Adaptive cruise control hates parked cars

Adaptive cruise control hates parked cars

If I have adaptive cruise control on (not autopilot) and drive past some parked cars on the road then the cruise control wants to randomly brake suddenly?
Is it just me or guessing it thinks they are in the same lane or something and I usually have to press the accelerator pedal to stop sharp braking which isn't the best solution.

hcdavis3 | 14 septembre 2019

Pretty common occurrence. My car does it all the time on 2 lane roads. It’s better than it was with the latest firmware.

M3phan | 14 septembre 2019

Getting better and I think will improve once AP for non-highways is released.

rajan900 | 14 septembre 2019

Anyone know roughly when V10 is going to get released? Thinking this year at some point.
Hopefully they add in speed cameras, alternative route options and fix this too :)

jefjes | 14 septembre 2019

Seems to happen mostly when going around a slight curve to the right and a car is parked along the road on the right and there are no lines on the right side. I say alone as if there is a continuous row of parked cars, it seems to be fine. I think the car sees the lone car as being in the travel lane in this scenario so suddenly brakes. Since I'm aware of this, when I see it coming, I turn off TACC/AP until I'm past where this will/might occur. I agree with M3phan and believe the improvement is getting much closer.

WantMY | 14 septembre 2019

My EV is using Mobil Eye tech TACC and Line Keep. I do not experience such issues.

FISHEV | 14 septembre 2019

Parked cars and cars in merge lane 100 feet to your right. Tesla brakes hard which no one is expecting, not the Tesla driver, not the person looking at your speed to merge/yield in back of you and not the person already in back of you. Tesla’s logic apparently is come to a complete stop on interstate to let people merge from the right.

It must handle this differently for Full Self Driving functions or the car would be paralyzed. Be nice if Tesla had two software choices, AP or FSD, and if you chose AP, it would regain functionality sacrificed to FSD. Adaptive cruise would be smooth and intelligent, lane keeping would work all the time not just in “Assist” mode, actual blind side indicator on top left of computer screen. Street price for BSI is $1,400l. If Tesla charged that to add BSI to mirrors, I’d pay for the fix. Tesla certainly needs to add this to new models some time soon in the improvement timeline.