Why Not Worry about EMF radiation in Tesla

Why Not Worry about EMF radiation in Tesla

One of my colleagues at work has a family member who is very sensitive to EMF radiation to the point that he had to stop using WiFi routers and give up mobile phones.
Even the wifi electric meter installed outside of his house gives this person major headaches. This of course made me a bit worried about driving in Tesla.
Am I sitting on the microwave everyday.
Decided to measure EMF and sharing my numbers here:

Hope this helps!

sabbia | 25 août 2019

Chuck McGill in "Better Call Saul"

rxlawdude | 25 août 2019

@sabbia, that was the first thing I thought when reading OP.

El Mirio | 25 août 2019

There is nothing wrong for Tesla to take EMF seriously, as it would not have been wrong to take smog pollution seriously during the industrial revolution.

How many innovations have been declared the holly grail, only to be pronounce harmful a couple of decades later?

Every society thinks they ate all the wisdom with spoons to be proven wrong by the next generation.

El Mirio | 25 août 2019
"The safe levels for this radiation is considered to be no more than 0.40 microtesla of daily exposure"

Are the readings you show on your link a momentary snap shot? Or does the meter extrapolate it up to daily exposure?

If the meter does not extrapolate, this should be a thing Tesla could improve on.

PolishFalcon | 25 août 2019

Reaction from a BSEE and MSEE person who also holds an Extra Class amateur radio license (me):

Total BS.

El Mirio | 25 août 2019

Coal expert doctors were pretty sure about themselves 100 years ago.

sabbia | 25 août 2019

@rxlaw. We could wrap ourselves in aluminum foil

Yodrak. | 25 août 2019

"Hope this helps!"

It doesn't.

Earl and Nagin ... | 25 août 2019

Nobody who believe that they are "very sensitive to EMF radiation" has ever passed a double blind test to be able to detect legally low doses of EMF radiation. This includes hysteria to overhead powerlines which were never validated in over a century of trying with all known experimental methods (experiments, epidemiological studies, etc).
. . . and this car-based hysteria ain't nothing compared with the 5G cellular hysteria that is plaguing the nation.
Similarly, it was known that nobody could survive traveling faster than 60 mph or faster than the speed of sound.

El Mirio | 25 août 2019

@Earl and Nagin how many folks in history were warning?

Earl and Nagin ... | 25 août 2019

@El Mirio,
Huh, what are you trying to say?
FWIW, black lung and the ills of particulates from coal have been known for centuries. The thing that wasn't understood until recently was the effect of the carbon emissions from coal. CO2 has no direct impact to humans -- it only affects climate that affects us.
The problem with EMF is that we've become extremely good at detecting minuscule amounts of EMF. We can actually detect an EMF transmitter that emits from around the world from a cheap detector. This doesn't make it necessarily dangerous though. This terrifies people.

El Mirio | 25 août 2019

@Earl and Nagin yes exactly scientist would dismiss it for decades, obviously they would not do that now because you are watching.... right?

Earl and Nagin ... | 25 août 2019

@El Mirio,
Not sure what you're getting at.

rxlawdude | 25 août 2019

@sabbia, I really don't like to be foiled.

ExBMET | 25 août 2019

It is not EMF I that gives me pause, but EMP that turns my car and everything else electronic into a paper weight!

rxlawdude | 25 août 2019

EMP weapons will devastate economies. Let's hope they are never deployed.

Xerogas | 26 août 2019 “Why not worry about EMF in a Tesla?”

I don’t. Because it’s not a thing.

andy.connor.e | 26 août 2019

Electric vehicles dont produce electromagnetic radiation. The only magnetic field being produced is within the motor, which is not the same as microwaves.

jimglas | 26 août 2019

Beter call Saul

sabbia | 26 août 2019

@jim. I am going to cover myself in foil. RXlaw doesn't like to be foiled.

jimglas | 26 août 2019

Just your head and nads need to be covered

johncrab | 26 août 2019

@ PolishFalcon I also hold BSEE and MSEE degrees and agree with you totally. This is BS. I also object to conflating EMF with EMI.

PolishFalcon | 26 août 2019

Roger that. In my day EMF was electromotive force, I.e., a potential, measured in volts. What a pointless thread.

jimglas | 26 août 2019

I suspect it is a snark thread | 27 août 2019

I agree this must be a hoax thread and pointless and totally useless from someone with BSEE and MSEE that has no idea about electricity in the first place.
But, I have relatives who came from the areas affected by severe radiation and know some people who are sensitive to EMF radiation regardless how surprisingly and not real it may sound.
So yes, if you are healthy and do not crate, then do not care and call this pointless

andy.connor.e | 27 août 2019

Yes this thread is a hoax. Electric motors are not EMF generators in the way that OP is thinking. They are not microwave generators. I flagged already.

Earl and Nagin ... | 27 août 2019

Set up a good double-blind test with those 'sensitive' relatives and see if they can detect when a WiFi router is on or off.