Tesla service appointment exprerience in Trondheim, Norway

Tesla service appointment exprerience in Trondheim, Norway

Want to share my experience with Tesla service appointment in Trondheim, Norway:
1) On the 11th of July 2019 I have booked appointment for the regular service with the closest available date which was the 16th of September 2019, the available time which was given: 7:00, 8:00, 10:00, 12.00 and so on.
Since my family has only one car and I need to drop the children at school in the morning and come at work on time, the most suitable time for me would be at 9:00 am. Tesla service does not have an appointment time at 9:00 in any date, then I booked the appointment at 8:00, because the appointment at 10:00 is not suitable due to my work duties. I did this appointment via Tesla mobile application, during this reservation I was not informed about any consequences for not coming on time.

2) Due to traffic jams, dropping children at school and long distance to drive to Tesla, I came to Tesla service at 8:30. When I came, I was informed by Tesla’s personal, that my appointment was cancelled and I need to book the new appointment. They rejected to take my car for service due to this 30 minutes delay.

3) November 22nd is the most earliest available date for Service which I could take.

I am very disappointed with Tesla service due to the following facts:
1) When I made the appointment via Tesla mobile application I was not informed that Tesla allows only 15 minutes delay for the appointment. If Tesla does not inform about it, then they cannot deny to take car for service with 30 minutes delay

2) I waited 2 months for the Tesla service, came 30 minutes with delay and need again to wait 2 months to get service.

3) Tesla do not have possibility to book time 9 am, which is the most suitable for me, 8am and 10am is not so convenient the appointment time. I cannot come at the exact 8 am for the service, because Tesla is the only one car in our family and to come at 8 am for the service, I need to drop children at school at 7am, which is not acceptable.

sbeggs | 18 septembre 2019

Oh, dear!
We believed we had booked appointment for our fifth annual Model S service, only to be told upon arrival that there was no appointment in the system. They nonetheless took our car in, on a Sunday, and completed the service bulletins and suspension tightening in 5 hours. San Diego, CA.

David N | 18 septembre 2019

@ vlad.trotsenko
Sorry to hear about your service expierance.
Why not schedule it for the 10am slot, drop the car off after dropping the kids off at school, sounds like you’ll be there around 9am, an hour early.
You can Uber it to work, or ask for a loaner.
No sense getting all flustered over a service appointment. There are ways to make it work.

sbeggs | 18 septembre 2019

@David N,
Good suggestion.

Good luck, @vlad!

rxlawdude | 18 septembre 2019

They have Uber in Norway?