Another Happy 1st Birthday to my car thread

Another Happy 1st Birthday to my car thread

Well, today marks 1 year that we've had our red Model 3, Teslarossa (EAP and FSD added later). She now has over 24k miles also. Not a single misaligned panel, paint issue, etc at pickup. We did have a stress crack in the rear glass that was replaced and covered under warranty. Lost that orange look and was bothered at first but quickly got over it. Had the rear bumper cover replaced also (for the cost of a repair) after some guy in a Prius bumped me in a parking lot. These couple of issues amount to minor annoyances and we could not be happier with the car. Have not had anything else done except tires rotated twice; one at the Owings Mills SC and the other time by mobile tech while I was at work. We like the Tesla (both car and company) so much that we've already placed a reservation for a Model Y to replace my wife's Grand Cherokee. Have not taken any really long trips yet, but we have made the 300+ mile trip to Blacksburg VA a couple of times. I remember my crazy range anxiety that first time, but after that trip, it has disappeared. Simply the best car we have ever owned. Thank you Tesla.

syclone | 19 juillet 2019

This my car's first anniversary as well. ZELDA is a LR - RWD vehicle with EAP in dark metallic gray. 13,795 miles.

Here is a list of Mechanical, sheet metal, and electrical problems that I've had


That's it - nothing.

The delivery at the local sales center (Manhasset, NY) was very efficient and professional
The local Service Center in Syosset, NY Has been great. Since it's so close (8 miles), I've stopped in to ask questions about the car.

Am I doing something wrong? I'm really sad that I don't have something to whine about
Do you think I might be evicted from the forum?

Lorenzryanc | 19 juillet 2019

I think you're good if you whine about not being able to whine

rdh37 | 19 juillet 2019

@syclone, I think you should write a book, The Legend of Zelda. Oh wait, that is a video game. Have had a few, relatively minor, things with the car since I got it. All were taken care of quickly and efficiently. Loving the 3. Have a nice day.

CharleyBC | 19 juillet 2019

Happy first birthday from Wattney (1 year a few days ago) and me!

stinnett | 19 juillet 2019

I'm not one year old yet; coming onto eight months. I'm afraid my list of M3 problems would be longer than yours ... probably 4 or 5 dashes, but the same sum at the end: zero. I have never had a better vehicle. I held onto my much-loved manual-transmission Mazda6 for these eight months, but on Monday it finally left the corral. Can I whine about that? Otherwise, all I have is cheese ...

Life is good, but it's better in a Tesla.

jimglas | 19 juillet 2019

Best car I have ever owned
But I do miss my rattletrap '97 wrangler with the top off in the summer
top speed was about 50

M3phan | 19 juillet 2019

My red LR RWD also named Teslarossa! Picked up 7/7/18, one year and a couple weeks old.

jjgunn | 19 juillet 2019


MX100D w/everything except "P"

30,000's a friggin phenomenal car.

jwat14 | 20 juillet 2019

I picked up my Pearl White "Chariot" (LR, RWD, EAP ) exactly one year ago today I feel like I need to have a celebration of some sort. :) I have nowhere the number of miles a lot of you have - just under 9K, but I still have two other vehicles, one of which I hope to replace with the Y in the future. Happy Best Car We've Ever Owned Birthday to us all, and Many More!.

kevin_rf | 20 juillet 2019

Will have to wait until September 7 the... My how the time flies.

SolArray | 21 juillet 2019

1 yr, 10,000 miles. Simply love it.
The features and systems continue to improve and I'm still improving as an owner/driver - learning when to use the most automated features to suit my own style and habits, when to drive in 'manual mode' due to the situation, best use of HVAC and media controls. We're growing together and that's unlike any prior experience with automobilies. What a treat!

rnbows | 21 juillet 2019

I am three days shy of Gort's birthday. (LR RWD, Silver Metallic, Aeros.) I have had one, count 'em one minuscule problem. And to anyone else it wouldn't have been, but that's me: It was the mis-alignment issue of the face-up portion of the right stalk (gear selector). If I ran my finger over it I could tell it was off; the left stalk, turn signal, was perfect. Made an appointment with a Tesla Ranger. He came out the next day and couldn't have been a nicer individual. Said he'd seen a bunch of these. Fixed it in five minutes and said the rest of the car looks great. To me, no panel gaps, no paint issues, no electrical problems, no nuttin'. 7996 carefree, wonderful and most of all fun miles. I smile every time I drive. Best car on the planet!

Magic 8 Ball | 21 juillet 2019

@rnbows Have you tried voice command: "Klaatu barada nikto" ?

rnbows | 21 juillet 2019

@M8B Yes I have. Works wonders.

M3BlueGeorgia | 21 juillet 2019

Our car's anniversary was also July 19th.

We have 23K miles in this first year.

vmulla | 21 juillet 2019

Here's my contribution to this happy thread.

My friend's Red LR RWD 19" wheel car turned one today. He's not on any forums but we share a lot about our cars.

I've got some feedback from him that will make this thread happier :)

(Sorry the feedback is in images for now, I'll extract the text when I'm near a computer)

Joho.keith | 21 juillet 2019

Just passed the 1 year mark with 14K miles and no need for service. Wish my wife’s 2.5 year old Prius was the same. That car also functions as designed unfortunately that means 3-4 trips per year to the dealer for an oil change plus the “recommended/required” maintenance. Never less than $150 and typically closer to $400....

Lonestar10_1999 | 21 juillet 2019

@joho - as a former Prius owner, I always used Toyota for oil changes and always use the synthetic oil. There is no need to charge the oil more frequently than every 10k miles. If the car runs as designed, make sure you only authorize maintenance items that are specifically listed as recommended in the users manual.

vmulla | 21 juillet 2019

Another tiny update

nwfan | 22 juillet 2019

Happy Birthday red Model 3, Teslarossa. My Model 3 passed 1 yr old in Mar.
And my favorite Tesla, Model S hits 2 years in Sep. Can't be happier.

By the time the Model Y comes out might sell Model S. But don't want to lose
free supercharging.

nicholb | 22 juillet 2019

Just passed my 1 year mark this month. Car is more than trouble free. Many improvements in that year via software update. Love having a "full tank" every morning and never having to stop at a gas station. Is that the reverse of range anxiety?

One services done to car in 1 year.

Top off battery coolant that was underfilled at the factory (didn't even need an appointment for that)
Tire rotation done by mobile service.
Replace a rear tail light with excessive moisture in it. (Mobile service again)

SalisburySam | 23 juillet 2019

Another 1-year owner of a July 19, 2018 delivery, and very very happy. One trip to the SC for a free tire rotation at 6250 miles, 18 firmware updates since 2018.24.8, just under 8500 miles. Disappointments: still no real FSD or anything beyond L2, AutoPark has never worked, and Dumb Summon only worked at first but never since.

In that year, I’ve changed as well, albeit without firmware updates. Some things that are different for me today vs. when new:
1- I’m much more comfortable with what levels of automation do exist in the vehicle and their use seems natural to me as opposed to “hey, let’s try this new thingie” sort of experimentation.
2- I’m much more relaxed about firmware updates. Now for me, they happen when they happen, and they deliver whatever they deliver. No more angst about when or what’s new.
3- I’m much more comfortable transitioning among our 3 vehicles and their different electronic and mechanical driver interfaces. The Model 3 is the most different, the LEAF and the 1964 T-Bird are more alike for the driver.
4- I’ve learned to live with dog nose prints, general dirt, and some drool in my other vehicles. Now I’ve learned how to quickly clean up all that mess in the Model 3.
5- I’ve learned to trust the ultrasonics when parking...they’re a terrific aid to me.
6- I’ve learned to not use TACC with passengers after the first phantom braking event with a new firmware update. Gosh I wish this braking could be solved, or TACC given the option to use without the TA part of it.
7- Lastly, it was with some trepidation I sold my remaining ICE vehicle (2014 Toyota Venza kept for trips) when on paper the Model 3 could be an EV replacement. Today, we are pleased with that decision and aren’t looking back.

Finally, the dogs have become supremely comfortable in the Model 3, having gotten used to the view, sniffs, how best to lay down, and how to best stand totally blocking my view of the rear view mirror.