Bose electromagnetic suspension for Tesla cars and trucks

Bose electromagnetic suspension for Tesla cars and trucks

This seems to be the ideal suspension type and I believe would be very useful for the Semi, Pickup and S/X models.
It seems to be more efficient and reliable than air suspension - any reason why it is not implemented?

Attached is the link to the video:

and some info how it works: | 31 août 2019

There must be a reason no automaker has used it since it was shown off back in 2004. May be cost, reliability, complexity, or something else. Tesla has already switched to a dynamic suspension, similar to a few other luxury carmakers. No idea if the Bose system is better or not than the systems in use today. | 31 août 2019

I should add air suspension is very reliable, although back in 2004, they were not.

rxlawdude | 31 août 2019

Bose: great till the warranty runs out.

Darko | 31 août 2019

Yes, I am looking for that particular reason, hopefully Tesla designers can respond

Xerogas | 1 septembre 2019

@Darko: "Yes, I am looking for that particular reason, hopefully Tesla designers can respond"
They won’t.

Frank99 | 1 septembre 2019

>>> They won’t.
Agreed; This forum is strictly for Tesla owners, you'll never see a posting here that claims to come from someone inside Tesla. That doesn't mean that Tesla employees don't read this forum, just that it's likely that they've been told that they aren't allowed to participate by posting. Of course, occasionally I see a posting that seems like it might have come from a Tesla employee, but they certainly won't say so.

The promise of electromagnetic suspensions is huge; I'd love to see one combined with a vision system that could "see" an upcoming pothole and proactively respond to it, rather than trying to determine that you're hitting a pothole after the wheel is already in it. They could certainly make for a very effective "Sport" / "Comfort" driving selector, as well as making the Sport setting more comfortable and the Comfort setting sportier. They could even regenerate power from the bumps in the road, extending range a little bit.

But, I would guess that the technology to do this won't come cheap. Perhaps you'll see it in some Italian exotic as a pricey option to prove itself before it can come to high-end cars and eventually mid-range cars.