Will your next vehicle purchase be a Tesla

Will your next vehicle purchase be a Tesla

I think its fair to say that all Tesla stakeholders; investors, employees, and customers all believe in Tesla’s mission and want it to succeed. As all car manufacturers know, brand loyalty is key to sustainability and growth. This means that current Tesla owners would not only buy another Tesla for their next vehicle purchase, they would also be ambassadors to spread the word on the benefits of all things Tesla.

Its plain to see from the posts on this forum that owners are passionate about their M3. Some are ardent supporters and can’t imagine ever buying another brand, whether ICE, hybrid, or EV. Others have voiced disappointment and will likely never buy another Tesla, even if they still believe in EV.

For me, I worked through the initial quality items and now the M3 is the best car I ever owned; not perfect but the best in my experience. I live in a two car household where my other car is an ICE (Camry). I would certainly buy another Tesla to replace my M3. I am not ready for both cars to be EV but you never know what the future holds.

If you would buy another Tesla, What is the main reason for brand loyalty? If not, what was the main reason you are turned off to Tesla?

Assuming Tesla actually monitors this forum and posters are sincere, this thread could be the most important communication to guide Tesla product development and policy.

Reflex | 5 juillet 2019

@schralp -- I concur on EVERY one of your points.

Ocala.Joe | 5 juillet 2019

Gonna hold out for the Tesla truck here and give the M3 to wifey.

sbvictory | 5 juillet 2019

I'd recommend you to lease one not buy one... at least to me after a month drive, I found it nothing special but a car... So you are probably attracted by those "fancy" technologies but after all, they are not that intelligent as you think...

And also since it is an EV, you need to take more care of it compare to the gas car...

So think twice, experience it at least 1000 miles, then make a decision.

coleAK | 5 juillet 2019

Probably not. We love the 3 but I don’t have high hopes for the truck. I have this feeling Tesla’s tendency for form over function won’t work well for my needs in a truck (stellar off-road ability, towing, SUV body. I’m closely watching Rivian, what I want is an EV version of what I currently drive a 200 series Toyota Land Cruiser.

carlk | 5 juillet 2019

Yes the new Roadster. Eat your heart out. ;)

slingshot18 | 5 juillet 2019

Yes, unless something else better comes out. EV of course. I’m not very brand loyal in general.

Xerogas | 6 juillet 2019

@hamid_usman, a simple “no” would have sufficed

Xerogas | 6 juillet 2019

@Lonestar10_1999: absolutely yes. Tesla has earned my loyalty many times over, and this is my second one since 2013.

Maxxer | 6 juillet 2019

will buy a Model Y

mcmack15 | 6 juillet 2019

We are so happy with our S and 3 that we would definitely buy a Tesla for next car-----wouldn't even look at other cars. Why----because I love the performance, the acceleration, and the charging net work.

daddy88, your thoughts are right on the money---this would make for a perfect car.

gballant4570 | 6 juillet 2019

"And also since it is an EV, you need to take more care of it compare to the gas car..."

What planet do you live on?

Not this one.....

In any case you sound like a person who knows zero about cars.....

leo33 | 6 juillet 2019

Almost certianly yes. I'll never buy a car that is not all electric, and will never buy another car without autopilot. I never have to stop for gas. It's almost no maintanence. I never have to get oil changes. Autopilot takes 90% of the stress out of driving for road trips and stop-and-go traffic. (I was skeptical of AP at first, but now it's my favorite feature of the car.)

steveishere | 6 juillet 2019

Not really loyal to the brand but there's no better car for its price in the foreseeable future, so why not?

calvin940 | 6 juillet 2019

"there's no better car for its price in the foreseeable future"

And probably not for awhile.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 juillet 2019

@FishEV - so if Tesla improved it’s performance and features so they exceeded those of the Kona EV, would you buy the Tesla for your next vehicle?

eandmjep | 6 juillet 2019

We love our may 2018 LR RWD. We are excited about the truck. For a while we were contemplating getting a second SR M3 for the wife for a local commuter because my current Ice truck is a gas hog. Then we thought were looking at geting a Tesla truck, why would we need a 3rd ev, deffinetly not to save money on gas. With that my wife (who does loans for a living) is totally in with converting the money for 2 additional ev's into a really nice truck having done loans for new King ranch F2 and 350's in excess of $85,000 and realizes A Tesla truck may be more. Hoping for a 2022 delivery as my house and current M3 will be paid off by that spring.

Truck specs.
AP plus FSD if needed for some of the EAP features we like.
Blue. Since M3 is red and this color choice is the wife's
Premium package will depend on total value of truck
5 seat Interior unless 6 is standard we, want center console storage.
Standard tires. If optional the rear AC current and air fixtures and outlets.

RES IPSA | 6 juillet 2019

I hope Tesla will get into the automated aerial drone business. The future of individual travel is in the air.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 juillet 2019

@Res Ipsa - aerial drones would likely come from SpaceX, not Tesla.

mcmack15 | 6 juillet 2019

Fish, as you get a little older you may, hopefully, come to realize that being a constantly negative person with such a pessimistic outlook isn't the best thing for your health. Life is much too short. It is better if one tries to enjoy it and look at the bright side of things. It seems the vast majority of your posts are about your unhappiness with the Tesla----I can't understand why you haven't sold it and bought one of these other cars you have been pushing. Maybe doing so will take a lot of stress and negativity out of your life.

As to your reply to my comment about enjoying the car because of its performance, acceleration and charging net work------I don't race anyone, mustangs or otherwise. 50 to 60 years ago, maybe that would have been something I might have done, but keep in mind if the person you are racing causes a fatal accident, you are liable nowadays as well----so if you feel that teenage next to you revving his engine is a great driver................However, the performance and acceleration are fantastic features, the best of any car I have owned, when it comes to merging into the busy highway traffic and or switching lanes on the highways. Best by far (and I traded in a corvette Z06 with 650 HP for our S). Regarding AP---it is something I don't want or need in a car. It is something I will never use. It has zero appeal to me. And as I have noted before, be careful what you wish for because if the day ever comes when all the self driving gizmos become a reality, rest assured that all the data will soon be captured and saved.. Then it will become a mandatory submission to the insurance companies if you want to get insurance at affordable rates.

Lastly, I also fully expect that Tesla, with time, will be improving most of the features you are complaining about, and owners will probably be able to receive most of them for free over the air while our cars sit in the garage over night. We won't have to trade our cars in and buy a newer model, unlike owners of cars as from other manufacturers.

BuffaloBillsFan | 6 juillet 2019

Yes, our next car will be a Tesla. When my wife’s ICE dies (hopefully not for a while, since it is paid off), we will get a Y or a used X. My son is due for a car in the next year or two, and a LR3 is definitively a possibility (he will be in college, so logistics matter). I never want to buy another gas-consuming engine ever again.

If other EVs catch up to Tesla in the next few years I might change my mind, but that seems very very unlikely to happen . . . I miss my manual G35 Sport every once in a while, but not as much as I thought I would. The Tesla is just too fun to drive.

Lbanworth | 6 juillet 2019

ABSOLUTELY!!!! when I'm in my M3 I just feel like the rest of the world is in my rear view mirror! I'm completely serious! I have 22,000 miles on my 6 month old M3 and I haven't had even one issue with it yet!!! Seriously! It's one truly amazing car! I most likely will buy the truck when it comes out.

Lonestar10_1999 | 6 juillet 2019

@fishev - the point of this thread is to gage whether or not a current owner is satisfied enough to commit to purchasing another. It’s not necessary that each and every feature be satisfactory to be won over by Tesla. Naturally if owning a Tesla carries too much “baggage”, then folks will not only buy something other than a Tesla, they will dissuade others from do so.

If the posters can articulate their position with sincerity, Tesla may listen. There is need to high jack the thread with AP opinions.

mcmack15 | 6 juillet 2019

Well said Lonestar10-1999.

Joshan | 6 juillet 2019

Absolutely 100% yes, when the model Y comes out to replace my Acura MDX.

Just came back from a 3 day roadtrip over 1k miles. used NoaP for like 97% of it and never had to pull it out or intervene at all. They are making AMAZING progress the 7 months I had my car. No one failed lane change, not one message to take over immediately. nothing...

If they can make this much progess in 7 months I cannot even imagine where it will be in a year or two.

rxlawdude | 6 juillet 2019

Very likely yes, but that will be at least 4 years 150k miles) away.

Lbanworth | 6 juillet 2019

@Joshan I could not agree with you more! In the six months that I've had my M3 and FSD I'm blown away at how much NoA has improved!!!!! It's nothing short of AMAZING!!! I commute over a hundred miles a day to and from work so NoA is what I use 80% of the time. What truly amazes me about NoA is how perfect it drives itself on the interstate during heavy rain and high winds. I can't even see the lane markers on the interstate at 4:30 am during heavy rain but my M3 drives through it flawlessly!!! For those in the autonomous driving software industry, my advice would be to pull out a notepad and start taking notes on how Tesla does it!!! Tesla is always improving their self-driving software and it shows! I believe that Tesla is on the brink of something phenomenal in self-driving software.

sosmerc | 6 juillet 2019

Since we are both close to full retirement, my wife and I look forward to more road trips. I want a pure EV, but my wife is still skeptical due to range anxiety and the fear of being stuck without convenient charging options. I am hoping that by the time the Model Y is readily available charging will not longer be an issue due to numerous more Supercharger sites along our anticipated future routes. Pure AWD EV with sufficient range as well as towing ability (and affordability) is what I am waiting for. Tesla still looks like the only game in town, though there are some newcomers that MIGHT fit the bill like the Kona and E-Niro.....but they are not AWD and the charging infrastructure is still not as abundant as TEsla.

calvin940 | 6 juillet 2019



beaver | 6 juillet 2019

I doubt I (or my wife and kids) will ever buy an ICE. EV all the way to the grave. Not necessarily Tesla as leo33@ said, but right now no other vehicle comes close to matching the range, acceleration, and charging network.
I plan on replacing our MDX with a used X or new Y in 2 years. No lawn mower or boat in my life or plans...

steveishere | 7 juillet 2019

@sosmerc I recently did a road trip from Bay Area to UT/AZ, going through remote places such as Death Valley, Monument Valley, North Rim... etc. Didn't run into range issue; never gone below 10%. The low ground clearance from my M3 did leave a bit of battle scar when going through Monument Valley, so you may want to wait for Y, but range was not much of an issue even at current mileage and charging station. Autopilot alone was well worth it compare to ICE cars.

Comparing to other EV, Super Charger was a huge selling point (aside the 310 miles range). Charge Points are overly concentrated in large cities, leaving Tesla chargers the only option in many remote areas (e.g: the drive from Page to Moab or from Vegas to South Rim). Check Plugshare if you don't believe me. Really wish other manufacturers spending more efforts on infrastructure, but as of now or foreseeable future, Tesla has no serious competitors from other EV when it comes to long road trips.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2019

Kittyhawk flyer is being tested not far from my house.

Magic 8 Ball | 7 juillet 2019

@FISHEV I not an owner, just a troll.

calvin940 | 7 juillet 2019


I see plenty of Nos.

I suspect yours might be gone because you like to hijack threads for your personal platform. Try just answering the question without 2 pages of diatribes, links all over the place that you have posted elsewhere 10 times with your tired old tactics.

Surely you can explain your position without the vitriol and posturing, but I'll admit that leaves no room for your agenda and I suspect that is way too hard for you.

Joshan | 7 juillet 2019

Exactly right calvin, the only no posts that are gone are Fish, because he doesn't live in reality. He is like our president with "alternative facts".

goddesavatar | 7 juillet 2019

We own a Model 3 and Prius c. Next car will be used Model X or Tesla pickup truck:))

paul | 7 juillet 2019

Yes! The M3 is the best car I've ever owned.

moabchick | 7 juillet 2019

Most likely,yes. We already have two M 3s: a red LR AWD, and a black Sr+. In the future we might consider trading one of the M3 for the Y or truck.

mazers | 8 juillet 2019

Most likely yes. The 2018 Model 3 we've had for 1 year is the best car I've ever owned. Ordered a Model Y for the wife to replace a Grand Cherokee. Still have a 2008 Wrangler but thinking of getting rid of it when it dies, or maybe keeping it for fun. Would love an electric zero turn lawn mower to go the the Ego blower and trimmer. Will be putting on a new roof soon and will also be looking at solar panels for it. Guess you could say I've drank the Kool-Aid.

DanFoster1 | 8 juillet 2019

Yes. We love our S but my wife prefers smaller cars—next car will be a Model 3 for her. I finally got to drive one—it is fantastic, naturally.

NYCTeslaMan | 8 juillet 2019

About a month into owning a model 3, I can’t imagine owning any other brand of car.

Kathy Applebaum | 8 juillet 2019

I already did buy another Tesla. We liked my Model 3 so much that 4 months later my husband sold his car and bought one for himself.

Planning on keeping mine for a long, long time, but if someone totaled my car, I'd be ordering another Model 3 the next day.

Techy James | 8 juillet 2019

Given my past history of a new vehicle every 3-4 years. I will start my looking probably in about 2.5 years. Will my next car be a Tesla, that is hard to say, that is a long time from now and who knows if Tesla will still be in the lead when it comes to EV car sales in the US. Then we also have the possibility of Robo-Taxis making the need to own a car not a cost efficient option compared to the cost of owning a car.
Currently using Lyft normal rates (Downgrade since my Tesla is considered a Lyft Premium Black)
Travel to work 792 a month + Fitness Trips 160 a month = total 952 a month. Considering my current cost to own the Model 3 including Insurance + Monthly payment + extra electric cost is right around 900 a month, that means just basic necessity trips would cost me more than what I spend on my car. So for now the Rideshare is more than my expense to own a Tesla.
Now if we start seeing Robo-taxis in the future, then it's easy to see to cost being lower for their service versus current Rideshare options due to fact you no longer have the required human element. Also with likes on Bydon, Rivian and other similar new guys coming to market who knows who will have the best Electric car in 2 years from now. Currently if I do get a new car in next 3 years, based on now I would say most likely either a Tesla Model Y or maybe whatever the Truck is called.

Techy James | 8 juillet 2019

@sbvictory I am curious, how do you say you have to take more care of a Tesla versus ICE car. My Past ICE car required regular trips to service station for a 50 to 60 oil change assuming no additional maintenance needed. Based on the 14,000 miles that would have been at minimum 100 in maintenance cost and so far only maintenance I spent on the Model 3 was a $20 at my local tire company to rotate the tires. That is $20 for my Model 3 versus $120 for the ICE (I would have also needed tire rotation on old ICE car).
So can you explain why you believe the maintenance on an EV is higher than the ICE car? The simple fact of matter ICE cars have more moving parts equaling more maintenance items. You can't compare items like Brake Fluid change as those are also recommended for ICE cars, but many users never did those.

terminator9 | 8 juillet 2019

Need a bigger car next so my next car purchase will be a Tesla only if one of the two below is true...
1. Model X comes down to around $60k
2. Model Y's front doesn't look exactly the same as Model 3

rhj | 8 juillet 2019

Tesla has a 5 year jump start on all other EV's, in performance, technology, and infrastructure
There was nothing on the EV market to compete with the P3D we added in April.
Except maybe a different model Tesla.
When our model 3 is payed off or played out, if Tesla hasn't lost their edge I'm excited to see what's next.

monsterxman | 8 juillet 2019

EV’s will be my future from here on out, but can’t 100% say the next one will be a Tesla.
Will keep the model 3 until the wheels fall off.
If it proves as durable as Tesla claims, that might be a long, long time…
10-15+ years I bet… by then, all new cars will be EV’s so there will be a lot of options.

nwfan | 9 juillet 2019

On my 3rd Tesla. The answer is yes.
I figure by the time the pickup becomes available my
Model S will need a refresh. Keeping the Model 3 LR RWD
for hopefully another 5 years (16 months of ownership so far).

Where's the charging network to rival Tesla? I've tried Electrify America.
50 kW max charge rate with my Model S and expensive. My Model S has
free supercharging. Saturday morning stopped at SC and my Model S was charging
at 141 kW. Barely had time to walk over for a coffee and restroom break.

effreyj2 | 9 juillet 2019

We just bought a Model 3 LR AWD, and I'm so impressed with it so far. Me and my wife share it but she commutes in it. Our other car, which I commute in, is a 2017 Honda Pilot. The Pilot's not a bad car, we have a fully loaded one, but compared with driving the Model 3, it just feels sad. I think that in a couple of years I'll consider trading in the Pilot getting the Model Y.

JustSaying | 9 juillet 2019

yes, we have a Model Y "on order"

andy.connor.e | 9 juillet 2019

Would really like a Model Y. But been thinking about after FSD becomes active. Might see how that ride sharing thing works out because maybe i will buy a used Model 3 early and have it generate passive income.