Delivery Issues , Please help

Delivery Issues , Please help

Today , I went to pick up my M3. The delivery guy did advise me that there's a chipped on the windshield so I have to take it back next week for them to replace the windshield. My question is, will this be good as a new factory sealed or not. Also when I got home , I was replacing the trunk matt and the trunk inside the trunk , not sure what you call that was all wet. I notice the mobile charging bag was in that spot and it was all wet too. I called the delivery warehouse and report the problem, he just stated maybe the guy didn't close the trunk hard enough so it got wet. My concern is why would the trunk not be wet and just the inside of the trunk is wet. Should I worry about any defects? The guy say they will replace the mobile charging if it doesn't work but my concern is will my inside trunk get wet if I take it to a car wash. Not too happy with the build quality of Tesla.

radean84 | 17 septembre 2019

Open your trunk, let it dry out, then close it and spray some water on it from various angles. Does any water make it inside? If so, does the trunk sit evenly or appear to be out of alignment? Does the weather stripping look OK? I know this sucks, having issues with a new car, but remember you can return it within 7 days or 1000 miles. If you get a bad feeling about it or feel like it's not right, maybe that's the answer. Best of luck to you.

JAD | 17 septembre 2019

Windshields are replaced all the time, not a big issue or challenging job. Also not a build quality item. A lot of possibilities for water in the trunk, why are you assuming the worst?

You seems to be looking for issues, just enjoy the car and if there is an issue, Tesla will fix it just like with any other car.

RayNLA | 17 septembre 2019

The windscreen is not a problem.
The wet trunk absolutely is!

Joseb | 17 septembre 2019

Only the "little trunk inside the trunk" was wet? Any signs of water/wetness on other parts of the trunk?

If it was caused by an open trunk lid, other parts of the trunk would bet wet as well, not just the very bottom one. I would keep an eye on that one more than anything else, doesn't sound normal.
I had problems with previous car a section of the trunk would get wet and it was because some screws that hold the liners and go through the trunk had the washers/rubber all worn so driving on wet roads will eventually cause some of the water to splash upwards and wet small section of the trunk.

good luck!

vincelorto | 17 septembre 2019

return it.

ToansModel3 | 17 septembre 2019

I will hose my car tomorrow near the trunk to see if any water gets in or not. I will also tell Tesla to look at it too when I take my car in Monday for them to fix my windshield.

ToansModel3 | 17 septembre 2019

I found this old thread and its the same that's happening to me for the trunk.