Garage Door Opener for Model 3

Garage Door Opener for Model 3

I just replaced my Model S after its lease with a Model 3. I could not find how to program the Homelink Garage door opener on the Model 3. I was looking around and wanted to confirm that I need to purchase this option ( for $300 to get that functionality.

Magic 8 Ball | 14 juillet 2019

Confirmed, you have the correct link, click on the buy button.

WantMY | 14 juillet 2019

Why not just use your phone, most modern garage door openers are WiFi enabled and support Google or Alexa integration, just say: "Ok Google, open garage door" and you are done, no need to look for the buttons to hit or program anything. You can also install a inexpensive add-on like Tailwind Q3 to existing legacy opener and have all these bolts and whistles available.

terminator9 | 14 juillet 2019

If you bought it recently, and based on the options you got, it may not be included. You have the correct link.

anil.mukundan | 14 juillet 2019

Thanks for the confirmation.
@WantMy: Yes, mine is WiFi enabled, and I can use the phone. Probably not worth spending $300 on it. However having it open automatically as you drive in and close when you drive out was very convenient with the Model S.

WantMY | 14 juillet 2019

TailWind IQ3 support it with add-on bluetooth car sensor, but this is I have disabled it - just did not like it.

vmulla | 14 juillet 2019

It's still possible to have that convenience, for $300.
That's the new way to make revenue from the Model 3. What was standard once is not anymore - you wouldn't know something changed unless you read every option you bought and compared it with someone else's older configuration.
Or if you spent time on the forums.

rxlawdude | 15 juillet 2019

I can just hear a kid say, "Google, open the garage door" while on a road trip.

For home security, anyone who enables Alexa or Google take a giant risk, IMO.

MadOverlord | 15 juillet 2019

I got a Tailwind + extra door sensor + 2 car sensors (not needed if phone is Android-based, only needed for iPhone). Installation was pretty straight-forward and it works flawlessly - when we drive away, the door closes, when we come back, the door is just finishing its open sequence. It'll send an alert to the phone app on opens and closes so you can get a peace-of-mind notification that the door closed after you drove away.

They are a small Canadian company, tech support is done by the owner/designer, and he's very responsive.

WantMY | 15 juillet 2019

@rxlawdude good implementation requires to say pin, but yes there were some fun when on TV they ordered pizza to millions of viewers on Alexa, lol

WantMY | 15 juillet 2019

@MadOverlord the only side effect - using auto open/close functionality would drain phone battery in no time as they check GPS location relentlessly - that was primary reason for me to disable it and disable access to GPS on my iPhone to get battery back. Other that this this is fantastic product, way, way more functionality than any homelink openers in any car.

GrumpyinAZ | 23 juillet 2019

The best part of the factory setup is its integration with the car. Use Summon, and it will open the garage door, glide out onto your driveway and then close the garage door. You can use your own little clicker or your phone, but this is cOOl....

EPwolf | 24 juillet 2019

I bought the $300 Home Link option. As GrumpyinAZ said, the integration is perfect.

RedPillSucks | 24 juillet 2019

as an FYI, be aware that the garage door opener is a toggle. If you door already happened to be open, it will close it.
If you're not expecting this, you could drive through a closed door with your car. Unlikely to happen, unless you're using something like summon.

poppap | 24 juillet 2019

I have the $300 HomeLine option installed on my SR+ and loved it. Totally worth it for me. (Condo shared garage gate, cannot do any other self installed options)

poppap | 24 juillet 2019

s/HomeLine/HomeLink/g ...