dancing cars and 28.3.1

dancing cars and 28.3.1

It seems this morning after receiving the 2019.28.3.1 software update the dancing cars are much much better. Only some small movements here and there on my drive this morning. Anyone else notice this? My last update was 2019.24.4. | 20 août 2019

I did not pay attention, but I could have sworn my EAP was even smoother on the way in today, it did not seem to hesitate as much as it used to when switching lanes, I will pay more attention to the dancing cars on my way home

gmr6415 | 20 août 2019

i noticed a great improvement with 2019.24.4.

wiscy67 | 20 août 2019

@gmr6415 +1. I did as well. I rarely notice it now.

I'm still on 2019.24.4 but patiently waiting for the next update.

leo33 | 20 août 2019

Lane changing and merging (and allowing others to merge) seems better to me in 2019.28.3.1. I still have cars 'doing the twist' when I'm stopped as traffic lights, but it doesn't bother me. | 20 août 2019

Confirmed that while waiting in traffic I do not see dancing cars, also on the way home EAP felt as smooth as it did coming into the office, keeps getting better! LOVE this car !!!

nick-r | 20 août 2019

All the other cars are now twerking. Must be the Cardi B update.

EVRider | 20 août 2019

My Model S is on 2019.28.3.1 and still shows dancing cars, but it seems better than before. My wife’s Model 3 just got 28.3.1 this afternoon, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

gballant4570 | 20 août 2019

28.3.1 must be going around.... I caught it this evening. Will see it tomorrow.....

jefedezorros | 20 août 2019

+1 on the dancing cars. I got 28.3.1 today and noticed this evening the same thing. At a light, when everyone stops rolling, I used to see the cars dancing, but barely a twitch tonight.

I hope it doesn't do away with my favorite one... when you are facing a long intersection and cars are turning right and heading away from you they look like they just start spinning out when they get a certain distance down the road and that always cracks me up. | 20 août 2019

I went out after work, and on a crowded road I am seeing the dancing cars again.. so not fully fixed

spuzzz123 | 21 août 2019

Dancing as always. Glad they did not take this feature away yet.

jwat14 | 21 août 2019

Mine, at least seem to dance to the beat of my music. It's actually kind of cute and entertaining

jimglas | 21 août 2019

its a feature, not a bug

wayne | 21 août 2019

I think my rear camera is sharper on 2019.28.3.1

Kary993 | 21 août 2019

Still no dancing this morning and the AP is much better with braking than the previous release I was on.

LikeEVs | 21 août 2019

Dancing cars are mostly gone.

Disappointed at Profile association with keys only for Card Key. I exclusively use phone Key and there is no way to associate a specific profile with it.

CharleyBC | 21 août 2019

"Disappointed at Profile association with keys only for Card Key. I exclusively use phone Key and there is no way to associate a specific profile with it."

Really? Rats. I'd misunderstood that feature, then. Since there are four Bluetooth radios used to locate phone keys, I had hoped that they could do some triangulation to determine which phone was near the driver's door, and thus set the correct profile, even if my wife and I approached simultaneously. Oh well.

JAD | 21 août 2019

Works with my phone, look more carefully.

Magic 8 Ball | 21 août 2019

Thanks JAD I don’t have the update yet and I was hoping a reliable source would pipe in with accurate information.

Joseb | 21 août 2019

Profile association also works with my phone

wiscy67 | 21 août 2019

Even without the update you can look at the Controls -> Locks to see all the keys / phones that have been used to access your car. Those are what you will be able to assign to the current profile. ie switch profiles as you set each entry found under Controls -> Locks to that profile.

I just received 28.3.1 and set my profile to my key card and to my phone. No issues. You can also assign a name to your key card.

wiscy67 | 21 août 2019

Once you install the update you'll see a profile icon next to each of the entries in the list found under Controls -> Locks. Pressing that profile icon will set that key card or phone or FOB to the current profile. I hope that make sense.

EVRider | 22 août 2019

So far cars are dancing much less with 28.3.1.

Phantom_Menace | 22 août 2019

Dancing cars was terrible on 24.4 in my SR+. I installed 28.3.1 yesterday and drove it today to work and it seems better but I will reserve judgement since 24.4 also seemed better at first :(

bmmonahan | 22 août 2019

I have the 28.3.1 update and I see no difference in the dancing cars. Very annoying.

vmulla | 22 août 2019

Interesting username

Joseb | 22 août 2019

I have noticed slightly less on 28.3.1

rehutton777 | 23 août 2019

My dancing cars have stopped their "twerking" with 28.3.1. Sort of miss the dancing cars.