Where do I find my Documents on the Tesla site?

Where do I find my Documents on the Tesla site?

I haven't signed into my Tesla account in a couple of months. Previously I logged into my account, there was a heading called documents and it included the purchase agreement and all the deatails of my purchase. I can no longer find this What’s up?

kawdennis | 11 août 2019

Log in then click on manage their will be everything

Tkim | 21 août 2019

Michigan Tesla Owners or prospective buyers beware.
Well, I do own a 2018 Tesla S. When I acquired the car from Tesla, I was assured valet services would be provided for maintenance. I found today, Tesla has done away with that program. Tesla does not have a service center in the state of Michigan. They cannot seem to keep their word. This is not hating on Tesla. I do like car. I like their electric concept. If I had known I would have to drive out of state for car service, I would not have acquired a Tesla. I am yet to understand how a company can just switch on their word and promise. I guess, I may just have to stay with Porsche or some other car going forward. I guess Mr. Tesla one day is going to remove the super chargers down the road. I do not believe the visionary himself Mr. Musk agreed to or signed off on this change