Hail damage Repair In Maryland

Hail damage Repair In Maryland

I have some hail damage on my model 3, located in Maryland, wondering if anyone has any suggestions with a pdr, or have any input with service king since that’s what the Tesla website recommends in my area.

Lonestar10_1999 | 20 août 2019

Back in 2014 there was a freak hail storm that damaged hundreds of cars here in the Reading PA area. It turns out that if most of the body is hail damaged, the insurance company will total the car rather than repair it. I was surprised to learn that several late model BMWs were totaled.

Hopefully in your case the body repair cost will not exceed the book value of your M3.

CST | 20 août 2019

There are some good PDR guys that can fix as new. I interviewed a guy once that was doing PDR at a Port where new, high-end cars had been delivered and received hail damage.

cmkc89 | 20 août 2019

It’s hardly noticeable because it’s black but once the car it cleaned and shined you can tell, my insurance quoted about 2k in repair which i was shocked!

rdh37 | 21 août 2019

Not sure where in MD you are located but I used Kenwood autobody twice. The first was to repair and repaint a bad scratch from delivery. The second to repair minor bumper damage from being rear-ended at low speed. They are in Gaithersburg and Germantown. I used the Gaithersburg shop. Note that they are Tesla authorized and are/were the shop used by the Tesla Rockville service center. Hope this helps.

jebinc | 21 août 2019

@cmkc89 - PDR is probably the best way to go on this.

jebinc | 21 août 2019

@cmkc89 - PS. To get a good referral, just ask any car dealership who they use. Usually the PDR person visits the dealership weekly to fix up all the trade ins, prior to resale. This worked well for me here in Seattle.

jimglas | 21 août 2019

Physicians Desk Reference?

jebinc | 21 août 2019

Paintless Dent Repair = PDR

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