Model 3 rocker panel stopped a bullet!

Model 3 rocker panel stopped a bullet!

Hey Everyone,
1st time posting and wanted to share a story. Monday I was the victim of a gang shooting (actively shooting at my car) they were about 50 feet away. A situation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am so impressed with the speed of the Model 3 to get me out of the danger, although the car did take 2 bullets (police found that 17 shots were fired). If I was driving our Kia minivan I don't think I would have done so well in this situation. One bullet entered the trunk just below the license plate and the other in the drivers door toward the bottom rear corner. About 5" higher and it would have hit my thigh. The bullet passed right through the aluminum door no problem. However when it hit the frame, it stopped in its tracks. So glad considering the battery pack is right there! The most unfortunate part is that I did not have my dash cam active and didn't even think about it till it was too late to recover any recorded video. I keep replaying the whole experience in my head and I keep thinking about what a great getaway car the Model 3 was for me. Thanks Tesla!!!

andy.connor.e | 13 septembre 2019

Robbers take note

R1Fast | 13 septembre 2019

Holy $hit, are you serious?

Glad to hear you made it out alive and unscathed... that is horrifying.

What the hell is wrong with people? Was it just a random act of violence because you were driving a 'nice car'? People suck sometimes!

Would love to see pictures if you have some posted elsewhere.

Again, glad you are safe and still with us!

Bighorn | 13 septembre 2019

Where was this?

PhillyGal | 13 septembre 2019

What @R1Fast said.

82bert | 13 septembre 2019

Rally curious where you were as well...wrong place, wrong time is an understatement. I’m shocked it’s not already on national outlets “Tesla vehicles more likely to be shot at by gang members...”

Bighorn | 13 septembre 2019

There’s never a right time in a wrong place.

legna_fo_htaed | 13 septembre 2019

Glad you're ok, this is quite the story. Did they just roll up on you and start shooting? What color is your TM3?

RBphotography | 13 septembre 2019

I live in Cincinnati and crime here over the last 50 years has been up and down. We had race riots in the 60's and early 2000's. So the full story goes..... I was driving in a not so good neighborhood because the route was the shortest. I make this drive every 3 days or so. On the day this happened I heard 1 gun shot and I knew that was not a firecracker. As I turned my head to look in the direction I saw 8-10 guys all standing in the corner of my vision. Then a flurry of gunfire proceeded from multiple guns (they were about 50 ft away. 17 shell casings found total. I originally thought it was a fight and I took 2 hits as a result of stray bullets. However after speaking to the police and finding out that no arrests had ben made, no blood at the scene and no injuries. The police and myself agreed that they were in fact shooting at me! The odds of being hit 2 times while moving (at this point a high rate of speed) during a fight was unlikely. Those bullets would have gone in all directions. BTW, none of this made the news either...
Here are some pics in the link below

legna_fo_htaed | 13 septembre 2019

If your car had caught fire it would have made the news haha. Glad you're good, thanks for sharing the pics of something that has probably not been easy to fully grasp.

Mike83 | 13 septembre 2019

If you live in an area where there is gun fire this is an option.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 septembre 2019

There is nothing better than acceleration to get you out. Don't go that way anymore!

PhillyGal | 13 septembre 2019

It could definitely make the news after being posted here but since it's actually a good outcome, it probably won't.

Given the horrific circumstances your car isn't too worse for the wear. Not so much for your nerves I'm sure. Make sure to continue to talk to friends and family as the shock wears off and you find yourself feeling certain ways about the ordeal.

I've been impacted by gun violence in extremely dis-invested neighborhoods of Philadelphia and it stuck with me a lot longer than I would have guessed.

spuzzz123 | 13 septembre 2019

Holy crap dude that’s absurd. My old stomping grounds. Assume you were near downtown? That’s pretty bad, glad you got out of there in one piece. Hope repairs aren’t too costly/lengthy.

RBphotography | 13 septembre 2019

I love the bulletproof S!!! Wonder what that costs..

lordmiller | 13 septembre 2019

Please post the dash cam footage!!

spuzzz123 | 13 septembre 2019

I think he said he didn’t hit save within 10 minutes so he lost it. Can’t say I blame him I think my heart would be pounding outta my chest if I escaped a gang open firing on me

RBphotography | 13 septembre 2019

@lordmiller Im kicking myself in the ass for not using the dash cam..

rtanov | 13 septembre 2019

Wow! Glad you got out unharmed. I also live in Cincinnati, what area did that happen, so I'll know to avoid it?

EAPme | 13 septembre 2019

Holy shite. Glad you got out unscathed - the car can be repaired. Must have been surreal.

Thanks for sharing, now go buy some powerball tickets, or something, my friend.

Mike83 | 13 septembre 2019

Bulletproofing the Tesla cost $45,000. In the video demo it stops 9mm bullets(solid and hollow points) in the glass.

Jodi3734 | 13 septembre 2019

So glad you are ok!!!

Bighorn | 13 septembre 2019

I hope it's not near a Skyline that I might randomly choose:)

RedShift | 13 septembre 2019

I am so glad you are OK. Tesla’s great torque means you can jet out of trouble if needed.

Hope your car gets repaired fast!

Smalm | 13 septembre 2019

Wow glad you’re ok. Will give you a pass for not having your wits about you to use your dash cam ;)

RayNLA | 13 septembre 2019

You should ask your insurance company and the police to request the footage from Tesla on the basis that a potentially deadly crime was committed.

RBphotography | 13 septembre 2019

@RayNLA I thought about that but wasn’t sure Tesla would still have that data at this point.
Thanks everyone for the encouraging words. It has been a surreal experience.
Looks like it will be a good month till parts are available for repair..

Teslanene | 13 septembre 2019

If it had hit the battery would the car still go?

Tronguy | 13 septembre 2019

@Teslanene: The battery box is armored. However, there was a case some six or more months ago where a guy in a Model S had a fire and was making noises about suing the heck out of Tesla.
Telsa had the car and wanted to figure out Why The Fire; a careful foresnic analysis revealed that somebody in the rear seat had fired a gun through the passenger compartment into the battery pack until it caught fire. Don't remember the ultimate resolution, but Tesla, I believe, sued the driver.
So: Yeah, if they put a bullet into the battery, it might start smoking and all. Better than a bullet in a gas tank, though.

Earl and Nagin ... | 13 septembre 2019

I almost got caught in a gun battle between 2 rival gangs (missed it by about 20 minutes). Since then, I've been careful when leaving the Copenhagen airport.

walnotr | 13 septembre 2019

Obviously you were accelerating so fast the bullet was having a hard time catching up!

kevin_rf | 14 septembre 2019

Don't they teach leading a moving target in school anymore?

That said, two in the driver door area is mighty suspicious if you where not the target. Did you inspect the underbody? Sounds like they where shooting low, a few might of hit the pavement and bounced up into it.