LA -> Vegas -> Grand Canyon in an SR+

LA -> Vegas -> Grand Canyon in an SR+

Hey all, I'm planning my first big road trip in my SR+ (base model). Driving from LA to Vegas, hanging with my mom for a couple of days, and then driving from Vegas to the Grand Canyon, possibly stopping at the Hoover Dam in between. I've checked A Better Routeplanner and it looks like I should be able to make the trip without much concern, but wanted to see if anyone had any experience on this kind of trip with the SR+, specifically the patch from Kingsman, AZ to Tusayan, AZ. It looks like I'll have to go about 173 miles between charges there, and I'm currently averaging about 215 to the charge (I do a lot of heavy traffic commuting). Am I setting myself up for a road trip disaster or am I wildly overthinking things? It's my first Tesla road trip so be gentle if I'm being a worrier :)

vmulla | 15 juillet 2019

You'll be fine.
Just come back here and share your experience.

JAD | 15 juillet 2019

you will be OK, but don't get overly confident. The speed limit is 75 mph, with traffic flowing faster, and the grade is several thousand feet up. you will get terrible range going there, start extra slow and adjust up as you get closer.

Williams does have a nice RV park with lots of RV chargers in a pinch. Very cool town that the movie Cars was modeled after.

artfuse | 15 juillet 2019

Thanks, all! I should add that we're doing this trip in late October, not sure if weather/temperature will have much/any affect on my battery life.

@JAD speaking of the road grade, any tips on how best to minimize the toll on the battery?

wayne | 15 juillet 2019

@JAD What kind of adapter do you need to use an RV charger at an RV park? Does it come with the car?

vishious911 | 15 juillet 2019

A/C (cooling) and heating do consume battery. I go with seat warmers instead of setting the cabin temperature. So, late October might be ok?

Also accounts for elevation etc,

rachang5021 | 15 juillet 2019


When did you buy your Model 3? Earlier versions had portable charging cables that also came with the 14-50 adapter (see first link). RV parks should use those types of outlets.
I don't think recent Model 3 purchases come with the adapter anymore, though. They're $35 in the Tesla shop (second link)!

rachang5021 | 15 juillet 2019

Oh! I forgot to say that most RV parks should also have the 15 amp outlet too (your standard household plug). You can just plug your car into that if the park doesn't have a 50 amp outlet.

artfuse | 15 juillet 2019

I bought my car mid-May 2019, and it came with the 14-50 plug, the 110 plug, and the EV adapter plug. So I'm covered for all 3 but obviously would prefer not to have to do 110 charging because time is precious.

Thanks again, everyone!

kevin_rf | 15 juillet 2019

Not a plug for EVSE Adapters, while the NEMA 14-50 is the standard RV 50amp plug, campgrounds also have a TT30 120v 30amp adapter they also use. While the charge rate is only 8-9 mph, it is twice what you can get with a standard 120v 15amp outlet. It is worth having in your kit if you use a campground that doesn't have any 50amp hookups.

Only third parties make the TT30 adapter. If you buy one designed for the Tesla mobile adapter, it is $85 +shipping.

I purchased one before my 1800ish mile mini vacation. Have not had to use it yet, and I am now on the homeward leg.