FFS, don't litter at Superchargers!

FFS, don't litter at Superchargers!

Too many people already think Tesla owners are douchebags. Don't confirm their prejudices by just dumping your crap by charging stations. Yes, there aren't always garbage cans there, but carry your shit to the nearest can. Not a big deal.

acerfacer | 27 juillet 2019

Agree 100%
Charged @ Grants Pass, OR a couple of weeks ago. It took me three trips to a nearby restaurant dumpster to haul all of the trash left alongside the charging stations. Arms full each time.

Tesla-David | 27 juillet 2019

Yes, also agree. Never litter!

SCCRENDO | 27 juillet 2019

People who care about the environment should never litter. I guess this could be a sign that Tesla has become so successful that they are attracting many who care little for the environment and mankind in general.

nelsonfamily | 27 juillet 2019

Unlikely that we can influence those who toss the litter. But I can pick up liter when I see it. And I do. If some of us do that, it will improve every supercharger we visit. Hey! We have some time.

Earl and Nagin ... | 28 juillet 2019

"Tesla has become so successful that they are attracting many who care little for the environment and mankind in general"
Isn't it great how Tesla tricked those folks into doing the right thing, whether they cared to or not!

jerrykham | 28 juillet 2019

@acerfacer - I too charged at Grants Pass recently (July 9th and 12th on a trip from SF Bay Area to Seattle and back). You are a much better person than me! While I'd NEVER litter (I just keep it in a bag in the car until we find a garbage can), I didn't even think to pick up the other people's trash. Way to go!

Mike83 | 28 juillet 2019

I have seen non Tesla people litter next to SCs. Most Tesla drivers I've seen don't throw their trash out.
But no big deal to clean up while charging. One Supercharger stop in Oregon I went to had a bucket and squeegee to clean windows. Live by example. Others have problems and are not happy in their lives.

Tesla2018 | 28 juillet 2019

I went to Wendys yestetday and the stop next to me had 3 soda cups lying in it. People finushed eating inside their car and mhst have opened the doors and dropped them off. Too darn lazy to go inside and throw them out.

Only time I feel like littering is when I go to a concert or football game and they rip you off with a $10 or $20 parking charge in addition to the crazy amount they charge for tickets and food once you get inside. If I have to pay $20 to park in a spot, then they can afford to pay someone to pick up all my tailgating crap so I dont have to take it home.

rhj | 28 juillet 2019

Like hiking in the woods.
If you brought it with you, take it home with you.

NKYTA | 28 juillet 2019

@rhj, yep.

SCCRENDO | 29 juillet 2019

@Tesla2018. Great thinking and moral values. If someone charges you a lot of money you should punish them by littering.

andy.connor.e | 29 juillet 2019

When i think something is a bad value, i buy it anyway and then complain. Sometimes i even vandalize or litter, because the most appropriate action would NOT have been to refuse the purchase that was apparently a bad value to begin with.