Dashcam unable to write USB drive full

Dashcam unable to write USB drive full

For the last few days I’ve been getting the error, “Dashcam unable to write - USB drive is full”. Anyone got this or know how to fix? I thought the drive will automatically overwrite the latest video so it will never be full. I don’t want to clear the drive every other day or buy a super large drive.

rachang5021 | 18 septembre 2019

Yeah, the drive does save ten 1 minute videos and overwrites those videos every ten minutes, but that's during normal driving time.

Do you use Sentry Mode? Recorded Sentry Mode videos are saved indefinitely in a separate folder in your drive, and those you'll have to manually erase.

gmr6415 | 18 septembre 2019

As @rachang5021, stated, but I would add that if you save dash cam video by tapping the icon those 10 one minute files from each of 3 cameras, 30 one minute files total, are saved in the saved folder and are not overwritten.

A lot of those saved dash cam files could fill your drive.

-TheJohn- | 18 septembre 2019

It doesn't delete stuff so the problem is as stated. Your drive is full. Delete some stuff or better yet get a larger drive.
This gets fixed in V10 btw with the oldest stuff being overwritten. | 18 septembre 2019

@rachang5021 - Slight clarification - up to an hour's video (60 1-minute files x 3 cameras, or 180 files) is saved before overwriting the oldest files. - not 10 minutes. When you tap the dashcam icon, it moves 10 minutes worth of files to the saved folder.

@DarthB - If you're using a small drive, like 32 GB, it may fill up from Sentry mode in a few days, depending on the activity around the car. I recommend 128 GB as a minimum. Here's my list of recommended drives too:

It will be nice when V10 helps reduce the drive full problem.