Model 3 video caught damage to my car but cant clearly see license plate

Model 3 video caught damage to my car but cant clearly see license plate

Hi everyone,
During my family road trip from LA to Grand Canyon I earned a nice ding on the drivers door. While my car was parked and sentry mode on the left repeater caught person dinging my car, however when they pulled out of the parking lot they had no front license plate so no luck there of finding out who did it. However, the left repeater caught a glimpse of the back license plate of the car as it was driving away. The problem is that the picture of the license plate is not that clear.
Any idea how to zoom and improve the picture quality to get the license plate number?

M3phan | 12 septembre 2019

Video link?

douglas_peale | 12 septembre 2019

The side cameras are extremely heavily compressed on hardware 2.5 I was unable to read a license plate of a car that passed me slowly in the adjacent lane. Compression is so heavy I don't think you have any chance of recovering the plate.

spuzzz123 | 13 septembre 2019

Press the scroll wheel and say ‘Enhance image’

rob | 13 septembre 2019

Was the vehicle there when you pulled in? If so, the front cam may have picked it up.

ispanic7 | 13 septembre 2019

Yes, the car was parked there when I pulled in but front camera didn’t get the plate number.

ispanic7 | 13 septembre 2019
cnistal1 | 13 septembre 2019

Just a thought, is it possible there are other surveillance cameras in the area? Looks like a public lot? Depends how much time you want to spend researching.