Supercharging fails

Supercharging fails

We ran into a new issue today. While supercharging I got a message saying charging stopped, check charging equipment. I tried 2 other chargers at the same site and one at another location. Same result. Any ideas? We are on a road trip so I don’t need to say how inconvenient this is.

Devilstower | 14 septembre 2019

Have you done a reset?

markcohen | 14 septembre 2019

Yes. Didn’t help at all. I now have it charging overnight on 110. So far it’s working. Last night it charged successfully on both a supercharger and then on a destination charger.

This seems to be a new issue... IDK yet if it is broken and won’t work again til fixed or if this will end up being intermittent.

markcohen | 14 septembre 2019

Yes. Didn’t help at all. I now have it charging overnight on 110. So far it’s working. Last night it charged successfully on both a supercharger and then on a destination charger.

This seems to be a new issue... IDK yet if it is broken and won’t work again til fixed or if this will end up being intermittent.

Teslanene | 14 septembre 2019

Has happened to me call support they can check your car, most of the time is faulty Superchargers.

markcohen | 14 septembre 2019

Teslanene, I hope that you are right. I did call support but they couldn’t do much. Just asked if I tried multiple chargers, and suggested a reboot and trying a different location... or bringing it into the local SC where diagnostic time is 4-5 days which won’t fit well with our vacation.

jhn | 14 septembre 2019

Had this happen to me at the Utica,NY supercharger three weeks ago. Tried a couple stalls, and as soon as it hit 72kw it terminated the charge session. Reset didn’t do anything and called Tesla support. Talked with “Jeff” who was very friendly, knowledgeable, and was sympathetic to me being worried about being stuck in Utica with not enough charge to make it to any other supercharger.
He remoted into my 3 and the supercharger and looked around. Identified that it was a supercharger problem. Apparently the stalls have “health” ratings, and none of the stalls were above 40% with some way lower. He directed me to the one that had the highest rating at about 40%, he tinkered with a few things remotely, and I was able to get enough charge, albeit slowly to make it to the next supercharger.
After being initially very frustrated with the though of being stranded, left feeling very good about the experience and the help from Tesla.

Devilstower | 14 septembre 2019

@markcohen -- yes, if by multiple chargers, you mean at the same location, then the most likely thing is a failure at that location. Did you see anyone else charge successfully after you began having issues?

What was the supercharger location?

markcohen | 14 septembre 2019

@jhn - thx. I hope my experience is the same. @Devilstower, I tried 3 stations in the initial location- Woodbridge NJ and one in Kearny, NJ.

jjgunn | 14 septembre 2019

When you do a reboot, hold the scroll wheels down until you see the Tesla T return. About 30-45 seconds.

kevin_rf | 14 septembre 2019

Wait, the Utica NY SC's are still fubar? Only half the stalls where working when I stopped at them back in July!!!

In July people where charging off of 1A, 1B, 2A, 2B. Stalls 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B where dead.

Devilstower | 14 septembre 2019

@markcohen when I look at Woodbridge, it shows that 5 people are currently charging there, which makes it seem that it's up and running. Which doesn't mean there wasn't a temporary problem earlier.

markcohen | 14 septembre 2019

@Devilstower, while I would love to believe that it was a supercharger issue it walks like and quacks like an issue with the car. I am hoping that I am wrong or that at least I can find a way to limp through the rest of my trip without too much inconvenience and get it looked at in our local SC. Right now it is charging happily albeit slowly on a borrowed 110. I will confirm but I would expect a destination charger and a 1772 to also work. Maybe I will be pleasantly surprised and have a supercharger work tomorrow but I’m not holding my breath.

Bighorn | 14 septembre 2019

Sounds like the car is the issue.

markcohen | 15 septembre 2019

Update... it’s definitely the car. It charged fine overnight on 110V but failed at a third supercharger location. The good news is that it did charge on a J1772 and a destination charger. The bad is that it is extending today’s 7.5 hr drive by 7hrs to charge :-( Most of the rest of the trip won’t be as bad as we arnt driving too far each day and are staying places with chargers but today is a bear.

rxlawdude | 15 septembre 2019

If your route is by any Tesla Service Center, you should drop in. I have found that aspect of Tesla service to be sterling, with non-local SvCs happy to fix things fast and get road-trippers back on the road.

vmulla | 15 septembre 2019

+1 @rxlawdude

Don't drive past your nearby service center. They'll help.

I was with at a service center when another customer had an issue with a tire on their car. The service center gave the customer a loaner to keep the vacation going. They promised to fix his car by the time the customer loops back.

darilds | 15 septembre 2019

What's the best way to report a Supercharger that is broken? Submit a bug report in the car?

Bighorn | 16 septembre 2019

The phone number listed on the supercharger to report problems.

LBTed13 | 16 septembre 2019

I recently drove 2900 miles from CA to CO and back in my SR+. Along the way I received a message on my screen saying, "Unable to charge." I called Tesla after the 2nd time I received this message they said they performed an update. I experienced this 3 more times between Beaver, UT and Silverthorne, CO. When this happened, I switched charging stalls and was able to successfully charge. After calling Tesla about it, they looked at the health of some of these charging stalls and let me know which ones to avoid which were having health issues.

Kathy Applebaum | 16 septembre 2019

I see Tesla has changed their FAQ on superchargers:

"Who should I contact if I'm experiencing a problem with a Supercharger?
Superchargers are monitored closely and regularly serviced by our Tesla Service Technicians to address any technical issues as quickly as possible. There is no need to contact or report problems with a Supercharger. If you are experiencing problems with your charging cable, visit our do it yourself guides. For other charging related issues, find answers to frequently asked questions on charging."

lbowroom | 16 septembre 2019

I need to cut and paste that everywhere the fish strikes.

Bighorn | 16 septembre 2019

Good info Kathy. I gave up on calling awhile ago because they did know the status of all the pedestals, plus they didn't always answer promptly.

jbwillows | 16 septembre 2019

On our vacation, we had a similar situation in Lacrosse, WI. After charging to 180 miles, it all stopped. Tried other pods, same results. Knowing our next charger was 120 miles away, we set off. As we left the parking lot, we noticed all the traffic lights were out. There had been an area wide power failure. That's one problem we hadn't expected.

markcohen | 19 septembre 2019

Interim update... and unfortunately not a good one. Yesterday evening the car displayed the dreaded Car needs service may not restart message after charging while we had dinner. Miraculously it started up while I was on the phone with roadside support so I was able to drive it to our hotel. Roadside said that they couldn’t do anything since the car was now working. Well that changed this morning. First the car spat out a bunch of messages about the battery, service, and a variety of other things it said would no longer work then it shut down for good. Support has been very helpful in arranging for a tow and a rental... but it is taking hours (3 so far with no end in sight) because we are in the middle of nowhere as far as Tesla is concerned.

FISHEV | 19 septembre 2019

"Roadside said that they couldn’t do anything since the car was now working."@markcohen

That's bogus. They could and did see via Virtual Technician that your car was experiencing major problems, they knew you were away from home. They should have immediately arranged for Tesla service and loaner or rental for you and give it priority due to your being on the road.

Instead they let it fail and put you out unnecessarily.

markcohen | 20 septembre 2019

Ok... first I want to say that under the circumstances the roadside support person and the service advisor in Watertown were outstanding. The fact that it failed and did so when we were 200 miles away from the nearest SC really sucked, but Tesla really went the extra mile to make the best of it.

The issue ended up being an intermittent short in the rear drive unit. Apparently it caused the original 12v battery fail as well as the supercharging fails nd ultimately the total death of the car. So far everything seems to be working and we are back on the road.