Kenriko Chrome Delete (DIY) Experience

Kenriko Chrome Delete (DIY) Experience

Hi all,

It's been about a month since I installed Kenriko's Chrome Delete kit (Matrix Black) and wanted to share my experience for those considering the DIY route. I don't normally post that many reviews, but I had such a good buying/install experience that I was compelled to do so on the forums.

TLDR: Perfect fit, much easier to install than I had anticipated, holding up to daily battering of rain here in the Pacific NW. Black Matrix is super durable due to the film construction, and looks excellent on blue. See bottom of post for additional links/where to buy.

There are suddenly a bunch of chrome delete options on the market these days. I've seen cheaper 'kits' floating around, even some as cheap as "two kits under $150" but quality and durability far outweighs cost IMO (since I don't want to be re-doing/re-buying a replacement kit for at least 3-5 year) and frankly I'm not sure on any of the competitors quality.

I do know that for <$175 Kenriko's kit would be very hard to beat. I followed the development of his kit basically from day one. Since then and now ~30 days post-install, I have not been let down. It'd be an understatement to say I've been very impressed with Kenriko's attention to both the Tesla community and his personal attention to detail w.r.t. the kit itself. It is very, very good quality.

- Price: ~25% cost of a professionally installed kit
- Value: Very good quality film (3m 1080). Black matrix is extremely durably. Kit includes lots of extra pieces for the tricky areas (mirrors, indicators, etc), by far the best DIY kit on the market even compared to the well-known vendors
- Installation: 6 maybe 7/10 install difficulty. Mirrors and indicators were not as difficult as I thought they'd be and removing the mirror cap is definitely the way to go (looks SO much better). Perfect cut and fit of film, mallability (if you screw up, easy to lift up and recenter)
-Support: Several videos made by Kenriko to accompany install of each piece, always a quick response in the forums or private message/email. Never felt like I had to 'sit and wait' for a response.
- Outcome: Looks as good as any pro kit, if not better (assuming you follow directions prep correctly and take your time)
- Durability: Amazing! No signs of failure, peeling, fading etc despite extensive exposure to heat, moisture, elements. Looks as good as day 1.

- None so far, we'll see how well it holds up over the long haul. We've had nearly 2 straight weeks of constant rain and there are zero signs that the film or install has been affected.

More info:
- Kit unboxing:
- My pictures and install tips:
- Main Kenriko thread on TMC:
- Where to buy:

R1Fast | 13 septembre 2019

Whoops, realized I screwed the 'kit unboxing' and 'where to buy' links up... and some typos along the way. Here are the correct links!

- Kit unboxing:
- Where to buy:

I also noticed he's selling a 'mirror only' kit for those that just need that piece, pretty cool!

vincelorto | 13 septembre 2019

Showed wifey chrome delete photos and she nixed it. Moral of story: dont show wifey and just do it.

legna_fo_htaed | 13 septembre 2019

I appreciate this info! I've been debating what kit to buy and this one seems pretty money.

spuzzz123 | 13 septembre 2019

Nooo Vince! Do it anyway. It’s perfectly temporary