Buyers remorse on a Jaguar I-Pace - a good read

Buyers remorse on a Jaguar I-Pace - a good read

Passion2Fly | 8 juillet 2019

This car obviously has a big problem with the battery. I'm curious how the average i-Pace user experience is...

Bighorn | 8 juillet 2019

Every manufacturer that builds a compliance car will suffer the same disastrous results.

EAPme | 8 juillet 2019


His experience with Jaguar resembles my own with GM's dealership network. Maybe not as bad, though.

In terms of maintenance for EV's, there seems to be a lot of specialization when it comes to service at your typical dealership. I've had seemingly simple repairs take much longer because the "EV guy" (singular a.k.a solamente) wasn't available when the car was in the shop.

Legacy car makers tell us that they're serious about electrification but their backend/post-sale support tells us otherwise.

CharleyBC | 8 juillet 2019

What does an EV need a giant grille for? It reminds me of a whale shark:

spuzzz123 | 8 juillet 2019

does Jag even sell enough cars to even need a compliance car? I thought those “carb” regulations only applied to makers who sold something like 50k cars a year in each state. I would think jag falls well below that standard. I took the iPace to be an earnest attempt

-TheJohn- | 8 juillet 2019

Does anyone smell rotting Fish?

Bighorn | 8 juillet 2019

Jag and Land Rover is owned by car giant Tata. They have issues coming down the pike with upcoming CO2 limits in Europe and China. Whether a compliance car or not, the issue remains that small volume producers will not have proper servicing options. Same reason I couldn’t reasonably own a Volt in Wyoming. No support after the sale was available.

spuzzz123 | 8 juillet 2019

I hope you aren’t talking about me. It’s a real question about compliance car regulations. I’m not endorsing the car in any way. Have never seen it.

spuzzz123 | 8 juillet 2019

Thanks BH that splains it

Joho.keith | 8 juillet 2019

Reading that article was déjà vu for me . I had exactly the same experience with Honda with the Honda fit EV many years ago . The range was nowhere near what they were promising and there was only one guy at the dealership with any clue about EV’s and that was very minimal knowledge. He used to ask me questions. I complained and they actually took the car back without a hassle so they knew it was their problem.
I’ve heard from friends with Chevys that it’s pretty much the same at the Chevy dealer too. It’s not too surprising if 90% of their sales are gasoline , they’re going to put the resources where the sales are.

spuzzz123 | 8 juillet 2019

“Same reason I couldn’t reasonably own a Volt in Wyoming.”

“I’ve heard from friends with Chevys that it’s pretty much the same at the Chevy dealer too”

Are you two trying to pick a fight with Howard??

Bighorn | 8 juillet 2019

It’s robot fighting time!

TabascoGuy | 8 juillet 2019

I stopped in to the Jag dealer here when they got their first i-Pace in, they are only expecting two more this year. The salesman told me that all three are not for sale. He said the reason was they they wanted to keep them in the showroom to boost sales and, because they didn't know if or when they'd get more in, to have one or more available for test drives.
I showed him my pre-approved loan letter and asked if I could take it for a test drive. He said that they weren't allowed to do that yet. What?
You think maybe they know something that they don't want customers to know?

By the way, it's not a bad looking car but I doubt that I'd ever seriously consider buying one.

Jtwo | 8 juillet 2019

A brand new model from a manufacturer that’s never built an EV that has issues? Shocking......(no pun intended).

Given Jaguar’s shaky reliability reputation, especially with electrical issues, there’s is no way I’d buy one.

coleAK | 8 juillet 2019

Is this really surprising? Jaguar (and Rover) have never been known for building a quality or reliable vehicle. I know they have gotten better under Tata ownership but always been near the bottom of the reliability list.

texxx | 8 juillet 2019

"I’ve heard from friends with Chevys that it’s pretty much the same at the Chevy dealer too."

It's absolutely true and one of the reasons I ended up Lemon Lawing my Volt. A single tech at multiple dealerships, and when he was stumped he had to call the factory and wait for them to help. "Fixing" things involved little more that swapping parts and praying, part of the reason my car was at various dealerships six times and 35 days total shop time, Guess I shouldn't complain too much - GM gave me 100% of my purchase price back and I still kept the $7,500 tax credit, which made buying a 3 for $15K off a no brainer. But I pity anyone who depends on service from a dealer network that hates EVs.

M3phan | 8 juillet 2019

That’s some horrible battery tech. Yikes. Drive 1.7 miles and lose 17 miles of range? Drive 3.9 and lose 14? Yowch.

M3phan | 8 juillet 2019

Thanks. I wasn’t referring to issues in general, just specifically battery tech. I have never heard of a Tesla with that drastic battery range difference.

Joshan | 9 juillet 2019

agreed and was the main reason I posted. They are suffering the same issues some of the trolls here try to pin on Tesla but to a FAR worse degree it seems.

nukequazar | 9 juillet 2019

Also, i-PACE... one of the worst car names in the history of car names?

Kary993 | 9 juillet 2019

I drove this car before buying M3P and really a few things stood out. 1) When you accelerate, the rear squat of the car is so pronounced that you instinctively saw at the steering wheel to keep it going straight. Not sure if that is the all wheel drive system not handling correctly and/or the front end get so light it just feels squirrelly. 2) The interror, while nicely appointed has so many buttons and the main screen is terribly complicated to use. 3) and the most important thing, the battery is I thing 100 Kwh and it only gets about 230 miles....something is not right.

The outside look of the car is nice in my opinion, but of course there is not any real charging network and of course no self driving features and never will.....glad i skipped the i-Pace.

spuzzz123 | 9 juillet 2019

@nukequazar | July 9, 2019
“Also, i-PACE... one of the worst car names in the history of car names?”

Could be worse. “eTron” in French translates to “Turd!”

CharleyBC | 9 juillet 2019

“Also, i-PACE... one of the worst car names in the history of car names?”

Remember Chevy Nova? “No va” is Spanish for “doesn’t go,” kind of a bad thing for reliable transportation.

leo33 | 9 juillet 2019

I dont know. E-tron is pretty bad too. Check out the french translation.

leo33 | 9 juillet 2019

And spuzzz beat me to it.

nukequazar | 9 juillet 2019

What does I-PACE mean anyway?

Jtwo | 9 juillet 2019

They were going for Apple effect by puttiing "I" in the name; it gives it a techie sound to it. | 9 juillet 2019

iPace - perhaps it means you can walk faster than the car?

jjgunn | 9 juillet 2019

GLWT vehicle

gballant4570 | 9 juillet 2019

The short trip length and large estimated range loss may be due to the inefficiencies of short trips, but the 201 estimated miles at 100% charge is simply very sad. And the cost was $97k...... could have had a 370 mile range real EV.....

inconel | 9 juillet 2019

Oh la la:

e-tron = turd
i-pace = I pass

vmulla | 9 juillet 2019

As an economy customer, I just don't see the value.
Too much to even read after I've made up my mind.

M3phan | 9 juillet 2019

Wow, FISHes posts were deleted? Flagged off?

jordanrichard | 9 juillet 2019

The comment towards the end of the article about luxury car makers releasing their offerings, hits upon something I and others have been saying. It is the dealers that are the stopping block to EV adoption. What many people don’t understand is that those “factory trained” technicians are technicians that the dealer sends to get this “factory training” and the dealer has to pay for that. So that is why dealers only have perhaps just one person or simply no one, that knows how to work on them. From the dealer’s perspective why spend the money on sending someone to get trained on how to work on a vehicle that they really don’t plan on selling in the first place.

M3phan | 9 juillet 2019

@jordanrichard, yes. I’m all for the advent of EVs from any and all manufacturers, but there is this initial conflict of interest from the ICE manufacturers.

calvin940 | 9 juillet 2019

Uhm.. wow.. just wow. That i-pass is definitely not off to a good start.

spuzzz123 | 9 juillet 2019

M3phan yes I believe they were flagged off. I think he’s got the hint now as his posting activity has dramatically dropped off. Well probably see him again soon under a different moniker.

kevin_rf | 9 juillet 2019

I just see a customer getting caught up with range anxiety and the dealer feeding it instead of helping the customer overcome it. We get those in the Tesla threads.

That doesn't mean the I-Pace is an e-tron.

nukequazar | 9 juillet 2019

I-Pace... e-tron... fossil auto execs seeing the EV as something fringe and weird rather than just what all cars will evolve into.

mike.fucito | 9 juillet 2019

does anyone know how to use the super zapper feature in the Tempest game?

-TheJohn- | 9 juillet 2019

Dude.. I've totally been trying to figure out how to use the Super Zapper. Same with Hyperspace in Asteroids.

jjgunn | 10 juillet 2019

Use the force Luke!

tm4000m | 10 juillet 2019

Not to hijack the thread, but the only way I have found to use the Alt Weapons in the games is with an xbox controller...

calvin940 | 10 juillet 2019


The point of this is to illustrate the FUD being spread around about how existing manufacturers will come along and steamroll through EV.

Tesla has been around for 16 years.

Jaguar, 96 years.

Tesla started out recently so lots of growing pains with design, quality, service stations. It was brand new and it was learning. Nevertheless, even for argument's sake accepting that the initial model S launch had problems and mistakes, how is it that you so conveniently then want to peddle the acceptance of Tesla type "newbie" growing pains and mistakes in a car manufacturer that has been around for almost a century?

Please, howard, you are a transparent mess of a poster.

jordanrichard | 10 juillet 2019

Calvin940 +1. Howard what you and others who quickly point out that us fanbois seem to be jumping on all other EVs, are missing the point. Our criticisms are not about the vehicles, it is about the hyperbole these companies spout off about their supposed EV efforts.

gballant4570 | 10 juillet 2019

howard I've got to agree with both calvin940 & jordanrichard. You just don't seem to have a clue sometimes.
Jaguar has not committed to making enough of these to even show a token of support for The Mission. Claiming a range of around 250 miles that in reality charges to 200 miles will hurt more than it helps.

Tesla desperately needs to actual, real competition. At this ;point legacy car companies cannot be depended upon to supply it.

jordanrichard | 10 juillet 2019

What gballant4570 said is a perfect example the hyperbole that I and others are talking about. Take the Audi E-Tron that Audi which was said to be a competitor to the Model X, ended up only having a range of 204 miles and it has a 90 kwh battery. That is 4 miles LESS than a Tesla Model S 60 from 2013!!!

GM come out with the Bolt and they touted it as the first affordable EV for the masses. Great, if you are one of the masses that lived in CA and OR. Those were the only two states it was first available. Then they expanded to the 8 other states that share CA emission standards, only after that was it available countrywide. Notice I did not say anything negative about the car itself...........

gballant4570 | 10 juillet 2019

But, Tesla will be toast just as soon as the great legacy car companies simply decide to start [playing in the EV sandbox.
Nothing could be a bigger lie.

jordanrichard | 10 juillet 2019

Personally I won’t be throwing criticisms at the I-Pace even in light of this article. As a matter of fact I think it is far better looking than the forthcoming MB EQ430. What I will and can criticize is Jaguar selling a vehicle to a dealer (their real customers), who did not have anyone that could fix it.

JustSaying | 10 juillet 2019

The I-Pace is a good looking SUV. Any chance you can buy one mounted on a Tesla skateboard? As I remember we used to be able to buy a Jaguar with a Chevy small block.