Wow how I missed thee....

Wow how I missed thee....

After driving a Model S for several years, decided to give the Model 3 a try as my personal car. Had it over the past 10 months, so I certainly gave it the ol' college try. Finally decided, enough was enough and ordered another Model S, which I picked up today. Wow, I knew I missed my Model S, but didn't realize how much so until getting back in one today! It may have a dated style with no refresh coming and may cost thousand upon thousands more, but for me at least.....worth every damn penny! Can absolutely tell that one is a $35,000 base model car and the other is an $80,000 base model car! I'll post more on it later when I have time to write something up, but first impressions are huge. For my personal tastes, preferences, needs, the S is just so, so, so, so much better!

PrescottRichard | 9 août 2019

The style was ahead of its time.

So it isn’t dated, it is current :)

magesh.tektal | 9 août 2019

FWIW, I tried to 'fit' myself into the M3, but something was missing. Whereas the MS fit me like a glove (no puns please) and it begins with the cabin space, the two displays, easy access to frequently used buttons, etc.

And imho, I think this style is great. The Jeep, Porsche, etc never changed their styling & they still look great. I think MS will fall into that bucket & it will be perennial.

Yodrak. | 9 août 2019

"The style was ahead of its time.

So it isn’t dated, it is current"

I agree

jordanrichard | 9 août 2019

Just earlier this evening I had someone come up to me to ask about the car and when I told him that I have had it for 5 years he said, “....what!? Wait. This is 5 years old!!?, I thought it was brand new”

lilbean | 9 août 2019

Post more later? No thank you.

2015P90DI | 9 août 2019

Ahh, typical class from those who live on the forums! Glad to see somethings never change!

2015P90DI | 9 août 2019

Some people do actually come to the forums for information, not just to......well, you know!

lilbean | 9 août 2019

Sorry I thought this was the Model 3 forum.

lilbean | 9 août 2019

Actually, I’d like to hear your thoughts because we are considering a Model S. Haha!

Anthony J. Parisio | 10 août 2019

I really want to hear more. I have a 2017 90D. I like the look and drive of the 3 but I know it is not an S. What were the things you missed, bothered you or just didn't seem right?

EVRider | 10 août 2019

FYI, there was a recent thread in the Model 3 forum about the differences between the S and 3, from a 3 owner who git a loaner S:

pruhawk | 10 août 2019

My wife and I just test drove the S and the 3 (performance) and are now very much leaning toward the S. Going into the test drive I was solid for the 3 but the S was quieter, smoother and had better seats. I can see myself driving the S for 10 years, the 3 - I am now only considering as a 3 year lease option.

lilbean | 10 août 2019

Thanks, @pruhawk. The dealbreaker for me was the seatbelt cutting into my neck. Are the seatbelts adjustable now X and 3?

Shesmyne2 | 10 août 2019

My 3 is my daily driver.
On the occasion that I have the S I am always reminded what a beast this car is.
There are many differences, but they are both very lovable.

Still Grinning ;-)

dsteal | 10 août 2019

I’m kinda looking at the Model 3 for the better handling and road feel. That’s one thing I really miss with the Model S. But I’ve test driven the 3 twice. Each time I came back to my S and thought... uh no way I’m giving up the comfort in the S.

Bill_75D | 10 août 2019

@lilbean, you just need to sit on a pillow ;-)

lilbean | 10 août 2019


2015P90DI | 11 août 2019

I will write a detailed review of my ventures from the S a few more S's, then a day away from a Jag to the 3 and now back to the S. I knew there were differences, but the list for me and my personal preferences in a car has quite long in terms of the things I love about the S over the 3. As soon as I get some time to write a credible review, I will. Simply put, especially with the recent price reduction of the S, it was an absolute no brainer for me. With the Raven upgrade, the range, my gosh, the range! With less than 300 miles on the car, I'm already using less wh/mi than I did on the same exact 100+ mile round trip drive in the 3. Supposedly will only get better as the parts break in and loosen up.

lilbean | 11 août 2019

How much did the price drop? Time to get rid of our Jag. The dealer charged us $300 to tell us it needs $10K of work.

larry | 11 août 2019

I have a 2017 S90D, and my wife has a 2019 3DLR. I love both cars, but I feel more comfortable in the S (I'm 6'7", she's 5'2"). While the S's glass sunroof don't seem to preesent a heat issue, my head just bakes right away on sunny days when driving the 3. I, too, also prefer the dual screens of the S. I enjoy the simplicity of the 3's single display, but I don't like having to look to the side to see vehicle position information, especially when concerned about blind spots changing lanes, or having to blindly fiddle with the screen to change the A/C settings while in motion. If they added a heads-up display for the dynamic driving information, and simpler access to A/C controls, the 3's single display system would be fantastic, IMO. I do enjoy the slot-car-like handling of the 3 as well, but the "heavier" road feel of the S is more comfortable to me on longer trips. Honestly, while I can see some quality differences in materials, I don't "feel" them when driving the 3 - it seems very well put together (far fewer visits to the service center for rattles / minor issues than I initially made with my S), and drives solid on the road. Overall, I find both vehicles to be excellent in their own right. As far as style, they are both similar, and timeless to me - so I don't feel either will look dated anytime soon. I think both are revolutionary vehicles, and I feel neither is "better" - just two different vehicles for different audiences, both out to change the mindset of the driving community at large. I can't see ever purchasing an ICE vehicle again, so it worked on me.

lilbean | 11 août 2019

Nice, @larry!

gguinto | 11 août 2019

Trade that jag for an S @beanster! This way you can spell S 3 X in your garage. LOL

I came from the world of Land Rovers and Jags, you can’t have just one of them. You need a second one for when the first is in the shop. :)

Model S is definitely a lot more comfortable than the 3. That MS rear end can put even the Kardashian’s to shame :)

lilbean | 12 août 2019

I agree, @gguinto!!!
Well, I drove the X today after one year! Wow! It’s awesome. I love the big screen, comfy seats, and smooth and quiet ride. Time for an S!

2015P90DI | 12 août 2019

@lilbean. Sounds like you've made up your mind. You did exactly what you needed to, to come to the same conclusion I did. It's all about personal preferences. For many, the M3 is plenty and suits their style. Don't have time to write out any details, but will provide you with my personal list of the things I LOVE about the S and didn't love, didn't care for, disliked or absolutely hated about my M3. Note: I'm a "luxury" kind of person, thus like Mercedes, BMW, Cadillac, Etc. I thought I wanted the smaller, sportier car which the 3 is all that, but I was wrong. I am in and out of my car 10-20 times a day, so user friendliness is huge!

1. Adaptive Air Suspension is incredible. Way better than my old S.
2. Seats have become more comfortable in the S since my old S
3. Driving the S over the 3 is so much more calming, relaxing.
4. AP actually works better in the S than the 3. Yes, it does. Senses my hands better than the 3 did, almost no nags. My guess, bigger steering wheel feels more weight out further than the smaller wheel of the 3.
5. Center screen functionality is huge for me, especially the navigation instructions.
6. Full use of the center screen (1/3rd not taken up for what should be on center screen)
7. Using blinds spot detection much easier when in front of you than off to the side.
8. So, so, so much quieter inside
9. Key fob
10. Door handles.
11 Auto trunk
12. Glove box button! I am in and out of it all the time!
13. Quality level in the S is clearly noticeable. Easy to tell why one is $80K and the other is $40K. Within one mile of leaving Tesla, I just felt a calmness come over me, let out a deep breath and said "ahhhh, I'm home again". Took just that long to remember what I was missing, combined with the fact that the MS really has improved significantly in the past 2-3 years.
14. Forgot about the side headlights when you turn in the S, nice feature. Not necessary, but goes with the superior quality of the S.
15. No squeaks, rattles.
16. I love the extra stalks and the user friendliness of them.

Not that I need the range, but wow, the Raven is huge. So is the efficiency. 330 +/- wh/mi in my prior Model S. 302+/- wh/mi in my M3. So far, 281 wh/mi in the Raven MS, expected to get better as miles are put on the car.

I work out of my car, so I will say, I do miss all the interior storage space of the M3, but that's honestly about it for my personal preferences.

Alright, have to get back to work, there's more, but that should be enough for you for now.

Pungoteague_Dave | 12 août 2019

We just ordered a new X, surprised the heck out of me, to upgrade the '14 P85D - induced by reach-outs from Tesla with incredible pricing. Enough of the X problems seem to have been fixed (nonfolding pedestal middle seats were a nonstarter for us), falcon wing doors are mostly sorted, and the new battery and motor upgrades give 100 miles more range than our old S, so we get a bigger car with more features (cup holders in doors and rear, new suspension, much more capacity). I don't like the X styling as much as the S (X looks like a blown up jelly bean), but prefer the interior, cool windshield. So by next week, we'll be traded up. The 3 cannot carry two bicycles inside without disassembly, a nonstarter for us.

If only Tesla could fix its corporate and service issues. I have huge respect for Elon's life accomplishments and contributions to humanity, but as a manager, he's nowhere - every growing tech company must eventually professionalize its management - but it takes a stronger board than we have here. Still loving the cars, hoping the company bridges to maturity, with Elon sidelined into product management, supported by a real CEO.

Pungoteague_Dave | 12 août 2019

@2015P90DI +1

lilbean | 12 août 2019

@2015 +1 Great points! I used the auto trunk today. It was so great! I missed that!

2015P90DI | 12 août 2019

@Pungoteague_Dave +1 as well. I was all set to order the X as well. Like the bigger size and sitting higher up from the road. Like you, not in love with the look of it, primarily the roof line, but was willing to accept that. I've always preferred sportier looking cars. The Tesla in general is more elegant. The S doesn't really fit my personal choice in appearance, but at least is better proportioned. Looks are certainly not the reason I've been locked into Tesla for the past 7 years. Nice looking cars, just not my personal preference. But the rest of what Tesla's are, far, far, far outweigh my personal preference in styling. The only thing that ultimately kept me from getting the X, were the Falcon Wing doors. I'm in and out of my cars multiple times each day and many times need to "quickly" throw things in the back seat. The thought of waiting for the FWD every time was enough to force my hand. I think they're really cool and would love to have had them for the party trick appeal of them, but had to go with what was most practical.

One other thing I really appreciate about the S & X is the screen being slightly angled toward the driver. In the 3, with the screen been further out and horizontal, and the left third closest to the driver being chewed up by the info that should be in the center screen, I always found myself having to awkward lean back and over the center console to see what was at the right side of the screen. Reading the update releases on the 3 were a challenge! I personally prefer the vertical layout. With the angle towards the driver and being further back, its all easy to see from the driver seat. The lower portion maybe is more difficult to see while driving, but definitely no worse than trying to see the right side of the Model 3 screen. Also, the screen being further out on the M3, further impacts the viewing angle. The S/X being recessed into the dash is very easy to oversee from the driver's seat. I know Mercedes started with the "slap on screen" concept several years ago, but personally, I don't like it. I much prefer it being integrated into the dash. Much cleaner look to me. These slap on screens look aftermarket to me. Just personal preference I guess as I see more and more manufactures are going to the slapped on screen design. If there ever is a refresh of the S/X, I personally hope Tesla keeps the screen vertical and integrated into the dash. Also, if they wanted to clean it up, I think the size of the Model 3 screen at 15" is more than enough, IF it were all usable. Losing a third of it really constricts space. Can barely see any of the map if you have the radio controls up. But a 15" vertical screen in the Model S & X, I think would be fine, assuming they keep a center console screen and leave the center screen all usable.

Congrats on your new X.

@lilbean - Yes, the little things we take for granted are those that we really notice when they're gone. The simple task of walking up to the car, having the door handle pop out, just get in and drive away is a big one for me. I leave my phone in the car most of the time, so using it as a key was not an option. I got the M3 key fob. A million times better than the key card, but still annoying at times with no passive entry or start. With the S/X, it's something you don't ever have to think about, which is how it should be. The simply glove box button is another one. Was annoying to go into the car to quickly grab something out of the glove box, only to have to wait for the screen to load before you could bring up the glove box button to open it. Haven't used them yet, but know I'll appreciate the wiper stalk when it rains. Being able to adjust AP speed from the stalk is also much appreciated. While driving, so much easier to be able to "feel" the controls rather than having to visibly locate them on the center screen, steady your hand so you don't tap the wrong thing while getting bounced around from the road. The M3 was absolutely more distracting to drive than the S/X.

OK, again, back to work. My list is much longer, but I think you get the point. The S/X are absolutely worth the extra money to me based on my personal needs and use of a car. User friendliness is huge! For those that get into their cars a couple times a day, probably not a big deal. For me at 10-20 times a day, those little things start to add up.

lilbean | 12 août 2019

I agree. The phone as key was a problem when I accidentally left my phone in the car. I’m lucky that nobody drove off with my car. There was also an incident when I used my fob to get in the car, I had to put the car in park to reach the parking gate ticket. My phone was in airplane mode and I had to fumble to find the fob to get the car started again.

Anthony J. Parisio | 12 août 2019

Guys I am really grateful for your perspectives. Financially it would be much easier if I were to trade it in for a model three. However I have really gotten used to everything you guys have said about the model S. I might find myself in the same situation if I trade down to a model three. Thanks again.

lilbean | 12 août 2019

@Anthony My husband calls the 3 our thrasher if that helps at all. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Anthony J. Parisio | 13 août 2019


gguinto | 13 août 2019

Great reading guys! It’s my wife’s turn driving and we’re 3 hours away from Fremont. You guys brought up excellent points on the S/X.

As we embarked on this cross country road trip and practically been living in the Model X for the past several days - it gave me some real good perspective.

1. The seats are awesome! My 2016 MS has 1st gen seats, this 2019 MX are way way better and infinitely more comfortable seats than the 1st gen seats. After 2,900 miles, my butt is not even sore! LOL

2. The smoothness of the air suspension is much better. My MS has springs.

3. The FUSD is a great perk! Both my S & X have FUSD and makes the car just that much better. Especially on this cross country trip that we’re in.

4. I hate slap on screens too. It looks like an after-thought and I can’t believe car manufacturers think they’re good and aesthetically pleasing.

5. Love the windshield on the X, but it can bake your forehead! Driving from Las Vegas to Bakersfield en route to Fremont at 108 degree weather can be challenging for the cabin to cool down thus robbing you of precious range.

6. FWD can be a pain when I’m trying to get out of the driver’s door and the FWD is closing. I came close to hitting my head a few times during this trip.

7. Going through Tennessee and supercharging late Friday night attracted some roll-coaling from the good ‘ol boys trying to show us or “make us listen” to the beautiful sound of their black-smoke-spewing diesel pickup trucks. That actually got a little scary with having our kids with us and these yee-haws were circling us. They eventually left having smug on their faces that say “they showed us what’s up”. LOL SMH

8. The 3 is a very important vehicle in the Tesla lineup and the M3 P+ is a beast! But it’s like comparing an E class Mercedes to a C or whatever they call that front wheel drive model that they have. Both Mercedes and BMW are going insane with their naming conventions. Especially BMW. It’s like a bunch of anally retentive German dudes got too drunk and they put them in charge of coming up with model names.

Ok, that’s enough rambling for now. Looking forward to our Factory Tour tomorrow. If anyone has any message for Elon, I’d be happy to relay it. He’s office is in the corner, yes? LOL

lilbean | 13 août 2019

+1 @gguinto

lilbean | 14 août 2019

Should I trade the 3 for an S?

sentabo | 14 août 2019

Hmm, the fact that you're thinking about it, I would say probably yes. Put another way, would you even consider trading the S for a 3?

lilbean | 14 août 2019

Hmm. Good question. I want all 3 but hubby says only two. :'( haha!

2015P90DI | 14 août 2019 already know my answer!

PrescottRichard | 14 août 2019

As Vader once said, look into your heart... you know it to be true.

Or something like that.

lilbean | 14 août 2019


Anthony J. Parisio | 14 août 2019

Are you saying Flash (my car's name) is my Father!?

sentabo | 14 août 2019

May the Raven be with you.

SO | 14 août 2019

As far as the Model 3 display, there are options for that mount.

nwfan | 14 août 2019

@llbean, keep the 3 and dump the X for the S100D.

Hubby can drive the S in place of the Jag.

lilbean | 14 août 2019