Is it just me?

Is it just me?

I have received 3 updates in the last three weeks. Each one is exactly the same. Anyone else have the same problem? The update notes all say the same thing. The version does not change, yet I keep getting update messages, and the car continues to get the same updates . . .

I am officially confused . . .

radean84 | 14 septembre 2019

Have you tried powering it off? I got an update last night but I was behind a few versions so it actually did something.

BuffaloBillsFan | 14 septembre 2019

I have had the same update three weeks in a row. I have not powered off because I have never had to. Plus, I am not sure how that would keep me from getting another update request this Friday. I will let you know if I get another update request this Friday . . . Maybe I am on multiple update schedules?

Bighorn | 14 septembre 2019

Bug fixes. Majority of updates don’t add features.

gparrot | 14 septembre 2019

BBF, maybe you’re getting my updates?? :-P. I’ve been waiting since mid-August for a few updates.

czamara | 14 septembre 2019

Actually, the latest one I got (2019.32.2.1) did not list this in the release notes, but the buttons in the audio entertainment system are all different! I went to press the “phone” Bluetooth button and it has moved. The first one is now Radio, and at the far right is Any Music. So there are some subtle differences that are not explicitly called out in the notes.

jjgunn | 14 septembre 2019

Before installing update, I always stop & remove the TeslaCam USB first.

After the update is installed -- I always reboot at least once.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 15 septembre 2019

Did you select the option to receive early release updates? Its on the software tab in your car. Also you must be on WiFi.

kaffine | 15 septembre 2019

Bighorn That would still change the version though.

I would say something is not fully completing on the update so your car still thinks it needs the update. I would try powering down the car before you install it next time. Hopefully it will be able to complete if everything is recently rebooted.

gparrot | 15 septembre 2019

Neomax, yes I have, and yes I am.