Remember When People Said Protesting Never Does Anything?

Remember When People Said Protesting Never Does Anything?

Governor of Puerto Rico Resign in Disgrace Due to Protests

Tesla-David | 26 juillet 2019

Yep, activism directed at worthy causes does in fact work some of the time. Hopefully the next Governor will not be a disgraceful scumbag like this one.

EVRider | 26 juillet 2019

They meant protesting in this forum never does anything. Except get you flagged. :-)

SamO | 26 juillet 2019

In 2016, apathy was the currency of the realm. On this forum, it was recited, repeatedly, that it was obvious protest "did nothing" so that it became cannon and also an implicit bias.

This reasoning by analogy thinking is identical to those that dismissed the revolution that is here at Tesla.

Tesla is a living embodiment that inertia is not perpetual.

And so it goes.

Tesla announces a goal of 2 TWh of production capacity. Current Giga + Japanese capacity is 35GWh. Orders of magnitude goals bigger than the sum total on the planet. But rational people can see that battery factories are being built in plain sight.

Remember that Tesla is sometimes late, but always delivers BETTER than promised. And is innovating twice as quickly as their closest "competitors." Two quick examples: range and performance. Nobody even has anything on the blackboard that compares to the S100D with 370 miles range. Or 0-60 2.2X in P100D. ( Let's pretend the 600-mile range Roadster doesn't even exist). Other than automation features, no automaker has anything close to the 2012 Model S.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, AOC, and crew are ready to get in the streets for a living wage, M4A and a Green New Deal.

This is the next revolution and it will make 45 seem like a blip on the radar.

RedShift | 26 juillet 2019


Unfortunately I can’t share your enthusiasm about 45 being a blip.

Couple of anecdotes. Recently, on y LinkedIn feed, a CEO of a group of companies protested about how the MoronPresident assailed the minority women lawmakers. Few were courteous in their responses. Many referred to the supposed Jewish hatred displayed by one of them. (Oh irony, why won’t you come back to life!)

These were highly educated, accomplished people. Smart too.

45 has awoken something very ugly in people. I actually believe he will get re-elected.

That’s what this pupoluace deserves. Let him gut healthcare. Then these people might come to their senses. Let him build a wall, most illegals overstay visas anyway, and most farms and other unskilled Labour willcontinue to be sourced illegally from illegals anyway. Let him start an ill advised war, he is itching to do it anyway.

Perhaps, our collective stupidity deserves a stupid leader.

All thes AOCs, Bernies etc.. they are good to win in California and the coasts. I seriously doubt they can win the middle ground people. I used to believe Biden could be that guy who could win. I don’t, now.

We don’t have any candidate who can win, realistically.

I still hope Biden can be that guy, but I have serious doubts.

Tesla2018 | 26 juillet 2019

Stock marmet at record highs, unemployment at record lows. Bad trade deals being changed. Im still not tired if winning. Keep America Great.

I know the liberals on this site are freaked out over global warming, but the majority of Americans couldnt care less. People I know are more concerned about GMOs in food killing people than the effects of global warming.

teslu3 | 26 juillet 2019

Sure the stock market is high, given the strong stimulus during good times that also caused record debt and increasing if not record income inequality. That stimulus gave more money to foreign investors than to the bottom 90% of citizens but who cares. When the market weakens the pain will be great. Will TSLA stay strong?

RedShift | 26 juillet 2019


“Stock market is at record high,”

Hello hypocrite! You would be the one jumping up and down about how high the debt was during the last Presidency. Where’s your anguish now?

“but the majority of Americans couldnt care less. ”

You are completely wrong!

RedShift | 26 juillet 2019


“People I know are more concerned about GMOs in food killing people than the effects of global warming.”

Given your history of posts, it’s not surprising you stick to your own kind!

SamO | 26 juillet 2019


Appreciate your perspective, but Bernie beats Trump. Has beaten him in every poll since 2016.

If Biden is nominated, then you are right. The revolution is over and the world is doomed.

Racism is exactly the same as it's always been, except the thin veneer is gone.

The elites have lost control, and Trump is just a manifestation of that.

But the people are mobilized and they outnumber by A LOT the racists. The Republican party has been revealed to be a death cult and more and more people I know are leaving the party and want nothing to do with 45.

AOC is a manifestation of the resurgent power of minorities and women. For all the handwringing and demonization of the “Squad,” @IlhanMN and @AOC are more popular than Mitch McConnell according to the latest Fox News Poll.

70% tax on the Super rich is more popular than Republican tax plans.

M4A polls at 70%

RedShift | 26 juillet 2019

Thanks for the response. I think we need a stable and strong personality but one who can connect with the people. Trump supporters are not all homogenous, there are quite a few who are appalled by him and want to look for a sane alternative.

dmm1240 | 27 juillet 2019

"The increase in real GDP in the second quarter reflected positive contributions from personal consumption expenditures (PCE), federal government spending, and state and local government spending that were partly offset by negative contributions from private inventory investment, exports, nonresidential fixed investment and residential fixed investment. Imports, which are a subtraction in the calculation of GDP, increased."
- Bureau of Economic Analysis

Translation: Excepting government spending, the private sector is showing increasing strain.

Housing sales are down. Ninety day defaults on loans are up. Today, it was announced that mortgage loans will be given to people with no credit history because buyers with credit are not buying homes. The manufacturing PMI continues to deteriorate. Layoffs in the financial sector are accelerating. So are layoffs in heavy industry. Shipments of goods are down.

IOW, the last leg of the stool the orange toddler is standing on is about to be knocked out from under him. I don't think he'll be reelected.

That said, the next POTUS is likely to inherit a helluva mess.

sabbia | 27 juillet 2019

Remember that Tesla2018 who likes the stock market valuation is the one who argued that the Department of Justice was a third branch of government.

I wonder if Tesla2018 knows that the recently announced quarterly GDP grew by 2.1%. Trump tweeted in 2013 that such growth is a disaster for the country.

Also wonder if Tesla2018 knows that Trump promised that the tax cuts for the 1% would bring us 4% GDP growth (or more!)

Trouble is, honest, hardworking Americans have been taken in by power grabs fueled by horsehockey. Hardworking Americans who don't have $400 to pay for an auto repair who for whatever reason cannot fact check the false promises made to them. Hard working Americans struggling to make ends meet and who stand a good chance to soon lose their health insurance.

SamO | 27 août 2019

I'm going to stop protesting ICE, Trump, and Republicans and focus my energy on the real evil: centrists who put oligarchs before people. Who put "electibilty" before principle. Who are always so "shocked" when their leading clown loses: see John Kerry, Al Gore and Hillary Clinton examples, but never learn a GD lesson.

andy.connor.e | 27 août 2019

+1 @SamO

carlk | 27 août 2019

I did see in Face the Nation people ridicule Biden for putting poll number of him against Trump it the campaign ad. They said they've never seen this done before not to mention pretty much every top candidate has similar lead over Trump.

SamO | 27 août 2019

Biden is over. All of the centrist energy is now focused on Elizabeth Warren.

SamO | 27 août 2019

And remember that Fear Uncertainty and Doubt (FUD) aren't just about Tesla. They will always be the same with any big change where incumbents are likely to lose power.

Bernie is a FUD magnet and he welcomes their hatred.

jimglas | 27 août 2019

its a stretch to call Lizzie a "centrist"

SamO | 27 août 2019

Please read carefully. I did not call "Lizzie" a "centrist".

SamO | August 27, 2019
Biden is over. All of the CENTRIST ENERGY is now focused on Elizabeth Warren. (emphasis added)

carlk | 27 août 2019

I liked Warren until she proposed to break up tech giants. Not because it's a liberal or conservative idea but because it's just a bad idea. It will be a costly and time consuming endeavor and in the end will change nothing.