Having an EV helped take some of the stress out out living in Florida during Hurricane season

Having an EV helped take some of the stress out out living in Florida during Hurricane season

I’ve lived in Florida my entire life. I’ve watched as hurricanes get bigger and deadlier over the years. Part of preparation is filling up your gas tank. When everyone in Florida fills up their gas tank at the same time, stations run out of gas.

I’m sure many of you read about the people on Florida’s east coast that were forced to abandon their cars since they were out of gas and so were the stations. I saw someone post something negative (another forum) about it serving these people right that they didn’t fill up earlier as they had enough notice. What people don’t realize is that, after filling your tank a week before the hurricane, you still have to go to work, take your kids to school, run to get supplies... etc. Every trip you take after filling the tank you stress out about wasting the gas you may need to evacuate. No one fills up their tank and sits in their house for a week waiting to see if the hurricane is coming their way.

The response I got to that was it is as simple as buying three 5 gallon buckets of gas at the beginning of hurricane season and storing them in my house. Huh?

I’ve got the actual solution... get a Tesla and take as many trips as you need to go to work and get hurricane supplies because you can charge up when you pull in your drive way. If you do have to evacuate take solace in knowing there is a Super Charger network available. And as a last resort, bring your mobile charger.

I’m fortunate that this one isn’t heading my way but it has my brother in her sights. He is gassed up and has been stuck at home for a few days because they are out of gas in his area. I’ll convince him to get a Tesla yet! Stay safe to all my fellow South-easterners.

rxlawdude | 2 septembre 2019

Hope all goes well for you and those on the East coast in the path of Dorian.

Tesla2018 | 2 septembre 2019

Ive got a bunch of 5 gallon gas cans that I use for a lawnmover and a pressure washer. If a hurricane is coming I fill them up and top off the tank on my car or give it to neighbors who have generators that ran out of gas.
I left FL Friday afternoon and in the morning, stations had lines or were out of gas. North Florida had gas Friday nite when I stopped to refill.
I tried checking remotely to see if the car is still charged since I plugged in and set it at 70% but I get an error on the app, but my house is totally boarded up so maybe it cant get a signal if its in the garage or the power is out.
Too many people dont prepare. I am on the nextdoor site and people were running around at the last minute looking for things and people to put up their shutters. One neighbor posted abot 7 pm that she needed a ladder to put up her 2nd story shutters. Really. When its dark out and windy and rainy? Please make sure that you have plans if you are in a hurricane zone and leave if you are told too. During Sandy, the house next to whetexI grew up came off the foundation and slid into the house behind it, breaking the house in two almost killing my neighbor who refused to evacuate.
Jodi does your brother live near a marina? They might have gas if you have 5 gallon gas cans since no boats are going anywhere now. During Sandy, the local marina took gas out of boats that had broken loose and washed up in his parking lot and used it to fuel rescue boats, fire trucks and other emercency vehicles.

PrescottRichard | 2 septembre 2019

I think right now 9/2 around 7:40pm AZ time everyone is getting connection errors so something is down between the car and the app. Hope there’s a fix soon for those who really need their cars. Also hope there’s free SC for y’all to get out of harms way.

GWH79 | 2 septembre 2019

On my IPhone I went to the app store icon. Looked up Tesla and there is an update showing for the app. I updated it and then it worked fine after having problems with the app not working for a few hours this evening. I downloaded the update at 1115 EST tonight. Maybe this will help others out there?