Friday 13th curse ?

Friday 13th curse ?

This morning, my Model 3 got rear-ended by an Ford pickup. It did quite serious damage.

My insurance company says that, after their insurance damage estimator (forgot the exact term) on Mon

globalMan | 13 septembre 2019

My previous post got only half posted, so let me try again...
This morning, my Model 3 got rear-ended by an Ford pickup. It did quite serious damage.

My insurance company says that, after their insurance damage estimator (forgot the exact term) on Monday will come up with an estimate for the repair. If it is proven that it was no fault on my part, then the other car's insurance company should pay for all the costs, minus the $500 deductible. The person told me that I am allowed to use any repair shop for the situation.

For those who had the misfortune of the same experience, or anyone who happen to know, what is the next step for me? Should I drive the car to the Tesla Service Center, or should I just call the SC for a list of approved repair shops? Is it required to go to a Tesla-approved shop? Any advantage (or disadvantage of going to the Tesla-approved shop? Anything I should watch out for?

Magic 8 Ball | 13 septembre 2019

Bummer, if you were rear ended it is almost certain to be the fault of the person that hit you unless you cut in front unsafely etc. If the other person is at fault they should pay for everything including the deductible equivalent rental car etc.

Bighorn | 13 septembre 2019

I watched a Hyundai SUV burn to the ground today, so it could be worse!

globalMan | 13 septembre 2019

Magic 8 Ball: The insurance person said the same thing as you said. But he said I will have to pay the $500 deductible first, and if the other insurance company agrees to pay it as well I'll get it back. Also, he will attempt (hard, according to him) to get them pay for car rental as well. I read here that some owners had their M3 in the shop for months for repair, and that will be months of car rental cost. Not sure what's going to happen.

Again, do I have to drive it to the SC first, and get info on referred repair shops, or will the SC just let me know over the phone?

Magic 8 Ball | 13 septembre 2019

If drivable take it to shop of your choice. Pay deductible up front seems like crappy insurance and working hard for you is their job. Is there a police report witnesses etc.? If the other guy is at fault they pay everything.

globalMan | 13 septembre 2019

The police came and gave me a case number on a business card. He said the insurance companies can call him using the case number.

I guess I just have to wait until Monday for the estimator and ask for Tesla approved repair shops.

Magic 8 Ball | 13 septembre 2019

@globalMan So what is the extent of the damage? Is it a scratch, a big dent, are the sensors working? Don't let them run you around, if it is not your fault you are in the driver's seat but they will want to get off as light as possible. Can you take pics and share them here?

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

In my eyes the damage to the rear and trunk is quite severe. The charge port door won't even open. It is late now; I'll attach pictures tomorrow.

How do I attach pictures in this post?

Magic 8 Ball | 14 septembre 2019

Put your pics up on a site like Imgur and post a link here. That does sound severe, are you sure it is safe to drive?

jjgunn | 14 septembre 2019

If you cannot charge the car, that's a huge issue.

As long as you didn't cut in front & slam on your brakes then you're good.

Any video recorded?

gmr6415 | 14 septembre 2019

@Bighorn, my Friday the 13th dilemma: I was making homemade ricotta cheese and the curds didn't properly separate from the whey. I had to dump the whole batch.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

jjgunn: I did not cut in front and slam my brakes, and the other driver verbally admitted fault. However, it was verbal and he could change his story when he talks to his insurance company (it actually happened to my daughter's accident 2 years ago).
Yes, there were recordings from the dashcam, but unfortunately Tesla dashcam does not record from behind. The "left" footage shows the impact, but only about 1 foot on the left of his car was shown impacting my car's rear. I guess it is better none.

Here are 2 pictures of the damage...

PhillyBob | 14 septembre 2019

If I am hit by another driver such as this, I would NOT file a claim against my Insurance company. I would immediately call the other Insurance company to start the claim. You do not want an accident on your insurance file if you can avoid it. If the other driver is 100% at fault (the police report should say that) they are responsible for all related costs with no limits to you. If the other driver does not have insurance, that is a different topic .....

rob | 14 septembre 2019

Did the other driver get a ticket?

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

Don't know if he got a ticket or not.

Too late, I already file claim with my insurance company. The insurance guy told me this no-fault accident/clim would not affect my future premium.

jojoe | 14 septembre 2019

Bummer globalMan
My white M3 was sideswipe when the car was parked. The guy who hit my car left a note with all his info.
Lucky me. I took the car to Chilton autobody Tesla approved bodyshop. They did a great job replacing 2 doors and matching the paint. The mistake I made is I didn't call my insurance and only was in contact with his Insurance.
My car sat for 2 weeks ready to be picked up waiting for Alliance United to pay Chilton.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

When people say "Tesla-approved shops", they meant body shops, and not comprehensive repair shops, am I correct?

Could someone tell me if the Tesla SC will fix damage (more than just body work) from such an accident ? Actually, is it possible that only Tesla SCs can repair this kind of damage? It will need possibly parts such as sensors, cameras, charge port parts, and maybe even battery. And other parts I am not familiar.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

jojoe: As far as you know, does a "Tesla-approved bodyshop" fix all Tesla car damages beyond bodyworks?

Cactusone | 14 septembre 2019

Sorry to hear your accident. I had a similar situation.

As long as you were not at fault 1) Do not pay anything out of pocket! 2) Retain a good Diminished Value attorney. You may be entitled to a cash settlement for the diminished value and loss of use of your Tesla.

Be prepared for a lengthy process getting your car repaired. Tesla is slow supplying parts for repair. Go to a Tesla approved repair facility.

Bighorn | 14 septembre 2019

Was the vinegar fresh?

Gordon87 | 14 septembre 2019

Sorry to hear it. Tesla online helps you find authorized repair shops in your area. See

Magic 8 Ball | 14 septembre 2019

The car is probably not safe to drive if the sensors are whacked, do the tail lights work? You did the right thing going to your insurance, they will do all the work you pay them to do via premiums. It depends on how good your insurance is tho' as far as how much they will fight for you goes.

Take it to a shop of your choice (I would chose a Tesla approved shop for that). Have the shop inspect and tell you if it is okay to drive. If not okay to drive then leave it at the shop and get a rental. Work it out with the shop if it is okay to drive whether or not they can order the parts and then you bring it in when the parts are ready.

You got hit pretty hard, higher up on the trunk, not just bumper, but if you can't charge the car is not really usable. Best of luck and hope you are okay.

gmr6415 | 14 septembre 2019

@Bighorn, I prefer lemon juice, and it was fresh. I think it was a quality of milk issue...over pasteurized or something...different brand fixed the problem on the second batch.

Actually I apologize to @globalMan. Being sarcastic after the OP had an accident was insensitive. My apologies. I wouldn't want it to happen to my car. I hope everything works out for you.

Bighorn | 14 septembre 2019

Absolutely. No disrespect to the OP.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

I made an appointment with the Tesla SC (appointment made) next week by selection "Collision Repair" option on the Tesla app. Not sure if such damage is too much for the SC.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

Sorry for the grammatical errors. :(

jonabramson | 14 septembre 2019

Based on other car accidents I've had to deal with, it's best to file through your own insurance company, specifically when it's someone else's fault. You may have to pay the deductible when you pick up the car from the shop, but the other driver's insurance should accept fault and reimburse your deductible.

As other's have mentioned, there is sometimes a long delay for repairs. An ICE car can be repaired in a couple of weeks with damage like that. A Tesla... months according to others.

For the reporting to your own and insurance going up, it shouldn't if it's the other driver's fault and another insurance company accepts responsibility.

Perhaps other owner's can chime in on this as I don't know the answer. Can Tesla be contacted for accident information including video? I recall some people saying the telemetry from the computer isn't easily accessible and there's a rather expensive kit needed to pull it from the car's computer. Anyone have more details on this?

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

jonabramson, and others: Thanks for the info. and well-wishing.

I have just been told to bring the car to a Tesla-approved shop for this kind of damages, instead of going to a Tesla SC.

According to the Tesla web page, Service King Collision is near my home. If you have used the service of Service King Collision, or know something about it, please let me know of you experience with them.

rxlawdude | 14 septembre 2019

If it's the other party's fault, you should not pay a deductible.

Unless the other driver was uninsured and you are being compensated by your own insurance.

Bated Breath | 14 septembre 2019

I was in an accident June 25th. The other driver's insurance (Farmers) paid for all repairs, my renral car, and $2,000 for "diminished value". You have to request the diminished value payout.

Wilber | 14 septembre 2019

globalman - i see you can still open the trunk. have you tried the manual emergency release (located in trunk) to try to open the charge port door?

JAD | 14 septembre 2019

I have been hit twice, one the other driver left in an ambulance so I had to file first with my insurance despite it clearly being his fault which meant paying the deductible. Took about 8 months to get reimbursed. Second time we immediately contacted her insurance and they took care of everything, no it off pocket.

Based on your description, expect the car to be totalled. Fixing unibody cars with bent frames is expensive. What area are you in for body shops? Tesla can fix minor dents, but not major damage per my understanding. Either way they are too new in body repair for me to trust major body repair to them. Go to an authorized Tesla repair shop.

Post dash cam footage if you are sure it is the other person's fault.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

Thanks, Jad.

Here's a video, which only show part of the other car rear-ending my M3. Is this good enough to prove his fault?

Wish Tesla Dashcam uses some other cameras to catch rear-ending accidents.

BTW, did you call the other car's insurance for the "Diminished Value" claim, or did you ask your own insurance to negotiate with them?

rxlawdude | 14 septembre 2019

A lot of potential evidence is missing from this clip.

ODWms | 14 septembre 2019

Bighorn | September 13, 2019
"I watched a Hyundai SUV burn to the ground today, so it could be worse!"
I'll watch out for the news coverage of that event. I'm sure it'll be there somewhere.

BuffaloBillsFan | 14 septembre 2019

Yeah, why does every Tesla accident end up as national news, but the hundreds of ICEs crashing and burning every day never move the needle? Why is the national media more concerned about a Tesla car fire in China (for God’s sake) than the many car-fires in the US every day? I truly have no idea why the media focuses so much on EVERY SINGLE Tesla adverse event, yet continues to give Toyota, Honda, Chrysler, Ford, and GM etc. no adverse press whatsoever! It truly baffles me.

Bighorn | 14 septembre 2019

I have video footage for the first media outlet that DMs me. I’ve seen many vehicle fires in my travels.

kevin_rf | 14 septembre 2019

Never understood why that semi fire I saw on the Mass Pike made national news.

kevin_rf | 14 septembre 2019

Never made national news...

apodbdrs | 14 septembre 2019

@globalMan, you don't have to take the car to the Service Center, just find a Tesla Certified Body Repair shop. Tesla does not to my knowledge do body repair work. I took mine to European Motors in Costa Mesa, Ca for example and they did an outstanding job, but had to wait a couple of months for panels and trunk.

JAD | 14 septembre 2019

Very short video, but looks good for you.

I had the very best place fix my car and I think it is basically as good as new. Did not bother arguing for diminished value. They paid a lot for the repair.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

Thanks, guys.

I have decided to take my car to the Tesla-certified Jim's and Jack's Collision in El Segunda near the airport for repair. Hopefully, they will do a good job as the reviewers are saying.

The Insurance Adjuster (GEICO) came today and said there's chance that they will call the damage a total loss. I don't think that will be advantageous to me, I guess.

globalMan | 14 septembre 2019

Another interesting note...

Talking about whether it can be proven 100% the other driver's fault, we found that an image of his license plate got imprinted on my car's rear bumper. Clear enough to read most of the numbers/characters.

Just thought it is funny.

Bated Breath | 15 septembre 2019

"BTW, did you call the other car's insurance for the "Diminished Value" claim, or did you ask your own insurance to negotiate with them?"

I told the Farmer's rep I wanted to be reimbursed for Diminished Value. At first she didn't think that was an option but then said it was after investigating further.

PhillyBob | 15 septembre 2019

The problem with letting your insurance company deal with the accident is that they are handling the accident as a "collision" claim. The goal of that is get your repaired or totaled. If you are dealing with the other insurance company they are dealing with it as a "liability" claim. Technically you could sue the other insured for those items. The person who hit you owes you for items such as: diminished value, time away from work. loss of us of the vehicle and any medical expense.

globalMan | 24 septembre 2019

I just got (bad) news from my insurance company:

1. The at-fault driver's "Property Damage" insurance does not have enough to cover for the estimated repair cost.

2. The "Uninsured/Underinsured" coverage on my policy will only cover bodily injury, but not anything else. Probably, that means my potential demand for car rental reimbursement from his insurance will not be honored. (I did not purchase Rental Car on my own policy).

To me, when the other driver's insurance does not have enough money, it means underinsured, and the "Underinsured" coverage on my policy should kick in. But it won't.

California's minimum requirement ($5000.00) on Property Damage is too low for practical situations.

mazers | 25 septembre 2019

I understand that this doesn't help the OP n this situation, but rear facing camera footage being saved is coming very, very soon.

Techy James | 25 septembre 2019

@globalMan if it's other drivers fault, why would you have a deductible that you have to pay, their insurance should cover the cost 100% plus the fair market value loss of the your car now that it's been in an accident. This makes no sense.
As for next step, you should get a list of your insurance approved shops and see if any match Tesla's approved shops in your area. This will speed up the approval process for the repairs while also still getting benefit of an approved Tesla service facility.
If the other drivers insurance was insufficient to cover your cost, then you will need to go after the driver for cost. Unless the car was a total lost, how is 50K too low? The performance model tops out at 60K and 50K of damage would be considered totaled.

globalMan | 25 septembre 2019

Techy: Yes, it was his fault. Since his Property Damage has minimum coverage of 5K (not 50K), far from enough to pay for the repair, therefore my Collision will kick in minus the $500 I have on my policy. My adjuster will attempt to recoup this $500, but as I said the at-fault driver only has minimum insurance. It seems like the maximum I'll have to pay myself is $500 (deductible).

My car has already been estimated by the adjuster, and is now in a Tesla-approved shop. Since the estimated time of repair is 2 months, I am stuck with the 2-months' worth of car rental cost (could be a $2K amount), since I did not purchase the car rental on my policy.

mazers: A potential rear camera footage should be very helpful.

globalMan | 25 septembre 2019

It is ridiculous that California only requires a driver to purchase $5000 on the Property Damage.