Dash Cam Purge

Dash Cam Purge

Another friendly reminder to clean up those USB sticks.
I am in the middle of another 45 minute cleanup of my 128 GB disk.

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2019

Helpful suggestions if you have a full drive:

1) Quick cleanup by deleting folders and re creating folders
2) Have a spare drive in you car in case your primary drive fills up unexpectedly.

Joshan | 8 juillet 2019

+1 M8B. I just got back from a 1k mile Road Trip over the 4th. I am sure I am about full!

vmulla | 8 juillet 2019

Did you mean to save a drives worth of video clips?

Joshan | 8 juillet 2019

Yes I did.

b0n3z | 8 juillet 2019

I would highly suggest this. It's what I have been using and it's awesome:
(using the One Step Setup Instructions)

Then to view your Sentry Cam footage that was backed up and removed from your Raspberry Pi Zero W to your cloud or network:

Joshan | 8 juillet 2019

Awesome post b0n3z!

hokiegir1 | 8 juillet 2019

@b0n3z - Are you having any issues with your Pi disconnecting and not working? I had to swap back to my old drive last week because mine was perpetually disconnected and I didn't have time to dig into it. Basically, it would connect to wifi, start the transfer, bomb out somewhere in the process (I'd have some files on my NAS, but not all) and not restart unless I unplugged it or rebooted the car.

M3 fo MF | 8 juillet 2019

I just bought a second USB drive for my car. I (rarely) agree with M8B but having a second drive available as a backup in case your drive fills up or get corrupted. I have been using the sandisk drives that are very small (physically) so I now keep the backup drive in the USB port in the back seat so I know where it is in case I need it.

Brahmini | 8 juillet 2019

Folks, When I first activated the Sentry mode, it recorded the everything, when parked as well as when driving. However, it stopped recording the while driving, but continues recording while parked. So, I still get the videos when parked, but not the trips recordings. I need it to record while driving, Any idea what could have caused to stop recording the trips?

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2019

@Brahmini I recommend you remove the drive and reinsert as first try. If that does not fix then try removing drive and deleting the folders and re-creating the folders then try the drive again.

SteveWin1 | 8 juillet 2019

Anyone actually binge all that video before they purge?

Joshan | 8 juillet 2019

all? heck no unless I see a reason. Anytime I see any sentry events I do a walkaround of my car and look for anything at all, even a smear on the window that was not there before.

If I see anything I did not notice before I will look at that time. Otherwise I just trash them and move on with life.

Joseb | 8 juillet 2019

Any valid reason to purge the USB? I thought if USB is full, it will automatically over-write older vids, like a circular log.

One question though; just like Sentry mode, is it possible to turn-off dashcam while parked in Home/Work or fave places? Or heck, just a button from my phone "stop recording".

Magic 8 Ball | 8 juillet 2019

Files that are saved to the saved files folder (I.E. sentry files) are not purged automatically. That folder can fill up.

Yes sentry mode can be turned on/off and you can also do that from the app.

vmulla | 8 juillet 2019

Some other events around the car are saved as well. Examples - driving in a construction zone, flaggers on the road, vehicles coming too close to the Tesla, aggressive drivers around the car.
I think Tesla's algorithms detect potentially hazardous situations and save them as well.
I reviewed my videos and there are several that I did not save, but are there anyway. I'd say half the autosaved videos were something that I could understand why the car thought they were useful videos to save.

CST | 9 juillet 2019

Raspberry Pi works great! I've had mine for about a month and it uploads directly to my Synology NAS. I just added a new script that removes the directories from the NAS after 10 days. The Pi removes the files from its storage after the upload is successful.

thedrisin | 9 juillet 2019

The Sentry mode needs to be more user friendly and at least overwrite the files. Purging files and carrying a backup USB may be fine with techies and some people that visit the forum regularly , but the average person will just not use it once it gets full. (I figure some people on this forum will say that you shouldn't be driving a Tesla if you can do this, but that would be ludicrous.)

thedrisin | 9 juillet 2019

*can't = can

Joseb | 9 juillet 2019

Ah yeah, forgot about the "Saved files" folder.

Is there a manual for the dashcam? The included Owners Manual does not say anything about it except is in Beta, and no indication what the little button on the top right does.

Again, I know I can turn on/off Sentry mode at any time, and skip in Home/Work faves, but would like to do so for Dashcam altogether. I don't want to have to unplug the USB every time I park in my home garage.

hokiegir1 | 9 juillet 2019

@CST - I'm having an issue with my Pi disconnecting/failing to restart. Basically, what happens is I plug it in, it boots fine and the dashcam comes on. I drive around, park, etc -- no issues. Get home, and it connects to wifi. Some files will transfer, but it fails before they all do (and sentry mode was enabled, so the car wasn't sleeping)....and then the next time i get in, it doesn't restart on it's own. I have to either unplug or do a 2 wheel reboot of the car for it to start. I haven't setup a github account yet to ask the developer. Frustrating, because it was otherwise fantastic. I'm not even sure what settings I need to change to fix it. :(

hokiegir1 | 9 juillet 2019

@jluiswn - The dashcam is only operational when driving. When parked, it falls under Sentry mode.

Joshan | 9 juillet 2019

@thedrisin security system like that cannot just overwrite existing files. If I lost the video of something happening to my car because it overwrote the footage as a bunny hopped past my car I would NOT be happy. I am very glad it does not overwrite. But yes there could and I am sure will be improvements.

Let me explain software developemt a little. You start with something called MVP.

MVP =- Minimum Viable Product

You do this to get a stable release that meets your requirements. You kind of have to do this, or things never get out the door and deadlines are never achieved.

After this you add features and enhance the product. This is what is already happening to Sentry Mode.

Since release just off the top of my head they have added: Always On, Disable at Home & the icon on the screen so telectively turn on and off with one button.

Be patient and if you thingkit needs a new feature, email Tesla and tell them.

SteveWin1 | 9 juillet 2019

I don't agree about overwriting being a problem. You could say that about dashcam too and dashcam DOES overwrite unless you specifically save something. There's a MUCH higher chance that a bunny will hop past my car and cause my drive to become full (disabling Sentry mode) right before some vandals mess with my car than there is for me to not notice damage to my car for such a long time that the relevant video would be overwritten. That wouldn't happen. If you notice damage to your car, you're probably going to pull the drive to search for the appropriate footage and save it elsewhere. No need to have the Sentry feature completely stop just in case you're too lazy to do that. Most people, I think, would prefer it to fill the drive and then start overwriting the older stuff.

Joshan | 9 juillet 2019

ok, we don't agree. /shrug. Neither of us work for Tesla or are designing the feature. Send them a feedback request, and ask them to add a toggle to allow overwriting of oldest files for those who want that setting.Best of both worlds.

vmulla | 9 juillet 2019

Yup, agree!
For such an user friendly car this area can improve quite a bit, and it will.

vmulla | 9 juillet 2019

Good point

rehutton777 | 9 juillet 2019

I've had my Model 3 for a little over 3 months, and never bothered to activate "Sentry Mode". As a result of being "keyed" on the passenger-side doors last week without benefit of sentry mode video (to the tune of $1500 damage), I have decided to start using Sentry Mode when parked in public areas. However, my USB memory stick (admittedly small) fills up within 25 minutes because video records continuously for all 3 cameras once Sentry Mode is activated. I will be shifting to a 128 GB San Disc shortly to increase storage space. Just curious - - why does recording continuously occur when there is absolutely nothing going on around the car? Seems it would solve some problems on disc storage space if recording occurred only when a close approach is made to the car or the car is otherwise threatened (such as being jostled). Comments?

Magic 8 Ball | 9 juillet 2019

@rehutton777 Recording does not continuously occur in sentry unless there is continuous motion around the car. People walking near your car or some other trigger causes sentry to record the event(s). If there is a lot of motion around your car then it will record continuously

rehutton777 | 9 juillet 2019

As soon as I activate Sentry Mode recording starts, and continues for 25 minutes irrespective of what's happening around the car (even parked in the garage). After 25 minutes the recording stops ("X" appears in the camera icon), and when I review the videos on the disc, it shows three 60 second videos (taken for each of the 3 cameras) at one minute intervals until the disc becomes full.

Magic 8 Ball | 9 juillet 2019

@rehutton777 Something seems wrong with how yours is working based on your description.