No SEARCH function on this forum?

No SEARCH function on this forum?

I've posted on this forum before -- maybe I'm missing something, but there seems to be no SEARCH function on this forum. I can never find my own posts! E-mail to Tesla support returns a boilerplate e-mail confirming my user membership but no answer. Thanks for any help!

gballant4570 | 18 septembre 2019

There is a Chrome add-on that will give this page a user ignore function and a search function. A Google search will give you the link. Only works on the Windows version of Chrome though.....

CharleyBC | 18 septembre 2019

In Google: dashcam usb

Obviously, replace “dashcam usb” with whatever you’re searching for, including a user name.

nick | 18 septembre 2019

Thanks to all for the suggestions! First of all, I can't believe I nabbed the username nick.

@jimglas: that article is great.

@gballant4570 - the add-on is really helpful, I just installed it.

@CharleyBC: using " usb nick" doesn't give as good results as the add-on.

But my problem's solved -- the forum is navigable now! Thanks again!

imaslug.rt | 18 septembre 2019

Need a search function for those of us who don't use a Chrome browser.

CharleyBC | 18 septembre 2019

"using " usb nick" doesn't give as good results as the add-on."

True, but it's universal. You can use it on your iPad or in other browsers.