New update 2019.32.2.2

New update 2019.32.2.2

I’ve read posts online outlining the elements of the V10 update. I don’t understand why elements that would enhance the functionality of my car aren’t included in the update I received late yesterday, noted in the subject line. I don’t have FSD and can understand not getting functionality designated for FSD but things such as “Joe mode” etc would be something I would like to evaluate. I also would like the option of seeing improved media, but that’s not included in my update.

rdavis | 18 septembre 2019

V10 is not released yet.

calvin940 | 18 septembre 2019

OP. Please delete this thread.

vmulla | 18 septembre 2019

Tesla builds software update -> Tesla tests update -> test is ok -> some trusted Tesla owners get the update -> all ok -> update released to all owners in batches.

The process avoids slipups, and if anything does miss all the checks Tesla will still only have to work with a small group of owners to mitigate the issue.

This is standard release management process in software.

calvin940 | 18 septembre 2019

The point is this update is not V10, it is still V9 (as indicated by looking at the informational screen by tapping the T in your car) thereby negating this thread. We already have too many needless threads so it would be nice to clean this stuff up.

Tek | 18 septembre 2019

anyone else experiencing cell phone/wifi connection issues. I am unable to use the app unless I am inside the vehicle since the update.

Syed.Hosain | 19 septembre 2019


I have no trouble with the cellphone or WiFi ... got 2019.32.2.2 a couple of nights back and all is normal.

jebinc | 19 septembre 2019

32.2.4 now out...