New Battery

New Battery

I've heard that Tesla is about to come out with a new battery that has a range of up to 500 miles. Does anyone know anything about this or is this just futuristic speculation? James E | 17 août 2019

They've already said the Semi will have 500 miles of range, and the Roadster II will have 600 miles. Not sure if this is considered speculation or not - seems real to me and both vehicles are new.

jordanrichard | 17 août 2019

This rumor has been around for a while now. Unless they figure out a way to put the 2170 cells into the battery pack of a Model S, they are not getting 500 miles out of the current number of 18650’s in a Model S 100D.

Yodrak. | 17 août 2019

"I've heard ..."

Seems like a good question to ask of where ever you heard the information from. | 18 août 2019

The improved efficiency of the Model 3 is not just the batteries. It's a smaller car, has less weight and less drag than the S/X and the motors are more efficient. With the Raven design, the highly efficient Model 3 front motor is now used in the S/X, which gained 40 miles or so. I expect switching to 2170 cells will improve the range, but not all that much, maybe 10%. You need more pack space and/or a new cell design to get a lot more mileage in the S/X.

jamesoshe | 19 août 2019

Thanks so much everyone, particularly TeslaTap. Big help to me.