Federal probe of UAW officers.

Federal probe of UAW officers.

Aren't we, and that include Tesla workers, glad UAW did not get its way into Tesla?

jimglas | 27 août 2019

sounds like trumps lackeys are at it again. Next they will investigate hillarys Emailz again

Mike83 | 27 août 2019

I just watched American Factory on Netflix. A Chinese company takes over a CLOSED GM plant to make auto windows. It shows people living daily and dealing with reality after 2,000 lost their jobs. Union issues, company profit needs, Chinese and Americans working together in America.
I do miss President Obama who has common sense and is educated. Hatred won't end well in America but I guess the Hatfields and McCoys set the precedent. In the modern global world mature communication will succeed. Not all of us old white males are illogical.