MINI Cooper SE

MINI Cooper SE

Been wondering where this was for a few years now. They won’t be able to make enough of ‘em. As long as range is >200 miles, should be very popular. All good for the world. What do you think?

reed_lewis | 12 septembre 2019

The size of the battery is 32.6 kWh. With that size, I doubt that the range will be anything above 150 miles or so.

In fact this article says that it is between 148 to 168 miles which is probably using the much more liberal European test which means that USA rated range will most likely be somewhere in the 120 mile area.

So while it is a nice start, unless you only drive around town, it is basically useless.

jimglas | 12 septembre 2019

but its "cute"

TabascoGuy | 12 septembre 2019

and it'll tow a Boeing 777

nukequazar | 12 septembre 2019

Kinda lets the air out of Ford’s tires, so to speak!

andy.connor.e | 12 septembre 2019

Ford and Chevy are screwed. They will resort to building Trucks that have Ni-Cd batteries in them.

nukequazar | 12 septembre 2019

I meant about pulling the 777. Makes the F150EV pulling the train less impressive, as if it meant anything at all.

TabascoGuy | 12 septembre 2019

@Nuke - I agree. Pulling the plane may have taken more than pulling the train but either way, my grandfather could have pulled one or the other with his teeth.

TabascoGuy | 12 septembre 2019

...maybe both.

rxlawdude | 12 septembre 2019

"and it'll tow a Boeing 777"

How about a SuperMax? Those don't seem to be rolling much. :-)

rxlawdude | 12 septembre 2019

SuperMax-> 737 Max

Fingers ahead of brain.

reed_lewis | 13 septembre 2019

I had a twitter discussion with a guy who loves EVs but hates Tesla. When this was first announced, I said the same thing I said above, but he claimed that it was still usable for long trips using Electrify America, and all you would do is charge it every two hours or so since the EA stations are one hour apart.

But the issue is that as we know rated range can be higher can actual range when driving 70 MPH with AC or heat on. So effectively you would need to stop every hour and find a charging station and charge for 30 or so minutes. When there was an article posted by someone else that said the same thing he finally changed his tune.

This is a cute little car, but useless for long distance travel. But as a lease for someone who never drives more than 30 minutes at a time, or drives back and forth to work, it might be useful.

nukequazar | 13 septembre 2019

Now that I have experience with my Model S, I don’t think I’d buy an EV with less than 200 miles range.