LTE fix other than reboot after parking in a garage w/o signal?

LTE fix other than reboot after parking in a garage w/o signal?

Is there a fix other than doing a soft reboot to get LTE to refresh after you've parked in an underground parking garage with no signal?

My office parking garage has zero signal and every time I leave the LTE won't reconnect unless I do a soft reboot.

Any other suggestions?

Hopefully they will fix this in an update soon.

EVRider | 20 septembre 2019

Are you sure it won't reconnect if you wait long enough? Yesterday my Model S didn't have any LTE connection after I left my home garage, but about 2-3 minutes later it came on. I do have LTE coverage at home but my car is on WiFi when it's parked there. I usually get LTE as soon as I leave the garage,

apschneider | 20 septembre 2019

Yes I've waited over 10 minutes a couple of times and it won't reconnect unless I do a soft reboot, which is fine but annoying. Hoping that maybe someone else has a better solution?

EVRider | 20 septembre 2019

Could be an issue with your wireless antenna. Maybe you should have service take a look. If it was just a software issue, more people would be talking about it.

stormy19 | 20 septembre 2019

have you tried a factory reset?

dt22cc | 20 septembre 2019

The same thing happens to me after I leave my apartment. Usually needs a soft reboot if it doesn't connect after a min. has passed.

Although, on 2019.32.2.2 it hasn't happened so far. So I'm hoping it was fixed in software. I read in another thread that SC told someone that it was a known bug and would be fixed in a future update.

What software version are you on OP?

Kary993 | 20 septembre 2019

This has been endlessly discussed on several threads...try searching and read what everyone has already posted.

andre | 20 septembre 2019

Yup, I'm another that has routinely experienced this ( > 30 minute drive to work, for example). (Firmware 2019.28.2)

derotam | 20 septembre 2019

apschneider, unfortunately this is mostly going to be a cellular standards issue. When a cellular device loses signal it goes through a specific search algorithm, after different time periods it changes what and where it searches. Eventually it just spends a lot of time sleeping and every once in a while waking up and doing a very limited and basic search that may or may not find anything during that wake period.

A power reset will reset the search to the normal routine.

sbvictory | 20 septembre 2019

Well... for me... sometimes I wait for more than 1h... then it comes back

rxlawdude | 20 septembre 2019

Try turning WiFi on (you have to pick "settings " in the Wifi menu you get by hitting the lte icon, which has the slash across it), then turning wifi off.

SAZABI | 23 septembre 2019

I park underground with no LTE signal. The car does reconnect to LTE within few minutes getting out of the parkade. Once a while, it may take longer (5 to 10mins). May be you should contact TESLA.