Where did I see a link for a cool Tesla clock?

Where did I see a link for a cool Tesla clock?

Something I could down load.
Didnt look into it to deep as didnt have time (no pun intended).
Not sure if it would be for my computer or wifes 75D.

Now want to check it out.
Can find it

Coo | 21 août 2019

Try going through this list:

I vaguely remember someone offering a web clock for the Tesla browser.

stevenmaifert | 21 août 2019
CooHead | 22 août 2019

Yep, that is indeed it.
Thanks it for my laptop or does it somehow go to the car dashboard? Or maybe it is for my cellular telephone? | 22 août 2019

You bring it up in the Tesla browser within the car. Tap the Heart+ symbol to save it in the favorite web addresses.

CooHead | 22 août 2019


ill have my son help me.....not really sure where or what the tesla browser in the car is

Silver2K | 23 août 2019

Next to music icon at the bottom of the 17 inch screen the is an up arrow. Tap that and then click on the web icon that is 4th from left. Do a search for "dash4time" and you'll find it

Silver2K | 23 août 2019

Correction the search should be "Tesla dash4time"

Should be the top link in results

Silver2K | 23 août 2019

Or "Tesla silver shorts" | 23 août 2019

I forgot there is another option. There is an analog clock as an option in the instrument panel, right side. Might be worth checking out. Press & hold the right scroll wheel and then select the clock.

CooHead | 26 août 2019

Found it via the app.
Uploaded it (or is that downloaded?) but I dont see it it did not become the dash board clock.

Side note:
Met some friends at a campground 90 miles away. Brought my charge cord, just in case, but with 200+ mile range, didn't really need it. Sure enough, had to take some for a test ride and those short trips used some available wattage from my cottage. So, plugged into an RV site and they gave me a free fill up :)
So that was cool