P 100 DL driving range

P 100 DL driving range

The long range Model S and the P 100DL have the same motors and battery. Why can't the same driving range (370miles) be achieved in a P 100DL by using the "chill" mode?

Tropopause | 28 août 2019

Rear motor is bigger on Performance version, uses more energy.

reed_lewis | 29 août 2019

As @Tropopause accurately says, the motor on the Performance version is different. That is how they get the quicker 0-60 time.

But the interesting thing is that in the case of the 3, I have heard that the motors are exactly the same in both the AWD and performance version. I do not know if that is true, but it is interesting if so.

inconel | 29 août 2019

I believe the front motor in the non-performance S now has the Model 3 permanent magnet? Is it the same thing for the performance version?

Boonedocks | 29 août 2019

@inconel - Yes both variants use the same Model 3 derived motor up front

radio | 30 août 2019

Another interesting point is that the range difference between the MS LongRange100D vs Performance100DL is different for the US and European Tesla Homepage.
In the US the LongRange100D goes 45 km (EPA) further, while in Europe it is only 20 km (WLTP). Of course WLTP measurements are different but the stricter EPA measurements are always less (not higher) than the WLTP standard.

Hence the "range penality" for the Raven Performance MS seems much higher in the US. Is there an explanation for that?

packpike | 31 octobre 2019

So if you drive in 'Range Mode' in a Performance model will you get the 370 miles since I believe that turns off the other motor?

EVRider | 31 octobre 2019

@packpike: Range Mode mainly just limits climate control for the cabin and battery. Where did you hear that it shuts down one of the motors?

Bighorn | 31 octobre 2019

Not for that reason, but judicious driving should get you 370, or 373 if you’re referencing the actual EPA figure.

packpike | 31 octobre 2019

@EVRider - I'll do some googling, but I've read it multiple times over the years that Range Mode puts most (if not all) of the power to the front motor.

nukequazar | 31 octobre 2019

From the manual: "Range Mode: If on, Model S conserves energy by limiting the power of the climate control system. Cabin heating and cooling may be less effective, but seat heaters can be used to provide warmth in colder climates. When turned on in an All-Wheel Drive vehicle, torque distribution between the motors is optimized to maximize range."

EVRider | 31 octobre 2019

I see it now, in the section on using the touchscreen, not the section that mentions turning on Range Mode.

nukequazar | 31 octobre 2019

Yeah it’s in a weird place but I searched the online pdf.

NKYTA | 31 octobre 2019

Helpful, thanks @nuke.

nukequazar | 31 octobre 2019

No problem, @NKYTA.