CCS Chargeport for European Model S and X

CCS Chargeport for European Model S and X

I am wondering when Tesla will get the CCS Chargeport into Model S and X. The old modified Typ 2 itself has not enough Amp Capacity. So the Adapter solution is not the way to go for 175 or 200 KW. | 2 août 2019

Not quite sure what you're asking. I'm fairly sure the European Model S/X/3 are all shipping now with CCS connector rather than the old Type 2. These new Model S/X ("raven") can use a charge rate up to 200 kW, and Model 3 up to 250 kW. For older cars, it's less clear what options may appear. They will also have lower limits, as do all older US Model S/X.

Bighorn | 21 août 2019

The iPace with a CCS plug is only getting 50 kW at US EVgo stations according to one review I read.