DashCam not recording continuously

DashCam not recording continuously

I have been using the Dashcam facility of Model 3 for a while. I have a Fat32 formatted 128GB USB drive. Initially i used to check the recording every other day to confirm if the events of the day like drive to and from work, time in the parking lot is being recorded properly. I then forgot about checking the video for a while till last week when i found out someone had dinged my car in the Parking lot at work. When i got home that day and inspected the drive (it was about 28G used) i noticed that the recording has not been done for the Drive into work and for the time the car was parked for that day. It had recorded the drive home. When i checked for last 7 days i saw it hadn't recorded for few days (weekdays when i use the car) and for days where there was some recording it was incomplete or sometimes it wouldn't open the file. I even tried enabling Sentry mode the next day and i saw the same behavior. I open a case with Tesla 3 support (Sunnyvale), met with a Service advisor who told me that he would need the logs to be analyzed by some specialist and they would let me know why the recording has been irregular and messed up. Its been few days now and i havent heard back from them. I have called up few times, left messages but no response.
Please let me know if you have faced this issue or if you know of any solution here?
I formatted the USB drive yesterday and drove the car into work today. When i inspected the drive i see that the video for the morning drive and most of the parking timeframe is not available. The last 1 hour in parking lot and the drive home was available.

gmr6415 | 15 août 2019

Dash cam caches files in the recent folder and then they are overwritten after one hour of recording by a first in first overwritten protocol. Dash cam video isn't moved to the saved folder unless you manually save it by tapping on the dash cam icon. It will then move the last 10 minutes of cached video to the saved folder.

Sentry mode "events" should be saved to the saved folder automatically.

If you are missing files it may be that the write speed of the drive isn't sufficient. Generally files that won't open are corrupted files or files that don't have a full minute duration and were not properly closed out.

Before removing the drive do you pause the drive by holding the dash cam icon until you see a pulse of light under your finger and then wait until the red dot on the icon turns gray? If not you aren't properly removing the drive and it can result in unreadable files.

In the manual:
Dash Cam page 65
Sentry Mode page 120

It might be worth reading, so you know how to use them and what to expect.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 août 2019

Most of the time if not all of the time the problem is due to the drive, read this concerning bad drives, counterfeit drives, formatting, etc.

SteveWin1 | 15 août 2019

I'm not sure its the drive "most of the time" and definitely not "all of the time." I've tried USB thumb drives, microSD, and SSD, and they've all been exactly the same. If it was write speed or any other problem with the drives, there would be at least some improvement (or worsening) from one drive to the next. I'm sure SOMETIMES its a bad drive, so I don't doubt the people who have seen an improvement after changing drives and its probably a good idea to try getting a faster drive if you haven't yet. There are also plenty of people, like myself, who have tried several very fast drives designed for video recording that still don't yield perfect results (not that I expect perfection from a free software gift, but it would be nice).

There's a pretty consistent pattern being reported that people are having more problems with sentry mode videos than they are with dashcam. Dashcam ALWAYS records and once you reach an hour of footage, it is also constantly erasing files as well. This should be more demanding on the drive than Sentry, which records intermittently and never erases old files. My experience, and the experiences reported on the forum, don't really fit that well with this being a drive problem, in most cases.

Even if it was a problem with drives not being able to write fast enough, Tesla could increase the video compression to eliminate this problem, if they wanted to. In the same way Netflix and other video streaming services will automatically switch quality to match your available bandwidth, Tesla could test the drive and adjust compression accordingly.

Magic 8 Ball | 15 août 2019

Yes, not all of the time but I have been running the same 128GB drive since last year and have had no issues. I purge the saved files folder about once a week and it keeps going. But, yes, if you have eliminated variables associated with it possibly being bad drive or user error then a call to service would be my recommendation.

In terms of what Tesla could do that is not what we are dealing with currently, and as I mentioned My 128GB drive has been working fine. YMMV.

prashant.karunakaran | 15 août 2019

Thanks for the feedback @gmr6415 and Magic 8 ball. As you have mnentioned i didnt read the manual thoroughly and thats my fault. I will try the steps mentioned in the manual and check if that helps. I did get a call back from tesla today and they mentioned there is a bug in Firmware against Sentry mode where it may impact the recording of the videos. I asked for more information and will post the same here when i hear back from them. | 15 août 2019

I can't add much more than others above, but some owners are not aware that when you do a manual save or when sentry mode saves video, it takes it from the recent folder and MOVES it to the saved folder. It is not a copy. At first glance, it may appear there are gaps in the saved folder, but if you were to combine the two folders, you should see a solid hour of recording.