Any news about viewing Sentry Mode video in the car

Any news about viewing Sentry Mode video in the car

When are they going to provide a means of viewing sentry mode video in the car? Having to pull the stick out to view the video is ridiculous. It can't be that hard to add a sentry mode player.

gmr6415 | 12 septembre 2019

V10 is supposed to allow video in the browser while parked. Hopefully either then or soon after they will have a browser window for viewing dash cam and sentry mode video.

bjrosen | 12 septembre 2019

Thanks. When is V10 due? | 12 septembre 2019

If we are lucky, expect V10 in 4-6 weeks. Just depends on how all the internal and beta testing goes.

EVRider | 12 septembre 2019

Tesla hasn't announced any plans to make it possible to view Sentry Mode/dashcam video on the touchscreen. Yes, it would be nice, but no one knows if/when it will happen.

The only people who think it "can't be that hard" to add software features are people who never wrote commercial software. :-)

gmr6415 | 12 septembre 2019

@bjrosen, One of the first questions I posted to this forum was asking about the possibilities of Tesla using the external cameras as a dash cam. It was about a week before I picked up my M3.

You might be interested in reading the responses I got about how poor the quality of the cameras were, even all being black and white except for the rear camera and the cameras not meeting the quality needed for a dash cam...advised to go third party, etc, etc.

Well, that was all misinformation, and not only do we have dash cam we have sentry mode. I think you'll see the day when there is a browser window or some other method to view dash cam and sentry mode video on the touchscreen.

I can't see having the feature of being able to view high quality video on the touchscreen and Tesla overlooking an app or some other way to view dash cam and sentry mode video. Be optimistic. | 12 septembre 2019

@gmr - Good forsight, but actually, on the S/X HW2.0 all the cameras are monochrome except the rear. No one realized they switched to color in HW2.5 until they started the dashcam feature. Cars with monochrome cameras have not gotten the dashcam, and it appears they never will. Tesla has already stated HW3.0 retrofit to HW2.0 cars will not get the dashcam either.

Now the dashcam is a great feature, but Tesla's resolution and field of view are sub-par. It's fine for a free feature, but not at all competitive with third-party dashcams. I strongly believe dashcams should be 2160p, and higher resolutions would be nice. Here's some visual comparisons:

Now sentry mode was brilliant. Don't think anyone saw that coming. Agree would be great to view on the screen. I don't know if it's technically possible or not, but I suspect it is.

gmr6415 | 12 septembre 2019, Once video can be played on the screen all Tesla would need to do is provide access to the video files through the touchscreen in a similar manner as they do with audio files. The files could then be viewed on something like this using the browser:

The M3 front camera does better with license plate recognition than the Cobra set up I had before on my previous car, which was supposed to be 1080p. I'm not saying that set up compared with high end dash cams, but it did a pretty good job.

I have a 7.5 acre piece of property on a private road that's a 1/4 mile long. All of the perimeters are covered by CCTV cameras and the property is transected by others. One of my favorite cameras is a tag recognition camera that will recognize license plates up to around 35mph. That camera is a 960H which is roughly the same resolution as the front camera that Tesla is using for dash cam and sentry mode. That camera does have some specialty features though that block the glare of the IR illuminators from reflecting back off the tag, but it's still relatively low resolution and picks up tag numbers day or night.

miguelcampeau | 13 septembre 2019

I use "TeslaCam" App on my phone and keep a Female USB to USB-C adapter in my car.
This App allows to view the 3 camera views at same time, very practical!
Whenever i have Sentry notifications, i can view the video on my phone right in my car before i drive off.