I got the new Tesla T1 Tires for my Model S, and the range improvement is incredible.

I got the new Tesla T1 Tires for my Model S, and the range improvement is incredible.

I am running my 21" summer tires on my Model S and after three summers they are worn out (as summer tires seem to do). I have the 19" rims which also have tires on them that are pretty much gone also.

I wanted to get the new Goodyear Tesla tires, and think I have found them at Tire Rack.

Here is the older version of the Goodyear Tesla tire:

Here is the new version of the Goodyear Tesla tire:

They are cheaper, and are listed as 'new'. I wonder if the tire will say anything on it that is like T1 Tesla, instead of T0 Tesla on the old ones.

I ordered them, and will be getting them installed on my 19" rims soon. I will update when I get them installed.


ATCRomes | 30 juillet 2019


Bill_75D | 30 juillet 2019

I'm thinking of trying these Goodyears. They seem to be the same except they have no foam lining, which I'm not convinced is worth the extra money. Look at the price!

reed_lewis | 30 juillet 2019

@Bill_75D - They only have three in stock, and it is a closeout.

reed_lewis | 30 juillet 2019
reed_lewis | 30 juillet 2019

So there are three Tesla named tires.

One is $170 and is labelled T0 Tesla but with no SoundComfort tech
One is $225.52 and is labelled T1 Tesla with Soundcomfort Tech
And one is $253.99 and is labelled T0 Tesla with Soundcomfort Tech

I would get #1 or #2. I ordered #2 because it should be more efficient.

UBQP | 30 juillet 2019

The link has the following note. Any ideas on what this means, i.e. what happens when tire pressure goes below 45 psi?

"Important Note: Tire must have max inflation greater than 45psi, which is the Tesla recommended inflation for the 19" tires."

reed_lewis | 31 juillet 2019

It means that the tires you purchase have to have a maximum PSI above 45 PSI. All the ones I specified have a maximum PSI allowed of 51 psi.

Just verify that the tire supports > 50 psi.

reed_lewis | 19 août 2019

So I got the Goodyear Tesla T1 tires installed this weekend, and my Wh/Mile has gone WAY down. What previously was about a 300 Wh/Mile trip (driving into work) was a 236 Wh/Mile this morning. I leave my house with 88-89% battery, and arrive at work with a 71% battery. This morning, I arrived with a 76% battery. Same exact trip, same time of day, same temperature range, autopilot most of the trip.

The previous tires were the 21" Michelin tires from. Even when I had the Goodyear tires previously, I never got that good a Wh/mile rating.

These new Goodyears are quite efficient. I like the way they handle. They are certainly not as amazing as the 21" Michelins, but they are quite good.

I bought these:

I could not find them anywhere else.

hsuru4u | 19 août 2019

MY goodyears lasted poorly so i am going to try the conti contact ls or the vredestein quatrac pro or nokian wr g-4(or g3?)
Am in colorado and down to these 3 tires to get me thru another year or so. Have the sottozero3 on separate rims but they only lasted a season and are down to 3/32 so they are trash. Winters here are hit or miss alot(denver area)..snows a few times then warm for weeks. this is why the sottozero3 wore in 1 season.

Silver2K | 20 août 2019

Reed, the T1 tires don't last very long for Tesla drivers. Have you read the feedback section?

reed_lewis | 20 août 2019

These tires are very new. I do not see how there can a large enough sample size to validate how long they last.

For me they seem to be pretty good.

Silver2K | 20 août 2019

They applied the reviews to this tire also. That may be because the tire has not changed much?

reed_lewis | 20 août 2019

I will watch the tires and see how they last.

hsuru4u | 20 août 2019

we need a separate forum for tires here.