Anyone else have a slight rattle?

Anyone else have a slight rattle?

Rattles drive me nuts and I'm OK with fixing them myself but can't seem to find this one. Sounds like it's over on the passenger side near the glove box. I've pushed on various panels to see if it quiets, but so far no luck. Anyone else have this rattle, and if so, have you been able to track it down? Thanks!

Jrcase | 12 septembre 2019

Check your wheel well linings. That’s usually werebit is. I have seen multiple cases of it.

RADEAN84 | 12 septembre 2019

@Jrcase never even crossed my mind!! I'll check that tonight. Thanks!

TexasBob | 12 septembre 2019

I had SC fix mine - rattle in same area - was a problem with clips behind the dash. As long as you can replicate it, they will fix it. I found a bumpy road near the SC and took the tech on a drive. They fixed it in a few hours.

Thrillion | 12 septembre 2019

Same issue here, saw the tech (while I was driving) open the glove box and with one hand on top of the dash and another inside the glove box squeeze his hands together putting pressure on the wood inlay and the top of the glove box. The rattle stopped. After returning to park, he supposedly put felt tape under the wood inlay trim piece. No more rattle.

adoh2010 | 12 septembre 2019

The seatbelt height adjustment on the b pillars are the only things that rattle on mine. Other possible spots are the a pillar trims and the wood/vents piece which is all clips.

M3phan | 12 septembre 2019

I have one coming from the back shelf/seat area, middle… It’s not the brackets that the seats grab onto to lock into place as I put felt tape there and there isn’t much play anymore, I’ve checked rear shelf seatbelt anchors and those all seem solid and immovable… Any other thoughts as to rattles coming from the mid back shelf/mid back seat area?

Daryl | 12 septembre 2019

I have a mild rattle coming from the front left speaker. I can reach forward and push down slightly on the cloth just behind the plastic dash, and the sound goes away.

I keep thinking I will put in some glue or something permanent, but it's mild enough that I'm not too motivated.

avanti5010 | 12 septembre 2019

I have an annoying buzz/rattle when going over bumps and tar strips. I think it may be coming from the console area. I'm going to have it checked.

douglas_peale | 12 septembre 2019

I seem to have one rattle at a time, but it keeps changing. I know that one of them is the seat belt height adjuster on the drivers side, another might be the same on the passenger side, but I can't reach that while driving. Another seems to be in the head liner near the front cameras, but pushing on things does nothing. One I have not heard in a while sounds like electronic static from the front left dash. It might be that that one was fixed in a firmware update.

stevehendler | 13 septembre 2019

If it sounds like a buzz similar to the B pillar seat belt tensioner problem, it could be the plastic panel on the rear shelf that is on top of the rear seat belt tensioner. The SC just reseated mine but based on the tone, it seems like you need to alter the natural frequency of the panel by adding dynamat or similar.

jjgunn | 13 septembre 2019

Drive only on brand new roads.... ;-D

hamiltonned | 13 septembre 2019

jjgunn: where can I find one of those?

awhiting | 13 septembre 2019

adoh2010: I have the same rattle in the seat belt area. Have you found a way to solve the rattle?

R1Fast | 13 septembre 2019

I solved the notorious seat belt rattle by removing the B pillar and lining every contact point with felt tape (both sides of the car). The SC tried twice to fix it to no avail... but I assume they guessed and/or skimped on the felt tape.

Problem solved.

slingshot18 | 13 septembre 2019

The center console arm rest rattles when I don't put my arm on it. So I just leave my arm on it.

Tyerc | 13 septembre 2019

No rattles.

ftlum | 15 septembre 2019

I’m having a similar rattle. I might have 2 in the same area. There’s a fine rattle (like a baby rattle sound) that’s hard to reproduce and a louder, coarser rattle that comes on readily if I drive over the lane reflectors.

Last week the service center tried to fix it, thinking it was coming from the console, but they didn’t get rid of the noise and ended up breaking the opening mechanism to the phone charger. I’m taking it back this week.

I’d be interested if anyone has tracked this rattle down too. I think it’s somewhere under the dash, myself.

Mnr914 | 15 septembre 2019

I have a really weird clicking noise coming from the steering wheel. Usually happens at highway speeds. Don’t know how much it would cost to fix I doubt they will fix rattles on the vehicle I’m at 20,000 miles.
Had a Tesla ranger come and check it out but couldn’t produce the sound during the test ride, sure enough after I took it out on my own it started happening again.

Also have rattles coming from the speakers when playing music on loud was told I would be charged about $150-$200 for each to fix. Both on passenger side. Front door panel and rear.

I do have that seat belt rattle coming from the b pillar as well.
And so much cracking noises coming from the dash when turning on the AC. I mean they are LOUD, haven’t had that loud of a experience with any other vehicle

johnw | 17 septembre 2019

passenger side seatbelt for me sometimes- just have to mess with it a bit

hiepeih | 17 septembre 2019

Mine too have the same issue. I've been looking top/bottom and side of the passenger side for days without finding what causing it. I'm taking my car to service center next Monday. Hopefully this is a known issue so they can fix it.

RADEAN84 | 20 septembre 2019

I finally found the rattle!!!!!! It's the passenger side door panel. If I push on the speaker area while the rattle is heard it instantly goes silent. It feels like that door panel is not pushed as tightly against the door. The driver side is much more snug. Wondering if maybe it's missing a clip or a clip isn't fastened. Hopefully this is something I can silence myself without a service call. So glad to have finally located it!!