Tesla breaks delivery record...

Tesla breaks delivery record...

Tesla broke their previous delivery record by delivering 95,200 vehicles in Q2 2019...

Tesla’s (TSLA) vehicle deliveries for the second quarter of 2019 topped Wall Street’s expectations, sending shares higher during after-hours trading.

The electric car-maker reported Tuesday that it delivered 95,200 vehicles in the three months ending in June, besting average analyst estimates for about 88,000 deliveries, according to Bloomberg data.

The Palo Alto, California-based company’s second quarter delivery figures surpassed the company’s previous all-time record set during the fourth quarter of 2018, when deliveries totaled 90,700.

Tesla-David | 2 juillet 2019

Go Tesla, may the shorters PAIN commence!

Mike83 | 2 juillet 2019

We know this already. The shorts believe BS and FUD and if they don't do real research they will pay for it.
Tesla, the best American company ever.

Middledawg | 2 juillet 2019

The stock is up $16 in after hours trading. If you want to scream at your TV, watch the video embedded in the length you gave. Tesla BEAT all analysts expectations. The consensus was in the high 80s. But not for one these jerks. He pooh poohed Tesla because they didn't beat 100,000. They've moved the goalposts so much on Tesla that it now stands in an NFL stadium four states away.

Middledawg | 2 juillet 2019

I meant link.

SamO | 2 juillet 2019

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

all you fud-suckers can eat a bag of dicks.

demand problems my ass.


BuffaloBillsFan | 2 juillet 2019

Who-hoo! I’m glad I bought 100 shares at 180! Best. Company. Ever. That may be hyperbole, but I am always happy to see the Tesla shorts eat . . . my shorts.

SamO | 2 juillet 2019

Tesla is changing the world for the better and is a PART of the solution to global climate change.


Atoms | 2 juillet 2019

Didn’t expect such an amazing quarter! Wow did they ever try their hardest to make this happen. Obviously some long hours were put in. It will be nice to see that delivery logistics are being automated and stabilized as to not be a future bottleneck. Then just battery production is the limiter. Need to ramp up motor speeds on the production line and for motors burning out, install better motors or improved cooling. Batteries should be shooting like bullets out of the line.

Madatgascar | 2 juillet 2019

I’m glad my new X was part of this milestone. Happy Belated Birthday Elon!

lar_lef | 2 juillet 2019

Great news. It can only get better.

Tesla2018 | 2 juillet 2019

But the fudsters will say that the only reason sales increased was because the incentives were going to go. Wait that's what they said last quarter, and a quarter before that. Once cars start selling in China and then all over the rest of the world and model y comes out what are they going to say ?

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2 juillet 2019

I’ll tell you what they’re gonna say. They’re gonna say all these sales are meaningless because they’re not making any profit and can’t service their debt and wow look at all these executives leaving and Elon is crazy and nobody is happy with their Tesla and FSD is just too difficult and then there was that battery fire that killed nobody and how about the sleepy guy on Autopilot and....
They have great imaginations. Don’t you worry.

greg | 2 juillet 2019

"Once cars start selling in China and then all over the rest of the world and model y comes out what are they going to say "

Well, its obvious, they'll say what they've always said, just louder and shriller hoping more and more that someone, anyone, believes them:

"It doesn't matter how many cars Tesla sells, they won't ever make enough profit on them. So won't stay in business".

When asked how come that is they'll say as they always have:

"We all know that battery packs cost like $300 or more per KwH right? And thats the most expensive thing in a electric car. And that price per kWh - thats what GM and co tell us, and they'd be able to get the best price for their packs and they'd never mislead us right?

So Tesla must be spending well north of that for theirs, because you know they don't have the purchasing power of the big Auto boys. And they put the biggest batteries in their cars.
And so all those Model 3's they're selling - they are all being sold at cost - at best - just to make the quarterly numbers look good.

Believe me. Its all a coporate shell game. I know 'cos Jim Chanos and Bob Lutz told me it was, and Telsa was going to $0 soon - they both told me that is was, a long time ago and I believe them.

'cos they're the smartest guys in the room".

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 2 juillet 2019

I like the cut of your jib, Greg.

Ross1 | 3 juillet 2019

Some nincompoop fudster got headlines because Tesla should have aimed and got 100,000 sales for the quarter.
Why? What is in an arbitrary number?. And in 2 quarters when they aim for 100,000 what will he want then?

Nexxus | 3 juillet 2019

The fact is, well this isn't a fact, but it is a highly probable statement: if Tesla had made 1 million vehicles this quarter, there would have been a buyer for all of them somewhere in the world.

Hello, they are production constrained, not demand constrained. The had more orders for cars at the end of the quarter than the start of it. People can't snap these things up fast enough. As soon as the China plant comes online, watch how many they sell worldwide! Looks like the battery lines are the hold up still.

Madatgascar | 3 juillet 2019

How is it holding up against the Mirai? | 4 juillet 2019

From insideevs:
Toyota sold 166 Mirai fuel cell vehicles in June 2019.
Tesla sold 21,255 Model 3 vehicles in June 2019.

Makes you wonder why Toyota is still are making the Mirai. When you add in the development costs, I suspect they are losing more than $100K per car sold, and perhaps a lot more.

Madatgascar | 4 juillet 2019

Yeah, I was trying to be ironic....

dfhb4 | 27 août 2019

Good for them.