flicked the other scroll wheel up or down as needed.

@bpatter123, following distance is already a function of the right scroll wheel, you need to press it to the right or left to change it.

RedPillSucks | 24 juin 2019

How about a "What can I say" command which lists the currently available commands

regoapps | 25 juin 2019

If you have an iPhone and the official Tesla app, you can ask Siri how much charge you have left in the battery. If you have the Remote for Tesla app, you can a lot more Siri commands including change the AC temperature or setting the navigation destination to a predefined location.

Andy_W | 25 juin 2019

@dsvick For those of us that need reading glasses. I personally can't see the time or temp without having to fix my eyes on the display. The other option would be to give a bigger choice for that display area. Ford had the same problem, but did make it bigger on one of their updates.

Vlmf23 | 25 juin 2019

I, too need reading glasses and until you need them you don't realize how small the font is on the Tesla screen. I hate to say it, but my husband's Honda has a very clear easy to read screen with large numbers, etc.and is integrated with Apple car play and I am a bit jealous of that feature. Still wouldn't trade him for my 3 though.

iansmccarthy | 14 août 2019

I find that the speed is in the same focal length as the view through the windscreen. You shouldn't need reading glasses to see it. In fact I find it much easier to read the speed from the screen than from the dashboard of my other car

styvwerx | 14 août 2019

Open Glovebox would be nice. Wiper oneshot would be my second request.

EVRider | 14 août 2019

"Wiper oneshot"? You mean what happens when you press the button on the turn signal stalk? How could that be easier?

Tronguy | 14 août 2019

I kind of wonder. Google/Alexa/Sire et. al. work in part because the actual voice recognition is done at their plethora of servers; effectively, they've got supercomputers doing the voice recog.
Of course, all of those guys mine their users words for all the advertising money that can be found.
However, modern computers are, pretty much, supercomputers to some extent and, if one is not arbitrary language, are able to keep up with a limited subset of commands. My 2010 Prius does its telephone operations that way.
So: How much of a load can the car handle this this regard before it runs out of cpu cycles for other, more critical things. Like, say, NaV or whatever?
Or is some of this being farmed out to Google?

EVRider | 14 août 2019

@Tronguy: Tesla voice commands are processed on a server just like the other assistants. That’s why they don’t work if you lose your LTE connection.

Tronguy | 14 août 2019

@EVRider. I stand corrected. Guess I haven't lost LTE all that often and haven't noticed.

jason | 14 août 2019

Making a phone call would be nice to say a persons name and which number (cell,work,home,etc). It’s annoying that you have to tap the screen to select the option after using your voice to get the contact.

rsingh05 | 15 août 2019

Voice recognition is done in the car. The neural net (aka the AI) that powers the voice recognition is trained in the cloud but runs locally. Just like the AP neural net and the wiper neural net.

Joshan | 15 août 2019

I am down with the more voice commands. Would be much appreciated!.

I love using the voice in the car, because unlike any other system it understands what I am saying. Even weird restaurant names "Navigate to WeirdLocalPlace" and it picks it right up.

a.ehlen | 10 janvier 2020

I would love to have it react to "Hey Tesla", or "Hey " so I dont have to push the button everytime.
That works great on my google home system and should be possible i.m.o. in the car.

a.ehlen | 10 janvier 2020

in addition to previous post , the second call would be "hey carname". Since i put that in brackets the forum removed that:-)

Magic 8 Ball | 10 janvier 2020

System won't be good until it mind melds.

ODWms | 10 janvier 2020

The mind meld is a proprietary Vulcan feature.

yudansha™ | 10 janvier 2020

@a.ehlen I would prefer for it to listen as little as possible and enable it manually (unlike google that spies on you all the time).