Will your next vehicle purchase be a Tesla

Will your next vehicle purchase be a Tesla

I think its fair to say that all Tesla stakeholders; investors, employees, and customers all believe in Tesla’s mission and want it to succeed. As all car manufacturers know, brand loyalty is key to sustainability and growth. This means that current Tesla owners would not only buy another Tesla for their next vehicle purchase, they would also be ambassadors to spread the word on the benefits of all things Tesla.

Its plain to see from the posts on this forum that owners are passionate about their M3. Some are ardent supporters and can’t imagine ever buying another brand, whether ICE, hybrid, or EV. Others have voiced disappointment and will likely never buy another Tesla, even if they still believe in EV.

For me, I worked through the initial quality items and now the M3 is the best car I ever owned; not perfect but the best in my experience. I live in a two car household where my other car is an ICE (Camry). I would certainly buy another Tesla to replace my M3. I am not ready for both cars to be EV but you never know what the future holds.

If you would buy another Tesla, What is the main reason for brand loyalty? If not, what was the main reason you are turned off to Tesla?

Assuming Tesla actually monitors this forum and posters are sincere, this thread could be the most important communication to guide Tesla product development and policy.

eburrowes | 9 juillet 2019

It took this 75 yo 7 retirement years of watching and waiting to build/save up for the 07/01/2019 purchase of my M3 (AWD, LR, FSD - arrival TX today 07/09/2019) so she’s probably going to be my first and last.

Knew I HAD to have one from the get-go but highway range (I do a LOT of that) HAD to match - or come close to - that of a full tank of fuel in my now retired ICE vehicle. 310 mi./charge is pretty close and I just couldn’t wait any longer. *excited*

Anyway, though I may not be buying another one, I’ve already warned the kids (in-laws) and college grandkids that they’re out of my will if they ever buy a ICE vehicle.

shhhh Don’t let them know that there’s nothing left LOL

Techy James | 9 juillet 2019

@andy.connor.e by the time Ride Sharing comes out for the Model 3, the prices of any used Model 3 will likely cost more than a current new Model 3. My estimates put the Robo Taxi service like 2 to 5 years away depending where you live. Which time the ability to put the Model 3 on the Ride Share network will add value to car because of the potential to add the vehicle to the Ride Share Network for residual income.

kallian | 9 juillet 2019

@eburrowes, I like your style. Tell your kids and grand kids, if your next car, you buy an ICE vehicle (buy used EV if you have to), you are out of my will. +++infinity.

p3d- here, yes next car will be Tesla. Had some service paint issues when I first had it, felt the bad servicing, but now vehicle is great.

Lets face it, even though people work for Tesla, most cant afford the car. So majority will not be passionate about it! Some are for sure, and look forward the day they can afford it, but most just want a job.
No one is passionate working at Ford or the supermarket either, perspective folks.

We are the enthusiast that see the change, others its just a job for them. With volumes come problems, probably one of the reasons for doing a dealer ship (letting them deal with this stuff). I like the no dealership model, but lets face it, Tesla gets the bad rap, not the dealer.

terminator9 | 9 juillet 2019

Tesla should offer employees 20% off on M3 so it is a perk and more affordable to them with the disclaimer that it is a one time thing and if you sell it before 12 months then that 20% will come out of your future paychecks so people don't start to make a business out of it.

andy.connor.e | 9 juillet 2019

No, they shouldnt.

JCTSLAM3 | 9 juillet 2019

Most definitely. Maybe a Y, if I could convince my wife to keep my 3.

Andy_W | 9 juillet 2019

I would not buy another Tesla. I have a few major issues that don't work for my personal preference. I will look in 2 years for the other EV's options out there. I'm more than happy to explain to Tesla what I find annoying or don't like. Just not in a public forum. Too many "fans" to get a constructive dialog going.

casun | 9 juillet 2019

i’m voting eburrowes as mvp of this thread.

edhchoe | 9 juillet 2019

Next car will be another ICE probably. Road trips are much more pleasant with fewer stops for fueling.

vmulla | 9 juillet 2019

Yes. I'll take a RV built on the Tesla pick-up please.

That's consistently our family's top wish when we are longer road trips.

terminator9 | 9 juillet 2019

I bet someone will make an RV add-on for pickup for 25k :)

vmulla | 9 juillet 2019

No way EM will leave that market space for someone else. Airstream's days as an RV icon are numbered.

mikelonthebeach | 20 juillet 2019

I would buy a used one. There are a lot on car gurus, MotorCloud, and auto trader:

Sparky135 | 20 juillet 2019

Yes I would definitely buy the truck if they can make it affordable I’m in .

Xerogas | 21 juillet 2019

@edhchoe: "Next car will be another ICE probably. Road trips are much more pleasant with fewer stops for fueling."
No, they’re not. Have you ever road tripped in a Tesla?

...and 370 miles isn’t enough for you?

WantMY | 21 juillet 2019

Model Y or Polestar 2, which ever wins it for me.

hannes | 21 juillet 2019

I hope so, love my M3 LR RWD. Model Y is of interest, also a used Model S Raven with 370 mile range in a few years is interesting.

billtphotoman | 21 juillet 2019

At this point I would say when it is time to replace either my model 3 or my wife's 2018 Leaf in 2028 or so if robotic taxis aren't yet a thing (if they are we might just not buy cars) and my model 3 is durable and reliable absolutely.