Accident with truck. Dashcam didn’t save.

Accident with truck. Dashcam didn’t save.

So we were in an accident with a monster truck essentially. The wheels were as big as the model 3 itself. Whole right side of the car is totaled. Our dashcam didn’t have a high enough write speed to save (our problem). We’ve been searching the depths of the flash drive on photorec but haven’t turned up with anything. In trying to prove our innocence, is there anything else we can try? Thanks in advance...

MichaelB00012 | 14 septembre 2019

I'm of no help on this one, but I do have a question for you - at what point did your USB drive have too slow of a write speed? Mine has been fine for MONTHS and all of the sudden I get in today and notice it's telling me it's no good any more. I did update my car to 32.2.1 on Friday, or Thursday night maybe, and have not driven it much since then.

kevin_rf | 14 septembre 2019

As I sit waiting for a new flash drive to format, I wish Tesla would just sell USB drives and memory sticks that a guaranteed to work with the DashCam feature.

jebinc | 14 septembre 2019

I had a near miss head on back in July, when AP got confused with a Y in the road. I immediately looked for the Teslacam footage only to find it hadn’t recorded anything in two days. Many features not reliable in this car.

Ttesla | 14 septembre 2019

It was fine until a couple of months ago I’d say.

vmulla | 14 septembre 2019

I don't think it's the write speed.

There was another person who reported missing footage after an accident on the forum.

My own observation, my flash drive used to save a lot more incidents automatically when I was first playing around with it. It would save situations when I was using AP with traffic cones on the side of the road, close encounters, tricky merges, etc. It's not doing that as much now, all the footage I saw recently was stuff that I pressed the record button for. I suspect changes in what is auto-saved.

Ron.Olsberg | 15 septembre 2019

I have not experimented with my dash cam lately but this is my understanding of how the dash cam works. The dash cam is recording when you see the red dot. The files saved to the USB connected device are one minute long. When you momentarily push the onscreen icon with the red dot is saves the last 10 minutes of video; however, it may not save the last minute of video because the file has not been closed. When I want to save an event while I am driving, I wait a minute or two before saving the last 10 minutes of video. Another way to make sure your last 60 minutes of dash cam video is saved is to eject and remove the USB device; however, wait a few minutes to make sure you get any video you might need like after an accident. From what I have read, dash cam videos are not normally uploaded to the Tesla servers; however, some/all Sentry mode alarm events might be saved temporarily and events where the driver overrides autopilot for some reason. I think this is used to help improve Auto Pilot/FSD and maybe other safety related events. Some of the above may be incorrect or things may have changed so feel free to correct any misstatements.

lilbean | 15 septembre 2019

Thanks, @Ron!

EVRider | 15 septembre 2019

@Ttesla: No one knows if Tesla is actually uploading dashcam video, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Try contacting them using the Request Help link on your Model 3 page.

vmulla | 15 septembre 2019

I asked the service center for the video of my car's crash. They told me that they would provide any info they have only if Tesla was subpoenaed, they did not reveal what data they would have. They neighter confirmed nor denied video storage.